Prize Unknown

More pressure I put on myself, more I seem to yield before my unwillingness.

What’s out there?

There are continuous clinks of the keyboard against the silent night and then just the silence until it is disturbed again by the continuous thuds of intermittent typing.

What do I seek?

There’s a story, larger than life, laying far beyond my reach. And I have parts of it, too many of them to make a comprehensive connection. Comprehension – yes! Wish I could dictate it to myself. Hearing over, making my own interpretation and gaining not loosing in translation. There is uncontainable blankness that extends as far as I see. On both sides, laying my sharp vision indistinguishable from its formidable blurriness. Zoom out.

As an engineer, I’m tempted to use equations. To find it out in the first place. Formulate it – an elegant relation of numbers and variables that would predict what I don’t see. Isn’t how it has been done so far? General theory of relativity, existence of gravitational waves or solar wind – it was all there on paper through maths, long before any of it were proven.

Maths has interesting ways of showing itself in our physical world. Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio, the ubiquitousness of π – so much so that we seem to believe it’s discovered no invented. But here I see too many variables to put diligently into a singular function that agrees with all my reality. If it isn’t a function, then we enter into the realm of alternate realities – too hard for me to verify. No, not that.

I have lost the concept of ‘impossible’ somewhere on the course of my discoveries that had me thrown myself into disbelief. Is it even possible? (let alone humanely possible) But it is and hence my loosening connection. I have been watching far too many documentaries about exploration, tracking down the precise point in recent history when mankind decided to venture beyond it’s perceived boundary.

I’m not interested in war. Not keen on learning about the greed to conquer territory. I’m fascinated by that inherent curiosity which led one to ask the very same question I am asking myself now, in ever so connected world. A simple question – what’s out there? and the unfailing endeavor, characteristic of humanity to entertain its curiosity.

The fear of unknown is subsided by the thrill of adventure. Adventure has uncertainty associated with it which more so fueled the inquisitiveness. The reason I talk about these grand discoveries is my will to see its manifestation over creation. This is the thing with me – the more power I wish to have over my creation, the more powerless it makes me feel as if it is embedded somewhere deep within. The same place where this curiosity arises from.

With that thrill of the chase, I move to the month of November. Don’t know if the prize is fictional as Terra Australis or as real as the Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt but farther I uncover this infinite mystery, a different kind of infinity it becomes. After all, not all infinities are equal. (another fun fact for the curious minds!)

Happy Halloween folks! Have a spooky one 🎃



Popsicle On The Ground Floor

It’s just few hours away that I pack my stuffs and leave the college. I’ve completed all my official procedures but there is this one thing left to do. Writing this bid-adieu blog post – my last post from college.

This blog has been one of the best things I did in college. Whenever I needed something to tell and didn’t want it to be limited to the audience I had physical interaction with, this blog presented itself as a sophisticated medium to vent out. Even after 3 years, it feels like beginning. I have a long way to go.

There are few major things on the top of my head to write in this blog post. Firstly about this abstract title I had put – ‘Popsicle On The Ground Floor‘. It’s hard to deduce any correlation of this childish rhetoric with anything I’m associated with. To be honest, it just popped in my head one day during my usual walk around the hostel area. As I tried to fit in to what I was going to write about, it gradually started making sense.

My (or better I put ours) whole college life was journey for a popsicle, a symbolism for reward in return for the efforts – popsicle of knowledge. We were made to believe that in order to get that reward, we would have to climb up, trudge and in fierce situations even crush others in order to be at the top. The trail of wisdom was transformed into a track for the rat race and it irked me often.

I was here to learn engineering, realize the importance of innovation and learn the art of real-life problem solving but this would have been nearly impossible had I confined myself within academic domains. All that most people worried about was marks and it infused a genuine hatred in me for the same.

