[Announcements] Divine_Lifez 2017: What Lies Ahead

Whoa! Last year just flew by and we’re already well settled in the new year. Just yesterday I was going over the things I had promised last year and how much I delivered. I must say, the feeling has been overwhelming. It’s the first blog post of this year and I’m gonna give you a vague outline of what’s waiting in the upcoming days.

But first let me formally wish you a very Happy New Year 2017!

Also if you didn’t catch my 2016 end-year video on YouTube, do check it out here –

We also made our own little version of Mannequin Challenge on 31st December. Though we had planned in the afternoon itself, it could only be made in the evening when my friends came to call me for the party.

On 30th December, this blog crossed 200 followers mark. So that was a great wrap up. I wish my blog reaches more readers this year.


I’m sorry to keep you all hanging for the last post. It has been updated with my reading list. Also I have been away this week as I was busy with attending courses.

Well the new semester commenced and currently the add & drop period is going on. So I have been deciding what courses to take – core electives, free electives, LA electives, time clashes, interests, professors, course contents – all this and much more kept me entangled.

It’s my last semester in college. I write it with mixed emotions. Lets make the most of it.


Last year I left you with two ongoing series –

  • My Cryptic Love – A poetic extravaganza that combines love with the fun of cryptography. Yeah I haven’t forgotten it. I’ll publish it’s second part soon.
  • Cinephile’s Diary – A textual documentation of making my first short-film ‘Refaire‘. The techniques I learnt, the things I observed and the art I strive to learn – a creative journey to establish myself as a better storyteller.

Also I told you to publish my movies list of 2016 but for some reasons I didn’t. I have the whole list along with my reviews. So if you would like to see it, do let me know in the comment section. I have already started to compile my 2017 list.

Two New Categories –

Most of my blog posts (all except poems) have been quite elaborate. Though they are quite substantial and involved a lot of research to get penned down, it was nevertheless a constraint to my creative freedom. I would like to publish shorter posts this year. It’s also my responsibility that I don’t compromise on the quality.

I would be adding two new categories in addition to the ongoing sections –

  • The One With Series –  The one-stop destination for my micro-poetry, max. of 5-6 lines. It’ll be a separate page on the navigation menu which I’ll updating. Each new poem will appear at the top of the page. I’ll notify the readers through the regular posts if there happen to be any updates.
  • Swapping The Bits – In 2016 summer, I published 2-3 blog posts which had this written at the bottom – ‘This post is a part of newsletter series Swapping The Bits’. Well it might not have made much sense then. Anyway you read the posts and moved on. But it’s very important to me. More updates on this will follow soon.



Techblog Updates –

Last year I promised that I would start my techblog and so I did. But the posts have been mostly about software/API experimentations or tech-events I attended. This new year, I look forward to publish more of my hardware and product designing projects. I’m psyched about reviving the maker in me.

Weekly Progress Report

This is something I would have to think over, nonetheless I am mentally prepare for it. To give directions to my conscious effort, each week I would publish my weekly works along with the regular posts. Don’t worry, I promise it would never be mundane. Moreover, it’s mainly for myself – to document my progress so I could analyze it better.

Fiction Writing

Most of my posts so far have been drawn from real life – yeah the love poems too. But to creatively challenge myself, this year I would be publishing some of my fictional pieces as well.

I remembered I had signed up for ‘Friday Fictioneers‘ during my sophomore years but I couldn’t be active on it. I hope to revive that spirit again – where I create a world purely with my words of imagination.

Here’s a short excerpt for a start –

‘The dark, cold night outside was subsided with festive lights. While the whole city was rejoicing on the new year eve, I housed a strange calmness within.

It was so peaceful, inside. As if fed up of those transient happy merrymaking, my lonely heart cradled the reminiscence of something more prominent.

I was missing my home. I was missing my family. It’s been a year that I have seen them. Sitting thousands of kilometers away, I could only think of my childhood.

Wrapped in cozy blanket, I held a peculiar excitement back then, watching the clock striking 12.

Is the year gone? Is the new year here already?

How ephemeral was the wait? How much did it change?

Everything looked the same.

My mother used to say that the clocks stop for a second on 31st December at 12 midnight. For the last five years I have been looking out for that stopped second. The wait in between were long. If it’s lost, then there was a whole year to go through.

When I rewind my old videos, there’s a momentary pause.

Is it similar to the one we are talking about?

Can I rewind my life back and tweak it a bit like editing a video to look nicer?

Can life skip few seconds when I’m not enjoying the moment?

There were many such questions I pondered upon. And then that paused second was gone.

Let’s make it look nicer

Graphics has been an important part of my posts. Almost all the posters or feature images I use had been designed by me. This year I would writing more graphically appealing posts or posts that will be entirely dedicated to visual contents.

I once asked my best friend if he ever read my blog. As a true friend would be, he shook his head and said – well, they are usually wrong? Why don’t you write something smaller? 

So there you go buddy. Read it now – oh not this one!


My friend trying out image editing


The new party place we discovered

Also my previous photography posts have garnered larger readership, so I guess the readers are quite conservative about their time 😛

So that’s that for the this post. Divine_Lifez would continue to be mysterious in its contents but an outline was needed to specify what readers should expect. Hope you have a fun time reading my blog.

If you would like me to write about any topic, do suggest in the comment section. See you in the next post. Peace  ✌



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