[Year In Review] Best shots & Best Reads 2016

“When I kept on capturing the snapshots, I saw a story evolving in them. The story of my progress.”

In the beginning of this year, I had a smartphone in my hands and the usual life mysteries about to unveil ahead. All I had to do was to combine the power of two. This is a look-back on this journey of creating memories, for years to remember.

This was the year when I delved into the technicalities of photography. I practiced it religiously, though with my smartphone. I finally started understanding how could a seemingly mundane scene could be made to look interesting with proper composition, lighting and tweaking with a bunch of camera parameters. With everything being set properly, you were bound to get the best result. But there were magic moments at core that made those photographs stand out.

Throughout the year I shared many of my snapshots through my blog posts. You can find them in Photography category. Here are few of my unpublished ones which I find equally endearing –


This is how we were wished for new year at a nearby Govt. school. We had gone there for our regular teaching as a part of our NSS (National Service Scheme) program. I missed teaching those children this year as I couldn’t be regular. I can still vividly remember the innocent smiles on their faces.


Engineer at work. This picture was taken when we were preparing for Inter-IIT Tech Meet. Here’s my friend courageously working with the cutting machine. I’m particularly afraid of operating them (which I shouldn’t). I ensure my full safety first. The funny thing is, he was quite habituated to doing this, having worked in BAJA-SAE for a year. So you see, it wasn’t a big deal for him.



I really like silhouette composition and played with it a lot this year. Both of these shots were taken in a running bus – one while commuting back to ODF (old) campus and the other on my way to Pondicherry.


One of the many selfies I took on the last day of my UoT-IITH i.school workshop. The reason of posting this one is the beautiful smile of my Japanese colleague. Enough said.


A memorable trip to the nearby ocean park with my classmates. Quite an adventurous one I would say. Well while in a group, you rarely find any time to take a selfie. And when you finally do, why not? And that too with an interesting tree at the back.

Hey! who’s that photo-bombing guy?


Another one from my Pondicherry trip. I really liked the streets there, specially the wall-colors. My friend requested me to take his loner photo. I wonder if he ever put this as his profile picture. By the way, there is a vast sea on the other side. If only I could’ve turned the camera around but the picture is stagnant 😛

While in Bangalore. The first one is from Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum whose ground floor, by the way, is a paradise for Mechanical Engineering students.

One of the most wonderful things in Bangalore was my visit to book stores. I was able to finish a book at one go and I did it twice. Once in a mall and the other at a proper book store in MG Road. Both the places were really peaceful. The best part, we were even offered coffee at the book store, free of cost, for reading the books for free – wow! Something that I hadn’t encountered before.

img_20160529_200704Sometimes the surprises really surprize you. I mean really. While roaming around Bangalore one day, we found ourselves nearby Chinnaswamy stadium. We (me & my friend) were totally unaware of what was coming next. It was just crowd and the commotion for us which seem unusual. The surprize – it was the IPL final.

Well we aren’t a big fan of cricket anyway 😛

img_20160605_123438Bangalore Palace. On the last day of our stay there, we decided to go somewhere famous. This one came up on the list. Google Maps was once again a savior and we fortunately reached the palace and returned back on time.


We learn a lot from our teachers but sadly our personal interactions gets limited, specially in college. This professor of mine draws art attributed to the growing years of his little son. He told that he starts his day with a drawing – what a perfect motivation to keep you going!

It was a palpable feeling of emotion knowing the personal side of my professor. This picture was taken when I was taking design classes for CHE. I reached my class early and found my professor sketching something on paper. I asked and he told. I was dazed. I’m really grateful to my Design Innovation Thinking classes without which I would have missed a lot of wonderful takeaways.


Just a candid shot with nothing planned. Me and my friends were returning from mess after having evening snacks. I just told them to keep walking. I went ahead, lowered a bit and took this photo. Everyone liked the way it came out. A month later, my friend posted it on Facebook. Thanks for the credit my friend 😛


The first one in the series of ‘Campus Collection‘. It was our way to the workshop in the old campus. Quite a greenery it has.

