For What It’s Worth

Every challenge that I’ve faced,

Every problem that I’ve fought,

Every misery that I’ve endured,

Every obstacle that I’ve encountered,

Every pain that I’ve tolerated,

Every enemy that I’ve defeated,

Every stigma that I’ve overcome,

In each of those moments when I’ve asked – ‘why me?’ in vain

I have consolidated my stand,

Holding firmly to my roots,

Fighting the demon.

One which hears no cry, no scream;

For what it’s worth,

It’s all for my big dream.


So I have undergone a difficult phase of my life in recent times. I have been steered by compulsion adrift in direction that I never intended to follow. I haven’t given proper time to the things that really matter to me, out of inattentiveness and sometimes due to sheer anger borne out of my circumstances. I have looked onto things in search of silver lining.

It has been unsettling to accept reality. I was so engulfed in venting out my disagreement that I forgot why I am here in the first place. It’s all part of a bigger plan which is now unfurling its crest and troughs. It was never promised to be a straight boulevard. Where’s the fun in that? It’s when you have hit the bottom and persisted, you appreciate the height you surmount to reach at top.

Note – This poem was written impromptu at the end of yet another day of trying to hold onto things which are beyond my control. Though I shouldn’t be complaining because these are ultimately the manifestation of my decision. Decision that I was once bound to take. How much ever I would like to scream out what’s bugging me these days, I’m being discreet here. The spell continues but I become a little more mature to deal with it.


Listen – Almost Onomatopoeia

If you simply close your eyes

And allow yourself to hear

All the sounds that are going around;


Listen to the words,

Listen to the talks,

Listen to the silence

And taps of lonely walk;


Listen to the birds,

Listen to the streams,

Listen to the sound of forming dreams;


Somewhere someone grins and laughs,

Somewhere someone cries and mourns,

Listen to those crackles,

Listen to those screams;


Listen to the buzz of lights,

Listen to the flickering of flames,

Listen to the melody of voice,

Listen these words of advice;


Listen to triumphant of being free,

Listen to the roar of celebration,

Listen to the plead of compulsion,

Listen to the force of commitment;



Listen to the joy of acceptance,

Listen to the pain of rejection,

Listen to the thud of falling down,

Listen to this surreal soaring dawn;


Listen to the burden of defeat,

Listen to the uproar of victory,


Listen my friend – o thou mighty knight!

All you have to do is listen and learn.


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A Man Of Values

A man of will,

Of hard work & determination,

Of perseverance & empathy,

Of love & compassion,

Of creativity & imagination,

And being passionately curious.

One line that governs them all –

Passion is in the risk.

A big happy birthday to myself & my lovely nephew. 

And yeah Happy Holi everyone! 

Author’s Note – A really short post because I’m currently on a trip. So I don’t have proper net connection (I’m using a restaurant’s Wi-Fi ūüėõ ) and the time for formatting. Will do it once I go back to college. 

Something That Pinched Me Hard

I don’t generally¬†share private stories on my blog unless it’s about my personal learning. But this one I want to. Yesterday I had a placement interview for one of the PSUs –¬†HPCL.

The company had two rounds for selection – Group Task and Personal Interview. Prior to that the students were shortlisted based on CGPA and category – Go ahead India! Well done on the reservation policy here as well. Fortunately I had made it to their extended list. Anyway I qualified GT and was among final 6 students selected in General category for the interview.

In the interview they asked me trivial¬†HR questions – what are my strengths and weaknesses? who’s your idol? etc. But as the interview proceeded, they got more & more interested in my answers.

I read a lot. And this habit of mine had showered me with knowledge which others are devoid of. It was quite evident in my answers. I was able to cite examples and conclusions from the things I have read. Furthermore, reading had taught me the life values which one ought to respect.

They asked – what do I value the most in my life?

My answer was ‘empathy‘. I told them no matter how talented you’re, how hard you work and how much talent you possess, if you don’t have empathy you won’t be successful. When you put your emotion into work, the result of your effort transcends expectations.

Then they asked- what have I learnt from my mother?

I have told them earlier that I value my parents a lot. It’s their unconditional support¬†that makes me the person I’m today.

