Differences Aligned

“I didn’t even say that. Where did you get that from?”

“Well that’s where you were going. Isn’t it?”

“No. Not at all.”

And that’s the common scenario whenever I have a discussion with my friend. But it’s just half of the story. After few moments of vocabulary laden, multiple clauses sentences –

“I think we both are right. It’s just that our domains of consideration are different. I was being careful with my words, you know.”

A methodical debate is mentally simulating. It’s a platform where you get to showcase your knowledge but with a twist of logic. This excitement of putting forth my ideas to people who would challenge my notion, led me to join the debate club.

It was in 5th semester. By that time I had explored almost all the other clubs or atleast was aware of their functioning. I had made up my mind not to join the ones which fall in later category. The sessions kicked off and we met quite a few times. But it couldn’t be held regularly owning to multiple reasons. I didn’t really get to participate in any competition outside the college. Anyways I still attend sessions whenever my schedule allows.


This post is entirely entitled to my friend whom I regularly have my arguments with. I love those intellectual discussions. It’s quite hard to find people who would disagree with you and tell it on your face. This honesty of his ensures the transparency of our bonding. As the human nature would be, we both start defending our sides and it would go on for hours.

As you would know, most of the discussions we have among friends are futile. There isn’t any conclusion and it just doesn’t make sense. Even then it goes on because these conversation are rarely held in sanity. But there are few which exercises your grey cells. They make your reconsider your notions and beliefs. The make you look into your flaws.


Still from my early morning shoot

Having a completely rational thought is almost impossible but these are the times when you tend to minimize your deviation. Just the other day, we were talking about music. Point to note here is that we both sits at opposite ends of spectrum regarding our taste. I have never heard of the bands or songs that he listens to and vice versa. As you would know in later paragraphs that this mutual exclusiveness of ours goes for other things too.

Now he makes me listen to a song, sung in a language that neither of us understand. And then he says it’s the best song that he has ever heard. Well I do understand that music transcends the comprehension barrier but the intensity of your liking will certainly shoot up if you can understand the piece as well. I couldn’t take it. So I blurted out my opinion. The argument commenced and went on for about an hour.

We both grow little impatient sometimes. We get so blinded defending our own beliefs that we refuse to hear what the other side has to say. Fact might be that we both were right in our respective places and weren’t crossing each other’s paths in any way.

He is a hardcore atheist. Often he tries to pull me on the non-believer side by giving all sorts of explanation. Once he messaged me a video that discusses humanity and god at 3 o’clock in the morning, asking my opinion on it. I was awake at that hour. I watched the video and texted him back –

The atheist was very logical in his explanation throughout. The theists started out correctly but turned against each other as their differences kicked in. Being a theist, the I think of god as a concept which I attach my hopes with. Every human needs a mental strength to overcome obstacles and god, for me, is someone who holds my optimism along with my efforts. I don’t get into such matters of proclaiming why a particular deity, regarded as god in a particular religion, is better than others worshiped elsewhere. I keep my opinions to myself. Now as you’re associated to a culture, you tend to regard a humanly figure to closely resemble to the concept of god. This is triggered by folklore and practices of that culture – what we call holy scriptures. When you remind of a character or concept, you tend to bind that with a person to better realize it. The same is the case with me.

Then he goes like –

So basically what majority of the society calls god, doesn’t exist for you as well?

And I say –

I don’t say that god doesn’t exist. For me it’s a concept that I believe to be true. More like an axiom. I go on to build theorems knowing that having these axioms by my side is secure.

This goes on for several minutes but at the end we agree to disagree. After numerous such instances, my takeaway from all this is just to accept the differences. Align the differences – as I call it. But this doesn’t happen (and it shouldn’t) unless I have negotiated with the proposed logic. I accept that I am not being in the same shoe, so the perspective might vary.

Now as an artist, this is a huge lesson to learn. You can’t please everyone and it’s ok. There will always be people who differs from your viewpoint. Though I despise anyone being a cre-hater, everyone holding the same stand as yours is a rarity. Instead you should know how to acknowledge that.

Author’s Note – There are many such subtle topics I think about. I do write them usually. Ironically I don’t publish those contents because of having less contents. I like to thoroughly think and research about the topic before I start putting the pieces together.

Many a times, I have kept myself hanging even though I had the topic in mind long ago. Somehow I come across materials at weird places that fits in, either because of my subconscious observations or continuous thinking.

I do encourage my readers to participate in healthy discussions. Sometimes it would unleash your shortcomings and you would learn to accept the right. While at others, it would consolidate your stand. Either way you would learn how to align the differences with the channel of self-improvement.

Hope you enjoyed this topic. Let me know in the comments if you would like to read more of such remnants. Have a happy holiday season! Peace ✌️


3 thoughts on “Differences Aligned

  1. It’s like what good is to a stomach , a debate is to a mind on its to enlightenment .
    The debates pull out knowledge from extreme and those with the most opposing one pulls you to your best .
    I enjoy them too , something challrnging your intellect .
    Lovely put ..

    Liked by 1 person

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