HogwartsTech – Announcing My Tech Blog

As fascinating as ‘New Year Resolutions’ has always been, its equally exhilarating to work towards them. The adrenaline rush that takes over, once you jump over the beginner’s inertia is hard to contain. After you gain the initial momentum, it gets easier to keep adding onto it.

The moment when our mighty clock ticks off to a new year, a new bell rings in mind. Yes, there’s is this bell of joy of course but that’s not what I’m talking about. The signalling bell that tells you – ‘this is it!’. This is the moment you were waiting for. You were consolidating the list with hell lot of things this whole time. You couldn’t do it last year (many new things get added though), now get over your procrastination and get things done.

Like many enthusiastic crazy ones (the ones who do) out there, I too decided to ride along a vague list. Not an exhaustive one, but a list that says something like –

Things to do in 2016(2)

Yeah! its as vague as its hazy here…

But the gist is something like this –

Things to do in 2016(1)

Though the tasks seems like learn-continuously-get-hold-gradually thing, I would rather complete them phase-wise than doing them simultaneously. From the numerous pieces I’ve read about productivity and my own experience so far, I can positively conclude that things are easier to accomplish when you channelize your entire energy on one thing. ‘One step at a time‘ seems to be the spell one should enchant to get the universe conspire in helping you to achieve it.

For an avid reader and an inquisitive Engineer (as I’m), the intersection of two passions yield something like mmm… a techblog may be.

Presenting my readers ‘HogwartsTech‘ – a tech blog of mine which would feature some latest, some obsolete technologies which once went viral, some cool hacks I learnt, some new mechanism I explored. A ‘one stop solution’ for me to organize my everyday tech learning from various platforms. Also an opportunity for the readers to get a glance into my tech life.

Its the juice extracted from the fruits of similar kind gathered from various places to get the best out it. The complete 360 degree experience of tech topics. About the name, well I’ve been reading the Harry Potter novels these days. I liked the magical uncertainties Hogwarts hides within itself, so is this name.

The launch looks promising when some ground work has been done prior to the event. So even if I took 15 days after the new year eve, I wasn’t dormant through this time (you’ll know that soon!).

Enjoy my take on some technology along with usual Divine_Lifez topics. A little older, a little wiser and a bit more responsible, I embrace this new inclusion in the topics of my writing 🙂

Update – As of July 2016, my techblog has a separate destination Of The Things I Do.


2 thoughts on “HogwartsTech – Announcing My Tech Blog

  1. See you at Friday Fictioneers… let the photo prompt guide your mind and the writing will happen. I have some very dear friends in India who I have met there. Always fun to learn of another’s country and ways.


  2. Hi Chandan,

    Your “about” is very impressive and it sounds like you have solid goals for your future. It’s also great that you’re pursuing your passion of writing and there is no better place to share it than in the world of blogging…I look forward to future posts and I appreciate your kind words and visits to my blog, as well..

    Take care, Lauren

    Liked by 1 person

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