Vuja De : Theory of Originals

When you look at the title, the spontaneous thought that crosses your mind is – “This guy have gotten it wrong. Isn’t it déjà vu, a french word for the feeling that something has already happened?“. I totally appreciate your interception but I still stand on the one written there. It’s a philosophy that I follow as a creator. It’s the guiding light on my journey of being an outlier.

I wouldn’t dive into the formal definition, though different webpages seems to offer different versions. Here’s the notion that caught my attention – It’s a feeling when you perceive something familiar in a different way. Having a new perspective for something, you’ve already interacted with, multiple times. Totally opposite of ‘déjà vu‘, isn’t it?

On a quest to produce something original, I’ve embarked on a mission to bring my thoughts into reality. There’s just so many wonderful things that a mind is capable of producing. All we have to do is to be willing to work hard. After all, everything that you see around yourself is someone’s brain-child.

I would like to share some of my works this month to the readers, as I had indicated in my previous posts. It is more like the ‘March 2017 Recap‘ for me (other than regular academic stuffs). So lets dive in and see what interesting stuffs this post has to offer –

A DJ Night Story 

Approaching to the end of our wonderful B.Tech years, it was our last DJ night in college. I thought of making it special. How, you ask? I think writing the whole story would be mere repetition, so I encourage you to read the description of this video as well.

This video gained significant momentum in college and everyone seemed to like it. Some of my friends shared it on social medias. My efforts were appreciated and I was on the receiving end of numerous accolades. After this big hit, it was the time to get into the normal shoe. I tried to work on few other things afterwards but somehow I couldn’t bring them into fruition.

There’s this one suggestion or advice I would like to share with my readers – “If you work tremendously on something, make sure that you finish and bring it to conclusion. Go ahead and put the result out there. Speaking bluntly, no one cares how hard or persistently your tried, if you didn’t bring it into fruition then it’s futile. Don’t throw the ‘either you succeed or you learn’ philosophy because even to fail, you had to put your work out in open in the first place. Don’t leave something mid-way. I have learnt it the hard way. Always finish.”


Much-awaited mid-sem break came afterwards and it was the time to go on an awesome trip to Vizag. Me and my friends had contemplated over several places we could go and after much scrutiny, we zeroed down to this and man, it was refreshing! I thought of writing an entire blog post on my experience there but this time I would let the visuals explain the extravaganza –

I still have clips left for with Ep. 3 but I have a different idea for its execution. It has certain requirements which I have to fulfill & I’m working on it.

Now a days, I’ve been putting out WhatsApp stories daily. For those who don’t know, WhatsApp much like Instagram has integrated a new functionality wherein you can post pictures or videos as your status. It disappears after 24 hours (call it the post acquisition facebook-effect 😛 ) Thus it gives me a platform to regularly practice and showcase my small edits. My lonely evening walks are quite effective in generating new ideas for these videos. As it’s said – best things in life happen to you when you’re alone.

Being original, specially for an artist, is a journey of self-discovery. It’s an opportunity to introspect your thoughts, your will, your desire and in turn, create wonders. It’s not an easy path but certainly a fulfilling one. When you see your own creation being a thing of inspiration for someone else, you realize the power that reside within yourself.

I completely adore this video from one of my favourite artists on YouTube, Peter McKinnon 

I plan to post more of my works in coming days. Hope you enjoyed this little post. Till the next one, keep learning, take inspirations, get inspired and then put in your ‘X’ factor to churn out something you can call your own. Ciao! 🙂


Plunged Into A Quagmire

Numerous times I’ve been apologetic in past few weeks for not posting regularly on my blog. But not so much this time. I think to ensure the quality of the posts, I need to dive deeper into the subject matter I’m going to write about and that needs time. Every blog post here reflects my thoughts, learning and experiences. Even when the posts are work of imagination, the inspiration have been drawn from the real life happenings.

Last few days were spent in sheer contemplation. Hefty ounce of my attentive energy were soaked in those thoughts. Neither I could mindfully be present in my classes, nor was I of much help in meetings. These are the regular chores of mine where I should ensure my involvement but I couldn’t. I was being apprehensive of my own thoughts.

I didn’t stop making art thought. It’s my gateway for escaping the reality. Atleast when I’m lost into the excitement of creation, the former thoughts take a back seat. Just when I’m finished, they swoop right back in. I think they’re necessary evil for creators. They’re the inspirations behind my new ventures while they make me enraged of myself at times. Why am I holding them within while I know the way to get rid of? May be because I’m not sure.

So what these thoughts are about? I would let my diary entry from past few days do the talking –

Call it a life hack or philosophy, there’s a sentence I abide by. It says – ‘Either act or forget.’ Simple, isn’t it? So when I had this spectacular view of an ocean before me and a wondrous cheerful city on the back. When all my friends were in joyous mood and I had every reason to be the same, I felt bound. There was a thought that gripped me from fully en-living all this – the thought of you. When the subconscious feelings of one thing overshadows all the rest then you know, there’s something which has come to be of more importance. I needed to deal with it first and that’s what I did. 

When you’re on the receiver’s end of numerous accolades, yet you crave for that one validation then you should know that someone has come to be of more prominence. I had to do everything to seek it and that I did. 

