A Man Of Values

A man of will,

Of hard work & determination,

Of perseverance & empathy,

Of love & compassion,

Of creativity & imagination,

And being passionately curious.

One line that governs them all –

Passion is in the risk.

A big happy birthday to myself & my lovely nephew. 

And yeah Happy Holi everyone! 

Author’s Note – A really short post because I’m currently on a trip. So I don’t have proper net connection (I’m using a restaurant’s Wi-Fi ­čśŤ ) and the time for formatting. Will do it once I go back to college. 

On A Music Spree

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog post. I hope my valentine had enough time to comprehend my uncomprehended euphoria (if she read it of-course). Anyway, few days after the last post, my midsems started. It went for a week and then I went on a music spree..umm..actually I think I still am.

Prior to that I had posted my long-awaited Evening@IITH video on YouTube. Check it out here –

Yeah so back on the music spree topic because that’s what this post is going to be about. Since I’m reading ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes‘ these days, I would
like to give its account in that style –

You somehow come across a song (YouTube recommendations work wonders sometimes) and you like it a lot. You go on listening to it repeatedly. Though unwillingly, one day you take a leap of faith and try out a different song by the same artist (or probably a different one in the list) and then you say – ‘Whoa! it’s more enthralling than the previous one. You get hooked to it.

You keep on listening until you get fed up of tapping that replay button or probably it doesn’t excite you anymore. Like the previous cases, for the gazillionth time, you think ┬á-“what was there in it in the first place?” Then you find a new one and the cycle repeats.

You didn’t delete the last song because it’s still within the domain of your recent favorites. The songs get cumulated and you keep on making playlists. Your P&C knowledge come in handy here and you try out varied combinations everytime. ┬á

Sometimes old songs make it to the playlist because you think you might have forgotten how it sounded like. Since it was once your favorite, you feel like the old memory being rejuvenated. It’s all being shuffled and played.

You dance, you jump or you sit and ponder – what the hell is this love-hate relationship with these songs? You get tired and you wanna break free but couldn’t because it’s the converse of Stockholm syndrome (Google says its Lima Syndrome but I don’t find its implication here).

Well that sounded nothing like the brilliant work by Sir Conan Doyle. Yeah! well atleast it was not in mundane first person tone. Welcome to the journey inside┬áthe mind of a music freak. There’s this usual biological structure and then there are inconspicuous rhythms floating around. I know my friend would strongly disagree with my music taste (and me calling myself a music freak) but thankfully he doesn’t read my blog ­čśŤ

It’s the musical valley up there where each external song input stimulates an enigmatic experience. Also there would never be a single genre which you could narrow down your taste to. It highly depends on your mood but I think our resonance frequencies aren’t that well defined. Sometimes an outcast tune might pluck the right string like this song did for me.

On my perpetual journey to find new sources, I’ve come across some wonderful channels, consequently artists, whose work simply amazes me. I would list some of them below so that you could have your own little extravaganza –

SoundCloud – Hands down to this. If you follow the right artists, you will never run out of musical entertainment. Also almost every YouTube channel or indie-composer would have their SoundCloud account, you just need to dig a little bit.

NCS (NoCopyrightSounds)┬á– One of the biggest music labels out there, especially for EDM, deep house type genres (I mostly explore these). They recently reached 10M subscribers.

Spinnin’ Records – Another awesome┬ámusic label. They had some great hits recently. I found out Lucas & Steve DJ duo here itself.





Tom Rosenthal┬á– Very captivating, serene & thoughtful songs.


Postmodern Jukebox

Trap City 

Majestic Casual

Fueled by Ramen

Amarante Music

All the aforementioned names are music labels which hosts a lot of wonderful artists. I haven’t mentioned any individual besides Tom Rosenthal (as I told, the outcast tune that struck). There are a lot of them producing some great works – cross your finger for the YouTube or Spotify (I still have to try it out) recommendations to let you discover them.

