On A Music Spree

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog post. I hope my valentine had enough time to comprehend my uncomprehended euphoria (if she read it of-course). Anyway, few days after the last post, my midsems started. It went for a week and then I went on a music spree..umm..actually I think I still am.

Prior to that I had posted my long-awaited Evening@IITH video on YouTube. Check it out here –

Yeah so back on the music spree topic because that’s what this post is going to be about. Since I’m reading ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes‘ these days, I would
like to give its account in that style –

You somehow come across a song (YouTube recommendations work wonders sometimes) and you like it a lot. You go on listening to it repeatedly. Though unwillingly, one day you take a leap of faith and try out a different song by the same artist (or probably a different one in the list) and then you say – ‘Whoa! it’s more enthralling than the previous one. You get hooked to it.

You keep on listening until you get fed up of tapping that replay button or probably it doesn’t excite you anymore. Like the previous cases, for the gazillionth time, you think  -“what was there in it in the first place?” Then you find a new one and the cycle repeats.

You didn’t delete the last song because it’s still within the domain of your recent favorites. The songs get cumulated and you keep on making playlists. Your P&C knowledge come in handy here and you try out varied combinations everytime.  

Sometimes old songs make it to the playlist because you think you might have forgotten how it sounded like. Since it was once your favorite, you feel like the old memory being rejuvenated. It’s all being shuffled and played.

You dance, you jump or you sit and ponder – what the hell is this love-hate relationship with these songs? You get tired and you wanna break free but couldn’t because it’s the converse of Stockholm syndrome (Google says its Lima Syndrome but I don’t find its implication here).

Well that sounded nothing like the brilliant work by Sir Conan Doyle. Yeah! well atleast it was not in mundane first person tone. Welcome to the journey inside the mind of a music freak. There’s this usual biological structure and then there are inconspicuous rhythms floating around. I know my friend would strongly disagree with my music taste (and me calling myself a music freak) but thankfully he doesn’t read my blog 😛

It’s the musical valley up there where each external song input stimulates an enigmatic experience. Also there would never be a single genre which you could narrow down your taste to. It highly depends on your mood but I think our resonance frequencies aren’t that well defined. Sometimes an outcast tune might pluck the right string like this song did for me.

On my perpetual journey to find new sources, I’ve come across some wonderful channels, consequently artists, whose work simply amazes me. I would list some of them below so that you could have your own little extravaganza –

SoundCloud – Hands down to this. If you follow the right artists, you will never run out of musical entertainment. Also almost every YouTube channel or indie-composer would have their SoundCloud account, you just need to dig a little bit.

NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) – One of the biggest music labels out there, especially for EDM, deep house type genres (I mostly explore these). They recently reached 10M subscribers.

Spinnin’ Records – Another awesome music label. They had some great hits recently. I found out Lucas & Steve DJ duo here itself.





Tom Rosenthal – Very captivating, serene & thoughtful songs.


Postmodern Jukebox

Trap City 

Majestic Casual

Fueled by Ramen

Amarante Music

All the aforementioned names are music labels which hosts a lot of wonderful artists. I haven’t mentioned any individual besides Tom Rosenthal (as I told, the outcast tune that struck). There are a lot of them producing some great works – cross your finger for the YouTube or Spotify (I still have to try it out) recommendations to let you discover them.

Also these channels really help me in finding music for my videos. Sometimes these music in conjunction with out-of-the-box editing will land you in the viral zone. I would write about this in my next post. Hope you enjoyed this little post on the musical side of mine. Stay tuned. Ciao!


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