My Cryptic Love – Part I

Tangled was I, pondering over phi (φ) & psi (ψ);

Lost I was, in looming & mirage;

Wandering in turmoil in search of my fate,

Scratching my head over transient & steady state;

Then you walked into the equation,

Added a variable and changed the whole solution;

Trickier it became, the expression thereafter,

Seemed so gentle yet I couldn’t solve faster;

Lengthier it was too, equally difficult to be solved,

Whenever I attempted, mysteriously it evolved,

Into a giant tangled string like E8,

Then I understood It wasn’t that straight

For this variable acted differently

Of all the ones I had currently;

So I decided to give it a proper thought,

Reclining from the battle, meaninglessly I fought…


Writer’s Note:  (just a formal way, you know who I am!)

Why is it difficult to describe something succinctly in words?

Probably they’re not meant to be. But its concealed intensity is strongly felt & thus vented out in disguised gestures.

Not all things could be written poetically or probably they could be. May be I am not quite matured yet to mould them that way. ‘My Cryptic Love‘ justifies my attempt on this laid philosophy. It’s a series of written pieces which celebrates the amusement of love with the spicing of cryptography – just for the fun of it.

Stay tuned for scientifically coated but humorously expressed token of tribute to the beloved companion. Do leave your comment below in case you want to share your two cents 🙂





7 thoughts on “My Cryptic Love – Part I

    • Yes to the core of my heart – A science student forever 🙂 I’m writing the next part which would be even more technical (atleast I intend to :P), just busy a bit at the moment.

      Thanks a lot for reading it Roopam! Hope you enjoy my other posts as well. BTW, the weather is lovely here in Bangalore (much better than Hyderabad) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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