Also these channels really help me in finding music for my videos. Sometimes these music in conjunction with out-of-the-box editing will land you in the viral zone. I would write about this in my next post. Hope you enjoyed this little post on the musical side of mine. Stay tuned. Ciao!

An Uncomprehended Euphoria

Sitting beneath the dark blue sky,

Gentle wind gushing past by ears,

You whispered something, I could never forget;

The words that didn’t dissolve,

In whirling wind or the tides of time,

Substituted for myriad of feelings,

Spoken so beautifully as if made for the moment;


Days after, I sit here silently, smiling

Listening to your favorite song,

Thinking of this mystery lying underneath

Emblazoning my senses like the first sun ray,

That falls on petals covered in dew at dawn,

Imagining how you would’ve reacted

If I had told that

The mere thought of being with you

Gives me the zest of an uncomprehended euphoria;

Author’s Note – I often have those eureka moments when I would utter out words without any conscious effort. I would either imagine a scenario or be in one and it would come out from within. It’s amazing how true feeling for something trigger the necessary explanation. These are indescriptive yet understood. Earlier I used to think that the most beautiful lines are well thought of but now I know they’re often spontaneous, made out in the situations like these. Happy Valentine’s Day! ­čÖé

If you missed my last year’s valentine post, you can read it here.

The Post-it Note

Feels like I’m forgetting something!” – thought my weary mind.

At times when I’m alone, which is mostly the case, I stumble upon random thoughts. Blankly staring at the void, I keep rephrasing that ideas that knock on my cognitive door. I would mumble to satiate my opinionated self. Like the other day I was thinking –

How shallow people’s perceptions are and it irks me. I’m constantly being chased to be bitten but my participation to this race is totally involuntary.┬á

The aforementioned sentence would’ve made more sense if given the context but in such restless times when I would toil to be poetic like this –

There’s something out of sight,

That’s pinching me hard upright;

Is it the expression I failed to comprehend?

Or is it the tone I didn’t understand?

I might have overlooked things in due stress,

Whatever that might be, now I feel restless.

I would read that and say – “Wow! it came out worse than I thought”.

Then I would go back, play with the alignments and permutations of old and new entities. When my creative grey cells drift towards the extremes, I strive to restore the tint. ┬áSo that’s about fumbling with notions in solitude.


When in luck I get company, I invoke the story hidden underneath. What’s up with them? What was happening with my friends when I was reaping the solitary crop? And most of the times, it’s more than what I had expected. If you make people comfortable around you, your persona will seek what they would be willing to share. In the retrospect, it gives a whole new direction to my thought process.

It’s always good to be surrounded by people who are smarter than you. You learn so much. You get fresh new perspective on things which you’ve been doing for years. When in such circumstances, I ponder – why didn’t I think of it in the first place?

Feeling of slight discomfort (I fall short of better word) is totally humane. But you should be careful enough not to let  your competitiveness overshadow this opportunity for learning. I should and must become a perpetual learner.


Establishing synergy between my solitude and companionship is my way through. I know this blog post seems as vague to you as it does to me. But I feel the essence is there in that very incoherence. It’s my creative ride I’m surfing on. Casey Neistat says – “If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong“. And there it goes on my post-it note.


Stars Out, You Shine & It Gets Better!

It’s the undeterred passion for something that will take you far. It’s the genuine love for what you do that’ll pull you out of adversities, if any. It’s your honesty towards yourself that will work wonders.

You must have heard similar versions of these lines. I would┬áhave written them explicitly in some other blog post but note it down now, it’s the bottom line for ‘starting out on a creative journey‘. Now there are two contrasting statements underlying this philosophy –

“You should have fun in whatever you’re doing.”

“Sometime you’ve do mundane stuffs to reach to the point where it gets interesting.”

