The One On The Christmas Eve

Listening to the accordion tune,

Gazing at those festive lights,

Winter chill and feeble cheering

Here I was sitting inside;

But then something happened

And took this ambience by storm;

Clad in red and white attire, hohoing…

Suddenly there was Santa in my dorm;


None was the plan

Except to read and sleep,

After eating the boring mess food,

I would’ve watched the old Christmas clip;

But then he came & cheered me up

And brought with him a lot of gifts –

Small, big, square and every other form

Hey o listen! there’s Santa in my dorm;


Like an ordinary day

I would’ve randomly searched the web,

Smiling at this or laughing at that

Or I would’ve written a poem,

In the reminiscence of no one

But now I don’t have to do any of that

There are songs to sing & glasses to raise,

Festive feast, decorations and others to prep;

The night is set to dance like crazy,

As if not to follow any norm

Because that’s right people,

There’s Santa in my dorm…🎅


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