As I write here – my mother is one of the strongest person I’ve ever known. Sometimes my father looses temper and finds himself battling with dire circumstances. I come from a humble lower middle class family. Like many others, I have seen struggles quite closely. I had a tough childhood and that has taught me to value every little thing in life. But more than that I’ve seen my mother fighting with scarcities, taking prudent decisions, maintaining herself calm during difficulties to strengthen the entire family.

Also I have been taught to learn things from heart. My mother can recite poems from her first grade even after forty years. Why? Call it a good memory but I think it’s because whatever she learnt, she enjoyed it. A simple village girl who was bestowed with family responsibilities quite early in her life, getting education was a priviledge and she respected that. She also took interest in our text books and recalls stories better than us.

I told about all this to them. Then they moved onto technical things starting from what softwares do I use for editing my movies and what languages have I used in web development. Then about the camera equipments I am building and other product designing projects. All my explanations, my projects, my past works gave a clear indication of being a creator. Also I had told them that creativity is my biggest strength and I like to work on innovation things. Things that involves my original thinking & effort.

During the interview, ¬†one of the officials (the one who asked me about the technical things) told humbly that your profile is quite good and well above than what this job demands. They didn’t have any product development profile per se and were just looking for someone to manage things at site. I don’t know how but my enthusiasm spoke for itself. He later added that I should go ahead and do something on my own rather than coming for this job.

I valued his points. He certainly knew that this company is not the best place where my talent would be vested in. But I told them that I am just starting out on my career and gaining experience of any type would certainly be an advantage. I was flexible to all the conditions they put forward and replied affirmatively.

After 40+ minutes of the interview, they finally put it to end and asked me if I would like to ask them anything. I asked – why is HPCL still a Navratna company and not Maharatna even after 42 years of its inception? They told me about the fluctuating oil prices and certain profit mark that you need to exceed in order to be classified as Maharatna by the Govt. of India. Also one of the officials¬†added that they’re constantly working for it.

My next question was about the job profile because they hadn’t clarified it earlier. I just knew that it’s sort of a management job and I would be posted as ‘Officer‘ in any of their outlets. It can be aviation refueling, production pipelines, LPG, refineries, sale/marketing, etc.

My interview was probably the longest compared to all the shortlisted candidates. It was an overall pleasant experience. After the interview I knew that the only thing that can stop me from getting this job is my profile. Even though I didn’t tell about it explicitly, they could sense my zeal to do something different. It may give away the vibe that I might not stick to the company.

Govt. companies want¬†employees that can stick around forever. Someone who would¬†start and end their career in that company itself. This doesn’t align with my aspiration. The only reason I was sitting for such companies was my father. While in the first one I had told them on face that I wasn’t interested (apparently the 3 years bond had further fueled¬†the courage), in this one I tried hard to match the yeses because he told me to.

Well after hours of scrutinizing and paper works, they announced the result. As expected I wasn’t shortlisted. But interestingly they put me in the wait-list. “These candidates“, as told by the HR, “would be called if the need for suitable profile arises or anything unforeseen happens along“. Clearly I’m not going to join that company in any scenario.

It obviously felt bad but I was happy within that this choice was checked off. I got reminded of a meme I had read few days back – “life is too short to get stuck in a wrong job“. Now was the time to face my parents and told them what has happened.

Image result for life is too short to get stuck in a wrong job

I have told my mother about the company few days back but¬†I hadn’t told her the date¬†this company was visiting for placements. My father called in the evening. I told him that I wasn’t shortlisted and what might be the probable reasons. I explained my entire interview to him. But the conversation took a turn that I hadn’t expected ever.

He blamed me instead, for all this fiasco. He told, I must have screwed up. He thought, I must have come out over-confident about my abilities. And he also suspected that I must be ineligible for the position. I was annoyed to brim but I maintained myself calm. It was because of him that I sat for the interview. It was because of him that I put aside all my aspirations and said yes to their conditions on posting – division, location, salary – everything. But now I was being blamed. I was being scolded for being better for a Govt. job.

My father accused me of doing things that any child would aspire for. I asked him – “so all my efforts, all my hard work and everything that I have done since my childhood boils down to getting a placement and that too in a company that doesn’t even value my talent?“. He said yes. He thinks getting a govt. job is the highest form of my¬†worth.