These two talks about the separate phases of the entire process. Both are equally true but the later is subjective. Those mundane stuffs could be amusing to you because the anticipation affirms its consequences. Just the other day, I was watching a video featuring EDM artist Skrillex where he was talking to a bunch of guys saying (quoted verbatim) –

Have some fun. Make some music. If it’s fun – that’s all that matters. You look back and say – I spend all those days, I met all these people and it was fun. That’s cool. I’m having fun. I’m in the same room you’re all sitting in right now. I’m in the same place as you guys are.

That being said, when I wrote the blog post ‘Where My Solace At‘, though it was intended to be a work of fiction, it highly reflected what I was going through then. I needed to come out of it. When you feel lost, stop feeling that and start doing something that will distract you from unnecessary contemplation. Sitting idle and waiting for things to get on track just waste your time.

Last year when I was the web coordinator for our┬átechnical fest, I went through a lot of such moments when I was clueless. I was helpless as there was no one I could’ve talked to. For hours and days I sat alone in the computer lab doing night outs, even during vacations.

As the fest came and I delivered what I was responsible of, all of this story died in the fainting sound of few appreciations. I had started documenting my experience┬áas ‘Delving Into The Developer’s Dilemma‘ but I never really came to the terms of publishing it. I needed it to be more appealing. I needed it to be compelling enough to trigger an instant┬áreminiscence.

I see thousands of such stories floating around and if I could deliver the entire essence into few minutes, eliminating out the mundanity, then the impact is tremendous. This year I voluntarily took the responsibility of doing just that. I turned to multimedia to document the entire fest story.

Often I have the story in mind but in college, I don’t find many people who would be willing to be the central subject. Here I had tens, hundreds and thousands to people, each of them with their contribution, to write a cohesive piece. It was upon me to discover that cohesiveness.

I shot behind the scenes, I shot the decorations, I shot the fun, I shot the informals, I shot the pronites, I shot the events, I shot an entire amazing fest. Now it all lies with me ready to be woven into a fabric of festive feel. Here’s one for the start –

The point of writing all these is to remind myself and inspire others that it all happened because I shrugged off my gloomy feeling. I went ahead and did what I loved.

Just before the fest I had caught cold. My health was not at all well but not once in those three days I thought that I should take rest. All my hunger and thirst took the back seat because I had the burning appetite for capturing those moments. I knew that if it┬áis lost, I won’t regain it ever. I’m much well now and a lot happy because of what I did.

Many a times in life, we find ourselves struggling with circumstances. In that case, just stop thinking for a moment and do something that makes you happy. Do not sit around searching for motivation, watching random videos of YouTube or browsing 9gag/Facebook, loathing your life.

Instead if you like sketching, make an art. Like reading, read something worthwhile. Like writing, write your heart out, without worrying about presentation or sugar coating it. Many of the best written pieces are the ones written without any prior planning. They were felt in the moment and inscribed with ink in pristine form.

If you like coding, then play around with the code. What you do today might hit some other day when you’re stuck. If you like film making, go ahead, explore and look out for the inspiration that will trigger a masterpiece.

Author’s Note – This is my second blog post in the ‘Fest Diary‘ series. Hopefully I would be writing about other stuffs if I remember something worthwhile. It was my last fest here in college, so that makes it more special. Nonetheless I’ll keep posting the videos in the blog posts as soon I upload them.

Also remember how I keep advocating why you should make gift for people, well there’s nothing as wondrous as this.┬áDay before yesterday I made a little tribute video for our special host Sumit Suvarna and sent it along with the other videos I shot of him.

He really liked my unexpected gift. We got connected over social medias and now we have planned to catch up whenever he is in Hyderabad. Exciting! ­čÖé


The One On The Fest Beats

Amidst the click of selfies,

In the conglomeration of adorning hues,

I saw a story, being written,

On the scales of rhythm and blues;


In the thud of the steps,

In the symphony of the taps,

Intertwined was a tale,

Acknowledged by the claps;


From the beats of the drums,

From the tune out of strums,

From the magic that flute spread,

Emanated a yarn, eternally that pervade;


In the stuttering of robots,

In the swirling of drones,

In the vroom of the RC cars,

Resided the gala of rising stars;


In the cackling of rendezvous,

In the cheering that arose in unison,

In the cacophony of loud screams,

Lingered a saga of California dream;


In the melody of the voice,

In the rhythm of the movements,

In the shout out for glory,

In the grin of success,

And in the cry of joy,

Cradled an anecdote, a storyteller’s ploy.


