For What It’s Worth

Every challenge that I’ve faced,

Every problem that I’ve fought,

Every misery that I’ve endured,

Every obstacle that I’ve encountered,

Every pain that I’ve tolerated,

Every enemy that I’ve defeated,

Every stigma that I’ve overcome,

In each of those moments when I’ve asked – ‘why me?’ in vain

I have consolidated my stand,

Holding firmly to my roots,

Fighting the demon.

One which hears no cry, no scream;

For what it’s worth,

It’s all for my big dream.


So I have undergone a difficult phase of my life in recent times. I have been steered by compulsion adrift in direction that I never intended to follow. I haven’t given proper time to the things that really matter to me, out of inattentiveness and sometimes due to sheer anger borne out of my circumstances. I have looked onto things in search of silver lining.

It has been unsettling to accept reality. I was so engulfed in venting out my disagreement that I forgot why I am here in the first place. It’s all part of a bigger plan which is now unfurling its crest and troughs. It was never promised to be a straight boulevard. Where’s the fun in that? It’s when you have hit the bottom and persisted, you appreciate the height you surmount to reach at top.

Note – This poem was written impromptu at the end of yet another day of trying to hold onto things which are beyond my control. Though I shouldn’t be complaining because these are ultimately the manifestation of my decision. Decision that I was once bound to take. How much ever I would like to scream out what’s bugging me these days, I’m being discreet here. The spell continues but I become a little more mature to deal with it.


3 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth

    • Thank you Ilah! Writing this poem has been rather imprompt. For the past several months, I have found myself stuck in this quagmire out of compulsion and it has been the reason for my absence from this wonderful platform. Will tell about it in later posts.

      Sorry for the late reply! I have been travelling. So glad to find you here though 🙂 How’s your new job going on?


      • Oh, I think I understand what you mean, I’ve been in a similar situation before too 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the posts that tell that story though, because quagmires such as these are not necessarily things I normally (want to) think about enough to write about them. Ohh, I hope your travels have gone well! Will you be writing about them? 🙂 The new job’s wonderful, thanks for asking. I almost couldn’t romanticise it. Almost 😛

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