In The Midst Of Darkness, Light Persists

Dear brother,

Happy birthday!

It’s been more than a year that I saw you. Nevertheless, I believe my occasional conversations compensated for my tactile presence. Now that you sail from the verge of teen to the sea of youth, be prepared to face the gushing wind which whirls the weak. I believe it’s my moral responsibility to enlighten you with some inconspicuous wisdom whose power will fuel your journey. I derive these from my own personal experiences.

If you want to be happy, be it truly. It’s not obligatory to falsely testify your wrongdoings just so you feel contempt. Be happy when you’re satisfied by your effort irrespective of the result. Don’t let the situation affect you. It might not be the perfect time when you reap the fruits. In that case, don’t be restless. Just hang in there, doing your part.

The problem starts when you begin comparing yourself with others. Be contempt with what you truly are. Be the best version of yourself because you’re unique in an indefinable way. Preserve & persevere through your existential identity. The key to true happiness is not to let the bad weigh you down but rather let the good lift you up.

Be in the company that enhances your persona. Your presence should be valued not because of the materialistic benefits you bring but your invaluable input that strengthens the bonding. It’s what you should care for.

Move on, walk and run form the suckers of serendipity. Carve your way to the destination of learning. Knowledge triumphs over evil. Will triumphs in the time of adversities. Though serenity cradles in the lap of solace, it’s the company that teaches you how to walk.

Think about those who resolutely stand behind you. Be bold & take firm steps, whose success they would be proud to see. People who truly care for you will always be there for you. You character should flourish in their presence.

Happiness prevails when you believe in yourself and truth be told, it’s the best place you can lay your trust on. Highs & lows are inevitable. Don’t let the effect of later persist for long. In your dark times, cling onto the hopes the former holds.

Nothing is permanent. Construction & destruction are the nature’s ways to weed out the undeserved. Embrace the change. Adapt to the demand for survival, keeping your true self at the core. In dire circumstances, keep your values intact.

…in the midst of death life persists, in the midst of untruth truth persists, in the midst of darkness light persists.

When you feel like getting sucked into the abysmal distress, take it as just another drill. It happens to everyone at some point of time. Every great people have gone through the period of uncertainty. It’s an exercise to bring out the undefiable strength you possess. Don’t ever let the adversities bring down your worth.

Most importantly never underestimate the power of denial. In contrast, never hide your true interest in order to fit in. It’s perfectly fine to be different. When world perceive you as an eccentric, just remember it’s the outliers who possess the power to change the world. Do whatever you truly enjoy doing. Never be hesitant in admitting it either.

Hard work beats talent anyday. Every great thing started with something small or nothing at all – from scratch. Drop by drop, brick by brick, ink by ink, they now stand as masterpiece. They’re the epitomes of human determination.

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Also when in the course of your endeavor, you feel lost, read. Read anything and everything because somewhere in those words lies the key to wonderland. It’s magical how a simple permutations of word (or more precisely letters) can hold the secret treasure that we search in more tangible form. But to feel that magic, you would have to comprehend. You would have to believe in its existence.

Never refrain yourself from exploring the field of art. And never be convinced about its very domain. It’s vast & eternal. One day you might create something never built before. Creation of anything holds an inexplicable power in itself. Make things for the joy of making.

I hope these words gives your the strength to build a better future. Keep smiling 🙂

Your elder brother,



5 thoughts on “In The Midst Of Darkness, Light Persists

    • Thanks Manpreet! 🙂 I had come across a quote by Mahatma Gandhi pertaining to the title and it was so impactful. I found my thoughts resonating with those words and hence the name. I would convey your greeting to him 🙂

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