Author’s Note – Our college fest ELAN & Nvision was recently concluded. This poem, an onomatopoeia, is first in the series of my related experience. It celebrates the amazing aura created by the festive beats and the story that dwells in that bustling atmosphere. I would be writing more about it in the subsequent posts. Ciao! ­čÖé

In The Midst Of Darkness, Light Persists

Dear brother,

Happy birthday!

It’s been more than a year that I saw you. Nevertheless, I believe my occasional conversations┬ácompensated for my tactile presence. Now that you sail from the verge of teen to the sea of youth, be prepared to face the gushing wind which whirls the weak. I believe it’s my moral responsibility to enlighten you with some inconspicuous wisdom whose power will fuel your journey. I derive these from my own personal experiences.

If you want to be happy, be it truly. It’s not obligatory to falsely testify your wrongdoings just so you feel contempt. Be happy when you’re satisfied by your effort irrespective of the result. Don’t let the situation affect you. It might not be the perfect time when you reap the fruits. In that case, don’t be restless. Just hang in there, doing your part.

The problem starts when you begin comparing yourself with others. Be contempt with what you truly are. Be the best version of yourself because you’re unique in an indefinable way. Preserve & persevere through your existential identity. The key to true happiness is not to let the bad weigh you down but rather let the good lift you up.

Be in the company that enhances your persona. Your presence should be valued not because of the materialistic benefits you bring but your invaluable input that strengthens the bonding. It’s what you should care for.

Move on, walk and run form the suckers of serendipity. Carve your way to the destination of learning. Knowledge triumphs over evil. Will triumphs in the time of adversities. Though serenity cradles in the lap of solace, it’s the company that teaches you how to walk.

Think about those who resolutely stand behind you. Be bold & take firm steps, whose success they would be proud to see. People who truly care for you will always be there for you. You character should flourish in their presence.

Happiness prevails when you believe in yourself and truth be told, it’s the best place you can lay your trust on. Highs & lows are inevitable. Don’t let the effect of later persist for long. In your dark times, cling onto the hopes the former holds.

Nothing is permanent. Construction & destruction are the nature’s ways to weed out the undeserved. Embrace the change. Adapt to the demand for survival, keeping your true self at the core. In dire circumstances, keep your values intact.

…in the midst of death life persists, in the midst of untruth truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists.

When you feel like getting sucked into the abysmal distress, take it as just another drill. It happens to everyone at some point of time. Every great people have gone through the period of uncertainty. It’s an exercise to bring out the undefiable strength you possess.┬áDon’t ever let the adversities bring down your worth.

Most importantly never underestimate the power of denial. In contrast, never hide your true interest in order to fit in. It’s perfectly fine to be different. When world perceive you as an eccentric, just remember it’s the outliers who possess the power to change the world. Do whatever you truly enjoy doing. Never be hesitant in admitting it either.

Hard work beats talent anyday. Every great thing started with something small or nothing at all – from scratch. Drop by drop, brick by brick, ink by ink, they now stand as masterpiece. They’re the epitomes of human determination.

Related image

Also when in the course of your endeavor, you feel lost, read. Read anything and everything because somewhere in those words lies the key to wonderland. It’s magical how a simple permutations of word (or more precisely letters) can hold the secret treasure that we search in more tangible form. But to feel that magic, you would have to comprehend. You would have to believe in its existence.

Never refrain yourself from exploring the field of art. And never be convinced about its very domain. It’s vast & eternal. One day you might create something never built before. Creation of anything holds an inexplicable power in itself. Make things for the joy of making.

I hope these words gives your the strength to build a better future. Keep smiling ­čÖé

Your elder brother,