Power Spectrum

Author’s Note – This was an experimental post where I prompted my readers to take a walk with me and had a one-way “conversation” about things I concern myself with. Some musical pieces, few video essays, messages from Twitterverse, the Kickstarter campaign and a lesson of life. I originally intended to keep this up for 24 hours but later extended it to 45 hours because we were having so much fun (or was it just me?).

When I write a post, several things are taken into consideration which somehow influences the content that makes it to the final cut. I can’t exactly put the finger on a single reason but it’s constraining. I just wanted to come out open – unrestrained, unconcerned of the consequences, unmindful of what my words would entail for others – just being true me and yet keeping it within the threshold of my comfortability.

This was a little different than what usually goes on this platform. I’m glad that I did this because where is the fun if things are not innovating, right? 2019 style.

So, thank you to whoever read this while it was online and for those who missed – well, I’m always up for one to one conversation. All you have to do is to tap that send button 🙂

I guess I can’t take back this song. Seriously, Illenium’s music is pure magic –

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