So that was it. When I needed his support the most, my father turned his face. He has dreamed of his son getting settled in a Govt. job after graduating from IIT. He has envisioned me to the best rat participating in this rat race. I told him “sorry papa! I couldn’t be the son you expected“. That was the sentence I have never even dreamed of saying. Now it was there, in front of me.

I talked to my mother later and explained everything to her. She took it calmly and said nothing more than just okay and study for the next company.

The conversation was ended. I sat on my bed and a stream of tears ran down my eyes. I was shattered to the core. I have fought with my parents before but those were more of childhood rebellion. Now as a grown up who knows the importance of humility, who feels the power of knowledge and who envision to pursue his dream, this broke me. I couldn’t control the turbulence of emotion rising within. I vented out.

So what’s now?

It’s the time that I prove my worth. Now that I have experienced the worst, it’s a chance to work with refueled vigor. I hold my parents of highest regard and my family would always be my first priority. But now I don’t have any insecurities of mine. I’m not answerable to certain things that were holding me back.

I am more excited to work towards my dreams and my enthusiasm is quadrupled.

I have one ultimate goal – change the hardware startup scenario in India and I would work for it, no matter what.

I would keep on doing things that always interested me. I would continue to explore things as I come across them. I would continue to entertain my fascination for learning. On the path of changing this world for better, this was a minor obstacle I had to overcome.

The Versatile Blogger Award

“Act well your part, there all the honor lies” – Alexander Pope

A zeal to build from the fury of my creativity.

Build what? – a virtual castle of amazement. This is what ‘Divine_Lifez‘ stands for.

Here’s another lovely recognition to this ambitious destination of mine – The Versatile Blogger Award! This one’s for the vast range of dimensions this blog has acquired over time. It’s¬†my second award nomination. The first one was ‘One Lovely Blog Award‘ – you can catch up the blog post I wrote right here.

First of all, thanks a lot Sucheta¬†(¬†for this wonderful nomination. This nawabi Lucknow girl has a special niche of her own on this blogosphere. I’ve been following her blog since last month or so. Do check her blog for her poems, photography and thoughtful posts would certainly make you contemplate.

Small appreciations fuels my endeavor. It’s the reason I bring to you guys a little window to glance over happenings that are worth sharing. An adventurous exploration of this little world of mine full of surprises as I discover its treasure trove.

Before I go on to perform the rituals needed for this award, let me show you some of the areas which this blog has consistently delivered upon –

  • Events – Catch up over the numerous workshops, seminars, talks, competitions & celebrations from my college life.
  • Poems – Words that tickle your emotions. Sometime less speaks more. Experience the rhythm of my thoughts.
  • Photography – Seek the vibrancy in what generally perceived as mundane. Photos from my trips and travels, around the campus and the moments where I couldn’t resist taking out my camera and capturing it for later.

My recent shots – Around the campus photography

  • Art & Design – ¬†Sketch a cartoon to put on wall or draw¬†a caricature to make someone laugh. Lighten your mood with soothing design – from graphics to products.
  • Cinematography –¬†Take a look from my perspective. A cinematic eye with a phone as its companion, watch out moments strung together for the best of ‘feel-good’ experience. If a picture says a thousand words, then a video probably says a million.

Most recent video based on various happenings in 24 hours of my life

  • Entrepreneurship –¬†Revolutionary idea in head and don’t know where to go next? Probably my experience can help. Follow the learning and suggestions of this simple college student on the path of becoming a tech-entrepreneur.

And much more awaits. So here are the rules for this award –

  1. Show the award on your¬†blog – Hope the picture suffice ūüėõ
  2. Thank the person/people who nominated you – Thanks again Sucheta!
  3. Share 7 things about¬†yourself – Hmm…a bit tricky
  4. Nominate 10 blogs – To be updated soon

I might write few¬†subtle points but its difficult to convey yourself in few words. I thing my works are my main identity and ideally that’s how it should be. Also I don’t want to repeat over the stuffs I already wrote – more mysterious you’re, more intrigued the audience will be.

Anyway here are few things about me which you should know outright –

  • I’m crazy about design – ‘Industrial Designing’ to be specific. I’ve a soft corner for simple, elegant but effective design and I try to acquire that skill myself. Almost all the posters and images you see on this blog are my own.