Although I did find myself in the company of enthusiastic peers who were sincere towards their work. I learnt a lot from them. With time, I realized it was all within us throughout. Whatever we want to do in life, the itinerary for entire journey lie with us. But with the traditional path, the importance of a paper (degree) takes over the weight of our aspiration. Although I do comprehend the intangible value of our college education and I would be ever grateful to this place for providing me a compelling ambiance but the real reward was already there with us right from where we started and it will always be.

When I started my college, I told myself that the day I go out from here, I should be a person with no regrets. My entire endeavor here was channelized towards that one goal. But let me tell you this truth where the inconsistency lies – there will always be something small or big, major or minor, that will bother you till the last day or after. We as a naive being, venture into the pursuit of perfection but forget that ‘to err is human‘. It’s a good thing in a way that it shows you were not stagnant. It shows that you were striving to move forward and not remaining still.

One such thing that would always pinch me was to not put forward my entrepreneurial venture – Nightmeals. Yes this has been a secretive ordeal till date but I’m going to write about it openly today. Several times on this blog I have emphasized on the importance to publishing your work. When you attempt to do something revolutionary, you either succeed or you gain experience. But it can’t be called a success or failure if was never put it to test in the first place.

In our junior year, me and one of my friends decided to solve the huge cafeteria problem (food related problems in general) we had in hostels. We identified the pain points and devised a solution adorned with tons of features like opening/closing time, automatizing orders, collection & payment, etc. It was all there to reduce the unnecessary waiting time while your order was prepared or to cut down the hassle of coming all the way to the cafeteria only to find it closed. We felt the genuine requirement for it and Nightmeals was the perfect solution to assist students in this segment.

We were naive in terms of skills but the idea was well validated. Eventually we started working and things started coming together. We began to see our goal clearly and worked well beyond our usual academics & other occupations in order to achieve the traction. But what should have been otherwise extensive (and it would have if the entire thing lied under my control), the work kept on delaying.

The biggest mistake was to wait till it was all suited to launch. Just when we were ready, we screwed up with the code/database management and then our end semester examination approached. Afterwards we were churned up into vicious fight for placements. Things went downhill and the momentum lost was never regained. I’m planning to write about the tech specs of this fiasco on my tech-blog and the things I learnt from that, so keep eye on that.

The bottom line is that the idea that I cherished dearly for so long could never come to life. None one would know what shape it took, how it worked or even worse that it ever existed if not from the mere words written here. We lost it because we weren’t serious about it throughout. We eyed the end result but didn’t think about the journey thoroughly as like numerous wonderful ideas that die everyday somewhere. Takeaway – Discipline is the key.


My regular readers would be well aware of my fascination with film-making in the last semester. I have embedded lots of my videos in my previous blog posts. If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel, I would highly suggest you to (this blog is the only platform where I indulge in self promotion 😛 ). Here’s my latest video –

Making videos kept me really occupied during the last semester. Also it was a great way to escape from the eventual boredom that kicked in as the ending approached. Most of the times, I was thinking ideas for my next video, shooting, watching a lot of editing tutorials and later editing the footage. Initially most of the efforts were put in persuading my friends to be the subject of my videos but later, funny as it may sound, I started getting so many requests from my friends for casting them as my videos gained viewers’ attention.

Being in the college during a running semester meant that I would be spending most of the time within the campus (my room to be specific). This confinement of space gave me an opportunity to explore it from different perspectives. As is evident from my videos, all of them were shot in IITH except Vizag Diaries episodes.

Thing is, I seriously got into film-making and storytelling after shifting to my new dorm in permanent campus. I was in ODF earlier where our temporary campus was located, for 3 years. Now I wonder what all stuffs could I have done if I had started making movies right from my freshmen year. I did start learning cinematography there though (later borrowing DSLR camera from the seniors and photography club to learn) but again it’s about finishing and publishing. That happened only after shifting. So that’s that.

