A Moment Apart

Declutter, Rearrange, Reboot

Time is an enigmatic complexity. To be frank, I never realized my control over it, not knowing when is the right time to do anything ever. This utter mismanagement of personal life often manifests itself in my blog schedule as well. Considering the timeline of last one year, it’s audacious to even talk about a schedule. I’m sorry!

I have been writing though. I have been writing every now so often than before but the writing grew more and more personal. Confined within my notes, it became rather a coping mechanism than putting my thoughts up front. In college, it happened to be the weekend nights when I would finally sit in my room and write down whatever I wanted to, uninterrupted, undisturbed. Pausing, thinking, typing against the silence of the night. It doesn’t seem to extrapolate well outside those boundary walls though.

I jotted down topics as it came to my mind – sometimes a standalone bullet point and sometimes with little prompt, so I don’t forget the content behind conclusive titles. It always comes at the most mundane of moments, doesn’t it? Traveling or just walking by, household chores, lying down, at the moment when your muscle memory is in-charge and mind is at rest, so you are finally thinking. Writing is an utterly honest endeavor and so I have done but how much to share is what I still gauge. It’s more of an internal battle with skepticism. I’m still evolving.