A snapshot from my design class РProblem identification & formulating solution. My team mates are wonderful artists!

  • If you’re truly passionate about something, you’ve found yourself an acquaintance. My ever-learning self seeks inspiration from the people who do.
  • I’m an introvert you wouldn’t notice. That’s because I would still have things to tell without speaking much about myself. That’s the general complaint from the people I talk to ūüėõ
  • I’m good listener. So if you’ve got something worthy to talk about, feel free to ping. If I get friendly then be prepared for a load of humor and sarcasm.
  • I’ve been really busy lately and that’s the reason behind my irregularity (last post was on 15th August) [Not exactly a point related to me, I know]. My engagements didn’t even allow me to sit silently for a minute in my dorm, let alone writing blog posts. I would tell you about them soon.
  • I love indie (short for independent) works – indie music, indie movies, indie art, etc. Sometimes they’re one-man inspiration or an ambitious project of small group who left no stone unturned. It just resonates with my own aspiration.

Did I reach 7? Good gracious! I think that’s enough rant for today ūüėõ

While I go back to create more awesome stuffs for you guys, do enjoy your stay here & embrace the versatility of my creations ūüôā

Author’s Note –¬†I’m on look out for the blogs to extend the nominations. It would take sometime. Moreover I would be updating this post to accommodate the deserving ones.

Learning To Let Go – Is it that hard?

Note – I started writing this blog post in October, 2015 but didn’t post it then as there were many things which still has to aptly fit themselves in the written context – so some of the referred timing may pertain¬†to then, nonetheless it discusses our apprehension to certain things in general which we find hard to let go.

Timing couldn’t have been apt when¬†it goes online as we’re letting go year 2015 with plethora of memories and tons of experience. Its said- “Letting go is hard but holding on is harder”, may be learning it the hard way is the surest one of its actual realization.

Today I deleted one of my first Github repositories which was truly dear to my heart. Reason? It was a special gift for someone & in hurry of giving it, I released it publicly instead of private.

So, what?- making gift is a good thing right?

Yes it is but when it has served its purpose & now mere a vulnerability to the invasion on your private life – well you have to let it go. I have the files nevertheless but not the stamped account to remember it in future.

How much did it take for me to delete it?- One minute with a prompt ‘You know the consequence of your deletion’.

How much courage did it take to pass that prompt affirmatively?- probably I could never fathom that. I’m moved. Moved so much that I want to introspect this¬†saudade¬†through my words. Its an experience which I’m taking with a pinch of salt.

Many a time in life you come across such situation where letting go is for the best. It might not be the solution you expected, it may not be optimal at all but you’re reluctant to do that.

Chances are likely that¬†when you’re reading this post, you’re bidding adieu to this year, leaving behind precious moments which would thrive in memories, leaving behind old acquaintances in search of new ones. This worldly stage of entrance and existences is all about breaking & formation of bonds.

Few days ago, I had a get together with my friends. A drop of one day is this oceanic reserve of months. A day to revive those old days whose soul is now captured in the photographic frame of time. A day to recall the fascination of undone deeds once again, whose unrealized outcome we still ponder upon. Smile widens when you see those familiar faces gradually getting together boosting the inconspicuous joy storming inside you. You shiver, you giggle, you wobble, you roll on the fictitious carpet which has to painted with moments ahead. After the action-packed hours when the time to say goodbye lurks with each second passed, a part of you keeps shrinking like the systolic contraction that will last, not for those heartily milliseconds but for the next time.

Letting go because it has to, it ought to and you have to. The reason is we get too attached to things sometimes. Once I asked a friend of mine – ‘So what’s you plan? What’s next?’ – nothing more & surely not less to which he said = ‘Just go with the flow!’. How casual does this answer seem yet carries the solution for the untold questions. A simple realization, yet hard to accept, to characterize, to conquer. Five words summarizing the dynamical nature of events.

As I was about to leave home after vacation ended, I dreaded for a moment. I dreaded because I was pushed out of my heavenly abode. A heavenly abode which I have¬†to leave to be its worthy dweller. There are numerously unresolved moments I demand my answer from. I’m little wiser, little more knowledgeable than I was every past moment, yet I think it would take some more experience to embrace this letting go because it has to, it ought to and you have to…move forward.