Few days back I went back there to get the no-dues signature from the workshop and I was able to picturize those familiar places as the lost canvas. I could have used them a little more. Although for my last visit this time, I didn’t forget to capture few footage as memorabilia – hostel area, old insti, the workshop and of course the foresty way to the workshop – and what better way for it for a film-maker than to make a film out of it. I’m currently working on the ODF montage but here’s the glimpse that I made using Google Photos –

As I sit in my room for the last time and write this post, I feel a bit nostalgic about leaving this place. This has been my home away from home for the past one year. All my creations, my critical decisions, my transformed self have come out of this – I have formed an everlasting memory. Leaving it does feel strange even though I’m very well aware of eternal legacy. This has been good, but it’s time to say good bye for even better tomorrow 🙂

Stay tuned. Peace! ✌

An Uncomprehended Euphoria

Sitting beneath the dark blue sky,

Gentle wind gushing past by ears,

You whispered something, I could never forget;

The words that didn’t dissolve,

In whirling wind or the tides of time,

Substituted for myriad of feelings,

Spoken so beautifully as if made for the moment;


Days after, I sit here silently, smiling

Listening to your favorite song,

Thinking of this mystery lying underneath

Emblazoning my senses like the first sun ray,

That falls on petals covered in dew at dawn,

Imagining how you would’ve reacted

If I had told that

The mere thought of being with you

Gives me the zest of an uncomprehended euphoria;

Author’s Note – I often have those eureka moments when I would utter out words without any conscious effort. I would either imagine a scenario or be in one and it would come out from within. It’s amazing how true feeling for something trigger the necessary explanation. These are indescriptive yet understood. Earlier I used to think that the most beautiful lines are well thought of but now I know they’re often spontaneous, made out in the situations like these. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

If you missed my last year’s valentine post, you can read it here.

The One On The Fest Beats

Amidst the click of selfies,

In the conglomeration of adorning hues,

I saw a story, being written,

On the scales of rhythm and blues;


In the thud of the steps,

In the symphony of the taps,

Intertwined was a tale,

Acknowledged by the claps;


From the beats of the drums,

From the tune out of strums,

From the magic that flute spread,

Emanated a yarn, eternally that pervade;


In the stuttering of robots,

In the swirling of drones,

In the vroom of the RC cars,

Resided the gala of rising stars;


In the cackling of rendezvous,

In the cheering that arose in unison,

In the cacophony of loud screams,

Lingered a saga of California dream;


In the melody of the voice,

In the rhythm of the movements,

In the shout out for glory,

In the grin of success,

And in the cry of joy,

Cradled an anecdote, a storyteller’s ploy.


Author’s Note – Our college fest ELAN & Nvision was recently concluded. This poem, an onomatopoeia, is first in the series of my related experience. It celebrates the amazing aura created by the festive beats and the story that dwells in that bustling atmosphere. I would be writing more about it in the subsequent posts. Ciao! 🙂

[Year In Review] Best shots & Best Reads 2016

“When I kept on capturing the snapshots, I saw a story evolving in them. The story of my progress.”

In the beginning of this year, I had a smartphone in my hands and the usual life mysteries about to unveil ahead. All I had to do was to combine the power of two. This is a look-back on this journey of creating memories, for years to remember.

This was the year when I delved into the technicalities of photography. I practiced it religiously, though with my smartphone. I finally started understanding how could a seemingly mundane scene could be made to look interesting with proper composition, lighting and tweaking with a bunch of camera parameters. With everything being set properly, you were bound to get the best result. But there were magic moments at core that made those photographs stand out.

Throughout the year I shared many of my snapshots through my blog posts. You can find them in Photography category. Here are few of my unpublished ones which I find equally endearing –


This is how we were wished for new year at a nearby Govt. school. We had gone there for our regular teaching as a part of our NSS (National Service Scheme) program. I missed teaching those children this year as I couldn’t be regular. I can still vividly remember the innocent smiles on their faces.


