4 AM Euphoria

Imagine this – you’re driving down an indefinite asphalt road, twice the fastest you have ever drove, gliding on a dark starry night and there is nothing around to distract. It’s just trees on both sides swinging with the breeze and there are distant mountains lit by moonlight that move in parallax. No beings in sight and no other vehicle to care about.

Your hair pushed back by the gushing wind that roars gently around your ears and your eyes closes to just soak it all in and blend with your exquisite surrounding. Do you feel it? Do you feel the freedom? I felt it too. like a hot air balloon that snapped the rope tying it down. Like that obscure final scene in movie ‘Birdman‘ where the protagonist jumps out of the window and just fly – a metaphorical expression of being freed.

Advantage of having eidetic memory is the ability to pull up specific instances from the past where you witnessed a similar feeling. Like the one from Peter McKinnon’s vlog where his friend Bobby in car trunk says – ‘I could just lie down here and no one will ever know’ or that scene from the movie ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind‘ where Jim Carrey lying beside Kate on a frozen ground utters – ‘I could die right now…I’m just so happy‘.


Courtesy – https://goo.gl/TMy7GM

Or that ending scene from ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower‘ where Emma Watson’s embracing-moment-with-open-arms is beautifully complimented by ‘We are Infinite‘ background narration.

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Courtesy – https://goo.gl/bhaiV3

In each of these scenarios, one felt an euphoric feeling of having found an eternal happiness. It is as if they were locked within and needed this key of a blissful moment to be unveiled. Nothing else existed. No worldly apprehensions, no weighing attachments. It’s just you trying to make sense of the present. You are bleeding contentment.

To be continued…