About Me

Hi there! I’m Chandan Sinha. Glad you stopped by 🙂

I graduated in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (Hons.) from IIT Hyderabad in 2017. Originally I hail from Dhanbad, Jharkhand – a serene land in divine India.

Inquisitive‘ and ‘Passionate‘ are the two words that would define most of my traits. With eternal curiosity, I seek to learn whatever this vast world is trying to teach. I love talking to people – its best when in person. Though I’ve a secret agreement with peace that let me contemplate over myself.

My family, friends and ‘my love‘ (Don’t know who she is) are the utmost priorities in life. I would do whatever it takes to make them happy – something they would be proud of. I started this blog as a platform to deliver a letter I wrote for my teacher as tribute. Since then the time flew by and so did my writing experience.

I love this outstanding community of readers & writers who share a part of their imagination, their perspective, their life here for all. It’s a celebration of experiences, each with a lesson to teach.

About my writing – well it’s usually philosophical, mostly about some special ones of my life getting to the untouched aspects of people, feelings & circumstances. For my love of technological innovation and inventions, I recently started my techblog- HogwartsTech.

You can know more about me from my works-

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