Engineer at work. This picture was taken when we were preparing for Inter-IIT Tech Meet. Here’s my friend courageously working with the cutting machine. I’m particularly afraid of operating them (which I shouldn’t). I ensure my full safety first. The funny thing is, he was quite habituated to doing this, having worked in BAJA-SAE for a year. So you see, it wasn’t a big deal for him.



I really like silhouette composition and played with it a lot this year. Both of these shots were taken in a running bus – one while commuting back to ODF (old) campus and the other on my way to Pondicherry.


One of the many selfies I took on the last day of my UoT-IITH workshop. The reason of posting this one is the beautiful smile of my Japanese colleague. Enough said.


A memorable trip to the nearby ocean park with my classmates. Quite an adventurous one I would say. Well while in a group, you rarely find any time to take a selfie. And when you finally do, why not? And that too with an interesting tree at the back.

Hey! who’s that photo-bombing guy?


Another one from my Pondicherry trip. I really liked the streets there, specially the wall-colors. My friend requested me to take his loner photo. I wonder if he ever put this as his profile picture. By the way, there is a vast sea on the other side. If only I could’ve turned the camera around but the picture is stagnant 😛

While in Bangalore. The first one is from Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum whose ground floor, by the way, is a paradise for Mechanical Engineering students.

One of the most wonderful things in Bangalore was my visit to book stores. I was able to finish a book at one go and I did it twice. Once in a mall and the other at a proper book store in MG Road. Both the places were really peaceful. The best part, we were even offered coffee at the book store, free of cost, for reading the books for free – wow! Something that I hadn’t encountered before.

img_20160529_200704Sometimes the surprises really surprize you. I mean really. While roaming around Bangalore one day, we found ourselves nearby Chinnaswamy stadium. We (me & my friend) were totally unaware of what was coming next. It was just crowd and the commotion for us which seem unusual. The surprize – it was the IPL final.

Well we aren’t a big fan of cricket anyway 😛

img_20160605_123438Bangalore Palace. On the last day of our stay there, we decided to go somewhere famous. This one came up on the list. Google Maps was once again a savior and we fortunately reached the palace and returned back on time.


We learn a lot from our teachers but sadly our personal interactions gets limited, specially in college. This professor of mine draws art attributed to the growing years of his little son. He told that he starts his day with a drawing – what a perfect motivation to keep you going!

It was a palpable feeling of emotion knowing the personal side of my professor. This picture was taken when I was taking design classes for CHE. I reached my class early and found my professor sketching something on paper. I asked and he told. I was dazed. I’m really grateful to my Design Innovation Thinking classes without which I would have missed a lot of wonderful takeaways.


Just a candid shot with nothing planned. Me and my friends were returning from mess after having evening snacks. I just told them to keep walking. I went ahead, lowered a bit and took this photo. Everyone liked the way it came out. A month later, my friend posted it on Facebook. Thanks for the credit my friend 😛


The first one in the series of ‘Campus Collection‘. It was our way to the workshop in the old campus. Quite a greenery it has.

[Rule #e] If you’re in a hurry but the weather seems to be perfect for a quick snap, you gotta do it.


One from my early morning shoot. Taken from my room, the buildings looked magnificent against a tinted background and the sunlight from the lateral front. One of the many benefits of doing nightouts – well waking up that early for a picture, sounds too unfavorable a deal. I belong to nocturnal human species.


A closer look to the background I talked about. It was taken from another hostel block while I was returning from my friend’s room. Usually this vast empty stretch seem mundane but that day it was set up to get captured. Who was I to stop the nature’s call?

We must have come across those aurora borealis desktop wallpapers, haven’t we? Those are quite fascinating. But what if you get to see your own version here in the campus itself. These photographs were taken during my evening walks. One can’t help but admire the colors in these photographs.






All the above four pictures were taken on the same day, probably the most fruitful day for my photography. They show the passage of time when it goes dark in the campus. See how the colors fight a bout for dominance. That’s our academic building, if you may have asked.


[Rule #pi] – Always be on a look for inspirations because you never know what wonders get captured through the lenses. This was taken from a moving car while I was coming back from the city. Surprisingly it doesn’t show any motion blur.


