The Post-it Note

Feels like I’m forgetting something!” – thought my weary mind.

At times when I’m alone, which is mostly the case, I stumble upon random thoughts. Blankly staring at the void, I keep rephrasing that ideas that knock on my cognitive door. I would mumble to satiate my opinionated self. Like the other day I was thinking –

How shallow people’s perceptions are and it irks me. I’m constantly being chased to be bitten but my participation to this race is totally involuntary. 

The aforementioned sentence would’ve made more sense if given the context but in such restless times when I would toil to be poetic like this –

There’s something out of sight,

That’s pinching me hard upright;

Is it the expression I failed to comprehend?

Or is it the tone I didn’t understand?

I might have overlooked things in due stress,

Whatever that might be, now I feel restless.

I would read that and say – “Wow! it came out worse than I thought”.

Then I would go back, play with the alignments and permutations of old and new entities. When my creative grey cells drift towards the extremes, I strive to restore the tint.  So that’s about fumbling with notions in solitude.


When in luck I get company, I invoke the story hidden underneath. What’s up with them? What was happening with my friends when I was reaping the solitary crop? And most of the times, it’s more than what I had expected. If you make people comfortable around you, your persona will seek what they would be willing to share. In the retrospect, it gives a whole new direction to my thought process.

It’s always good to be surrounded by people who are smarter than you. You learn so much. You get fresh new perspective on things which you’ve been doing for years. When in such circumstances, I ponder – why didn’t I think of it in the first place?

Feeling of slight discomfort (I fall short of better word) is totally humane. But you should be careful enough not to let  your competitiveness overshadow this opportunity for learning. I should and must become a perpetual learner.


Establishing synergy between my solitude and companionship is my way through. I know this blog post seems as vague to you as it does to me. But I feel the essence is there in that very incoherence. It’s my creative ride I’m surfing on. Casey Neistat says – “If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re doing it wrong“. And there it goes on my post-it note.



5 thoughts on “The Post-it Note

  1. Your last paragraph especially resonated within me. The idea that thoughts can be vague but then beneath all of the vagueness, there’s something that is so true, that tugs at your mind and stands out from everything else. It’s hard to explain, but I think you captured that very well.

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