You know how I’ve always explored the realm of conscious decisions, sometimes this heart wants to try out the triviality of life. Just enjoy the uncertainty of the happenings. Just experience the excitement of totally being in the present. I don’t want to even think about the consequences. What’s more important for me is to act.

All these may seem pretty vague. Heck, its even hazy for me too. But my helplessness is disguised in that obscurity itself. As I said – I’m not sure. I did put in my efforts but I doubt if they were rightly channelized. Sometimes when I reflect upon the wondrous moments of past, a part of me says – “shed away these apprehensions. Take the step. Just one more time. You need not overthink. The story still resides within you. What about the selflessness and doing everything irrespective of reciprocation. ” 

While the other part says – “enough on your side. You’ve done what you were supposed to.” And then this quote echoes in mind – “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.” And I’m left hanging between the fights of my own two sides. Somehow the latter have the dominance or may be I’m not sure about the former.

Let me know in comments if you’ve ever been in similar circumstances and how did you freed yourself of your thoughts. How far would you go to make someone realize what they mean to you? Where do you draw the line between desire & self-respect? Are you the one who waits or the one who act without second thoughts? Till the next post, ciao!

A Man Of Values

A man of will,

Of hard work & determination,

Of perseverance & empathy,

Of love & compassion,

Of creativity & imagination,

And being passionately curious.

One line that governs them all –

Passion is in the risk.

A big happy birthday to myself & my lovely nephew. 

And yeah Happy Holi everyone! 

Author’s Note – A really short post because I’m currently on a trip. So I don’t have proper net connection (I’m using a restaurant’s Wi-Fi 😛 ) and the time for formatting. Will do it once I go back to college. 

On A Music Spree

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog post. I hope my valentine had enough time to comprehend my uncomprehended euphoria (if she read it of-course). Anyway, few days after the last post, my midsems started. It went for a week and then I went on a music spree..umm..actually I think I still am.

Prior to that I had posted my long-awaited Evening@IITH video on YouTube. Check it out here –

Yeah so back on the music spree topic because that’s what this post is going to be about. Since I’m reading ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes‘ these days, I would
like to give its account in that style –

You somehow come across a song (YouTube recommendations work wonders sometimes) and you like it a lot. You go on listening to it repeatedly. Though unwillingly, one day you take a leap of faith and try out a different song by the same artist (or probably a different one in the list) and then you say – ‘Whoa! it’s more enthralling than the previous one. You get hooked to it.

You keep on listening until you get fed up of tapping that replay button or probably it doesn’t excite you anymore. Like the previous cases, for the gazillionth time, you think  -“what was there in it in the first place?” Then you find a new one and the cycle repeats.

You didn’t delete the last song because it’s still within the domain of your recent favorites. The songs get cumulated and you keep on making playlists. Your P&C knowledge come in handy here and you try out varied combinations everytime.  

Sometimes old songs make it to the playlist because you think you might have forgotten how it sounded like. Since it was once your favorite, you feel like the old memory being rejuvenated. It’s all being shuffled and played.

You dance, you jump or you sit and ponder – what the hell is this love-hate relationship with these songs? You get tired and you wanna break free but couldn’t because it’s the converse of Stockholm syndrome (Google says its Lima Syndrome but I don’t find its implication here).

Well that sounded nothing like the brilliant work by Sir Conan Doyle. Yeah! well atleast it was not in mundane first person tone. Welcome to the journey inside the mind of a music freak. There’s this usual biological structure and then there are inconspicuous rhythms floating around. I know my friend would strongly disagree with my music taste (and me calling myself a music freak) but thankfully he doesn’t read my blog 😛

It’s the musical valley up there where each external song input stimulates an enigmatic experience. Also there would never be a single genre which you could narrow down your taste to. It highly depends on your mood but I think our resonance frequencies aren’t that well defined. Sometimes an outcast tune might pluck the right string like this song did for me.

On my perpetual journey to find new sources, I’ve come across some wonderful channels, consequently artists, whose work simply amazes me. I would list some of them below so that you could have your own little extravaganza –

SoundCloud – Hands down to this. If you follow the right artists, you will never run out of musical entertainment. Also almost every YouTube channel or indie-composer would have their SoundCloud account, you just need to dig a little bit.

NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) – One of the biggest music labels out there, especially for EDM, deep house type genres (I mostly explore these). They recently reached 10M subscribers.

Spinnin’ Records – Another awesome music label. They had some great hits recently. I found out Lucas & Steve DJ duo here itself.





Tom Rosenthal – Very captivating, serene & thoughtful songs.


Postmodern Jukebox

Trap City 

Majestic Casual

Fueled by Ramen

Amarante Music

All the aforementioned names are music labels which hosts a lot of wonderful artists. I haven’t mentioned any individual besides Tom Rosenthal (as I told, the outcast tune that struck). There are a lot of them producing some great works – cross your finger for the YouTube or Spotify (I still have to try it out) recommendations to let you discover them.

Also these channels really help me in finding music for my videos. Sometimes these music in conjunction with out-of-the-box editing will land you in the viral zone. I would write about this in my next post. Hope you enjoyed this little post on the musical side of mine. Stay tuned. Ciao!