A still from my latest morning shoot taken from the uppermost floor of my hostel building. Shh…nobody knows I was there! I hope you checked out my morning shoot. No? Here you go –



Internet is full of fascinating things. If it’s a pictures or short para, I usually take screenshots. Here’s the one from tens of screenshots I have in my phone – a wonderful message for the artists.

Reading List 2016

Reading has a tremendous impact over my learning. It has been an integral part of my daily activity and this year I worked really hard to transform myself as an avid reader. In 2016, I read innumerable articles, blog posts, Q/A forums like Quora and many more informative rants from tons of sources, part of which I talked about in this post.

But still reading books seems substantial. Intuitively it feels like something we can count on. So without further ado, let’s jump onto the reading list –

  1. The Harry Potter Series

Image result for harry potter series books

I think a little backstory is needed to convince why it’s so special to me. For majority of my childhood and teenage years, I couldn’t get a chance to read books outside of my domain. I had a small library in my home which consisted of mostly textbooks of ours or my elder cousins. My father always insisted on studying but all of this was focused on me performing well in exams. I wish someone would’ve given me novels to read that time.

Anyway, after coming to college, I finally had a smartphone and internet connection. I had few peers who had been avid reader themselves. I borrowed their books and started reading them. Gradually I got hooked to novels and that’s how my reading list grew. Now as most of the kids, I grew up watching Harry Potter movies on TV (mostly in Hindi). They were amazing but I couldn’t have guessed that books would be even more wonderful.

There’s more magic in the books than movies can ever contain. It’s the magic of extensivity. I hadn’t seen the last two movies and I’m glad that I didn’t. After reading the books, I understood that there were so many things that weren’t covered or were altered to shoot the movie better. I understand that movies usually hold visual descriptions yet it doesn’t stand anywhere near to what’s contained in the book. It was the perfect start of the year. Once I picked up the first one, the spree continued and I couldn’t stop until I had finished the entire series.

  1. The One-Go Books – As I mentioned above, there were few books that I finished in one go. They were comparatively shorter reads spanning to max. 200 pages. 2 of them were in Bangalore itself. Once I went to the mall’s book section and picked up the book that has just arrived – Super 30.

Based on the life of real-life superhero ‘Anand Kumar‘ who despite all odds, went on to become mathematics aficionado and established one of the most celebrated JEE coaching institute in India – Super 30. I have grown up listening to the success stories of this institution but I never knew the full story. This book uncovered many of the mysteries of his life and the vision he possesses. It was an inspiring read. Rather than my determination, it was the content that kept me hooked & I couldn’t keep it down even in the hustling mall ambiance.

The next one was ‘The Mathematics of Love: Patterns, Proof and the Search for the Ultimate Equation‘. What an incredible read it was. It’s funny how geekiness peaks in to express a philosophical topic (of love) as a physical phenomenon described by equations. Yes this book indeed contain formula & equations and you should read it for the fun of how they were derived.

The last book in this series was George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

  1. The category called ‘humor‘ – I enjoy reading humor but I struggle writing them myself. This is something that I’ll definitely work on next year. The books in this categories are –

What’s It All About Charlie Brown – Clearly the winner in humor category. It’s shown to be the least popular in my Goodreads list because very few people have read it. But I would definitely recommend to give it a read.

There’s A Boy In The Girl’s Bathroom – I still remember the look the lady librarian gave me when I was checking out of the library 😛 You should read it to find out what’s behind the title.

Wayside School Is Falling Down – Another fun-filled book by Louis Sachar but higher in peculiarity coefficient than the previous one.

