An Excerpt From The Letter

That I wrote for you. In hope that you would read it someday and ask for the rest. 

Because nothing beats the meaningful vagueness of a heart-felt letter.

…So I’m sitting in a cab. Pretty much numb. Silent. Unaffected by the annoying traffic noise or the AC that’s giving me chill even in the noon time. My parents are with me at the back. My brother is in front but none of us seems to have much to say.

Just two days ago I met my parents, after months. There were here for my convocation. and I’m leaving them so soon because day after tomorrow I have to report for my job training. I have my train in few hours and they have theirs tomorrow. This silence creates this subconscious ambiance for my thoughts to wander off.

Suddenly I remember to check some of my old stuffs in my old mobile. I have given it to my father now. It’s the same old phone that I had given to your friend once. While going through my files, I came across the song ‘Yun Hi‘ from the movie ‘Tanu Weds Manu‘. It’s still one of my favorites, you know. And it brought back some memories from my initial college days. Things that have meandered off in the memory lane just like many others.

Back in those days, I used to listen to this song a lot. I don’t know what about it that resonated but somewhere it struck the right chord. Probably the lyrics I think. I noted all the other songs from the list as well so that I could download them into my phone later. All those songs were there for a reason. They have been undemanding companion in different phases of my life.

So when I boarded my train and I had nothing else to do than just lie down and wait for the time to pass, I started listening to this song. Just few seconds in and I knew what it is that I was missing. Whenever I used to listen to this song, specially at late night in my silent dorm, I use to picture someone. Someone special, you know, whom I could attribute each of those words of the lyrics. I could never clearly picturize that person. It was always vague.

We don’t really see our imagination perfectly materializing, do we? But we come to associate it with something or someone that really comes close to that imagination. And when I was back in college yesterday, for the convocation, this thought crossed me for the umpteenth time – ‘what’s that still need to be done? Is there anything I’m leaving incomplete?’

At that very moment a picture popped up in my head. The picture of yours. Smiling. No I think it was smirking because you were always with your superior logic before my illogical prompts. Anyway so with the song and this lurking question occupying my thoughts, I could work out the connection quite conveniently.

There could be no one else whom I would dedicate those lyrics to than yourself. You have no idea what you meant to me and when I say this, I talk in a very positive sense. You have always been a huge motivation for me, knowingly or unknowingly. I never had a chance to really be with you, to know you more as a person but from the proximity that I was able to get to, you always stood as a subconscious pillar of eternal support.

May be it was the complimentary nature of our characters that drew me towards you. You are everything that I am not but I wished I had. In fact you are much more than that. And I needed it. So now that I look back and think what’s still left incomplete. It is to say – Thank you! Thanks a lot for being who you are. Thanks for being a significant part of my life which I embrace so dearly. For me, you’re just the perfect and I wish that you achieve whatever you strive for. Be the happiest. All the best…