  1. Other fictionsTo Kill A Mockingbird,  The Home and the World, The Last Detective, The Hobbit

  2. MotivationalScrew It, Let’s Do It.

  3. Carry on books (reviews to follow) – There were few books that I started reading but didn’t complete for some reasons. They are –

The fellowship of the Ring (The lord of the Rings #1)

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (I haven’t seen the movie either)

The Lean Startup 

I have linked my reviews above. Just click on the titles. Also if you want to know what books I have recently read, look for the Goodreads widget on the right side of my blog (only visible on desktop). Or you can follow me on Goodreads here – Chandan Sinha Goodreads.

I hope to read a lot more exciting books next year. Till then take care & keep reading. Ciao from Divine_Lifez 2016. See you in 2017. Have a great new year 🙂



To All My Amazing Night Outs

Numerous nights spent in solitude,

Spanning over a significant portion of my college life;

Reading amazing stuffs and thinking

How much is there to be known?

Watching the stories so beautifully woven,

A celebration of creativity, art & imagination

That’s all there is, wide and far;

Realizing how vast is this world and how tiny I am,

Thinking about all those inspiring people out there

Whom I should look forward too;

Assimilating the fact that

if you’re the smartest in the room, you’re in the wrong room;

Feeling how wonderful can minuscule moments be,

Facing the power of story telling

And getting blown by it.

Pushing myself further & further

On a quest to quench my insatiable appetite

For reading, for knowledge & to have power of thinking;

Listening to soothing music

That teleported me to a calm relaxed world,

Hearing sounds that mesmerized

And touched my conscience with its melody;

Generating wonderful ideas for my upcoming creations,

Introspecting the divine self, that tiny lifeline we call ‘soul

Observing things our mysterious mind sense in solitude,

Rejuvenating my receptory senses to devour

The beauty that lies in simplest of things;

Watching & gazing outside the window,

The vast unknown that lays unexplored;

From the warmth of night,

till the morning chill

Thinking of recent happenings –

Something that stuck,

Somewhere I went wrong,

Someone to benefit from my rectification;

Me being better than my previous self,

Every second, every minute, every passing moment

That render me more knowledgeable,

More informed, more mature

To decipher the complexity

Of this artificially complex world;

To reveal the beauty hidden in plain sight,

To revive the dormant instinct of being natural,

Free of pretense, free of burdensome worries

For a smile appear at the beginning of dawn

My new self, a new me

Ready to face the day with contentment.

Author’s Note –  Given the kind of night owl I’m, I have always preferred working alone at night. Right from my childhood, I use to stay up the whole night. For that’s the time I feel myself to be the most productive – more focused and less distracted. Most of my creative works are the product of that silence when I could emphasize my imagination.

Recently I have been doing frequent nightouts whose results I’ve partially published on this blog. Once I delve deep into my work, I go on for long hours without break. It helps me in maintaining a creative flow. This poem tries to capture the nuances of numerous such moments that enlivened my inner-self.

This is just a teeny-tiny tid-bit I wrote yesterday. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post series (read my announcement in previous post) & of course for more creative contents. Peace ✌

Recounting The Classes That’s Still Intact – Part II

Today I woke at 10:30 in the morning. I had slept at 6:00 AM and I had a class at 11:30. For a moment I thought, I should get away from this laziness of mine, shrug off all the subconscious mental calculation about my attendance and get up to face the morning chill. Next moment, a sound in my head proclaimed ‘not today!‘, so I got into my cozy quilt again.

There are two things here – first I lacked certain motivation to attend this particular class and second, I didn’t have enough sleep and I could afford to bunk just one class. We can easily strike out the later. It wouldn’t have happened if the class had generated sufficient interest, even a bit for that matter.

I have attended classes without sleeping – though the frequency was more during my awesome JEE days. Moreover I have been quite regular in few courses in my previous semesters because the persons attending those classes have been subjects of interest. I can recall two such instances, on top of my head 😛

Enough of the buildup. Now imagine, the first day you walk into a class, relax yourself by adjusting to the ambiance and when the teacher comes up, he pops up an assignment. Without even teaching ANYTHING. But wait for the mighty task. He says – go around this academic building and find out the “thing” that resembles you the most, take a snap of it and come back within 20 minutes.

Now there are few things that you feel in such situations – one being it odd because it breaks the traditional norm and second, an exorbitant excitement because of the very same reason. For the next 20 minutes that follow, I ran around the corridors, from floor to floor, classrooms and corners, offices to toilets in order to find out my morphology in something else.

What are my attributes? Umm… physically I’m thin & sleek (something narrow would do like the ladder against the wall), above average height (something taller than the objects around) and what else… In hurry I take random snaps, each time trying to fit in the curve on the expected trend even if it exhibit large deviation (numerical methods anyone?).

Few of my recent snaps

I could’ve stayed within the veranda outside my classroom, clicked few rocks which were put there for artistic purpose, used some props to bring the spectrum a bit nearer and justified why that particular rock is the closest thing I could find in the entire building that resembles me. Well I convinced myself that better sits at far, beyond the obvious. Indeed it does. I can write more about the final presentation but let put it for future story.

In the subsequent classes, they go on to teach “mind mapping” (where you identify various things related to you like who you’re, what are the things you do, how various phases of your live interconnect and how they’ve shaped your present self), “association” (where you’re given one minute to build up on your teammate’s story with a sketch) and much more fun stuffs.

This was ‘Design Innovation Thinking‘ course I took for CHE – amazing class! In the next few days, we went on field trips for need finding, observations, etc. I have already written minuscule part of this experience in some previous blog post. Rest I think would be more suitable for my tech-blog.

Because design matters

Understanding Cinema – 5 days at movies

(In reality, it was just 3 :P)

Well who doesn’t like watching movies? It’s one of our favorite time pass. But imagine taking a class (in engineering college, mind you!) where all you’ve to do is to sit and watch movies, that too with your friends. Sound fun right? It’s even funnier when you put aside the ephemeral discussion that follows each movie. Here you would be just staring at few ultra-enthusiastic students (2 or 3) who do all the necessary talking (in the class of 80).

I was in the later category.

I was high on its experience in entirety. It was an opportunity to talk about subtle things you noticed and the grand picture (pun [un]intended!) you visualized. This was another of our Creative Arts (CA) courses (remember in the last post I told – best classes are short lived). My voluntary involvement in this course and the flabbergasting ability of the instructor to connect with students pushed me to write another tribute letter to a teacher (a renowned Indian film critique – Shubhra Gupta). It’s on Medium and it’s still unpublished.

Arts of IITH

The best learning happens when it ensures your self-engagement. It seeks out your inner curiosity and in turn you seek out the learning it was intended for.

IITH has a policy where you’re free to attend any class that you want. You can audit the course if you can’t accommodate it in regular credited courses. Nobody gives a damn unless you complete your required credits at the end. If you’re an autodidact, it would be an aid in your endeavor. Not to forget the regular sessions & seminars which offer a break from mainstream classroom teaching.

Few days ago I had a slightly heated discussion with a colleague of mine. She thinks, as I would quote verbatim, that if you want to be a UX (User Experience) designer, then there is no point in doing paper arts or physical drawing or any such usual academic BS that you’re forced to do. 

I found it quite hard to digest. I think when it comes to learning, specially creative things like art, then nothing is of utter waste. It will somehow stimulate your brain to think in the wider domain. Moreover it’ll enrich your subconscious memory whose result might not be apparent but it sits at the root of your actions.

I further tried to consolidate my point, giving various instances of my own experience. Though we couldn’t get much time to reach the conclusion. So that’s that.

I think I’ve evolved from everything I’ve learnt in due course of life. The journey, however boring it constituting parts may be, shapes my personality.

That concludes my reminiscing post about some of the fun-filled classes. My next post would feature another wonderful series of a creative journey I embarked on. This tweet of mine would give a fair idea of what it would be about.

I leave you with a recent YouTube content I created. Don’t forget to read the description and do consider subscribing if you liked it (just kidding :P) Enjoy!  ✌