[Rule #e] If you’re in a hurry but the weather seems to be perfect for a quick snap, you gotta do it.


One from my early morning shoot. Taken from my room, the buildings looked magnificent against a tinted background and the sunlight from the lateral front. One of the many benefits of doing nightouts – well waking up that early for a picture, sounds too unfavorable a deal. I belong to nocturnal human species.


A closer look to the background I talked about. It was taken from another hostel block while I was returning from my friend’s room. Usually this vast empty stretch seem mundane but that day it was set up to get captured. Who was I to stop the nature’s call?

We must have come across those aurora borealis desktop wallpapers, haven’t we? Those are quite fascinating. But what if you get to see your own version here in the campus itself. These photographs were taken during my evening walks. One can’t help but admire the colors in these photographs.






All the above four pictures were taken on the same day, probably the most fruitful day for my photography. They show the passage of time when it goes dark in the campus. See how the colors fight a bout for dominance. That’s our academic building, if you may have asked.


[Rule #pi] – Always be on a look for inspirations because you never know what wonders get captured through the lenses. This was taken from a moving car while I was coming back from the city. Surprisingly it doesn’t show any motion blur.


A still from my latest morning shoot taken from the uppermost floor of my hostel building. Shh…nobody knows I was there! I hope you checked out my morning shoot. No? Here you go –



Internet is full of fascinating things. If it’s a pictures or short para, I usually take screenshots. Here’s the one from tens of screenshots I have in my phone – a wonderful message for the artists.

Reading List 2016

Reading has a tremendous impact over my learning. It has been an integral part of my daily activity and this year I worked really hard to transform myself as an avid reader. In 2016, I read innumerable articles, blog posts, Q/A forums like Quora and many more informative rants from tons of sources, part of which I talked about in this post.

But still reading books seems substantial. Intuitively it feels like something we can count on. So without further ado, let’s jump onto the reading list –

  1. The Harry Potter Series

Image result for harry potter series books

I think a little backstory is needed to convince why it’s so special to me. For majority of my childhood and teenage years, I couldn’t get a chance to read books outside of my domain. I had a small library in my home which consisted of mostly textbooks of ours or my elder cousins. My father always insisted on studying but all of this was focused on me performing well in exams. I wish someone would’ve given me novels to read that time.

Anyway, after coming to college, I finally had a smartphone and internet connection. I had few peers who had been avid reader themselves. I borrowed their books and started reading them. Gradually I got hooked to novels and that’s how my reading list grew. Now as most of the kids, I grew up watching Harry Potter movies on TV (mostly in Hindi). They were amazing but I couldn’t have guessed that books would be even more wonderful.

There’s more magic in the books than movies can ever contain. It’s the magic of extensivity. I hadn’t seen the last two movies and I’m glad that I didn’t. After reading the books, I understood that there were so many things that weren’t covered or were altered to shoot the movie better. I understand that movies usually hold visual descriptions yet it doesn’t stand anywhere near to what’s contained in the book. It was the perfect start of the year. Once I picked up the first one, the spree continued and I couldn’t stop until I had finished the entire series.

  1. The One-Go Books – As I mentioned above, there were few books that I finished in one go. They were comparatively shorter reads spanning to max. 200 pages. 2 of them were in Bangalore itself. Once I went to the mall’s book section and picked up the book that has just arrived – Super 30.

Based on the life of real-life superhero ‘Anand Kumar‘ who despite all odds, went on to become mathematics aficionado and established one of the most celebrated JEE coaching institute in India – Super 30. I have grown up listening to the success stories of this institution but I never knew the full story. This book uncovered many of the mysteries of his life and the vision he possesses. It was an inspiring read. Rather than my determination, it was the content that kept me hooked & I couldn’t keep it down even in the hustling mall ambiance.

The next one was ‘The Mathematics of Love: Patterns, Proof and the Search for the Ultimate Equation‘. What an incredible read it was. It’s funny how geekiness peaks in to express a philosophical topic (of love) as a physical phenomenon described by equations. Yes this book indeed contain formula & equations and you should read it for the fun of how they were derived.

The last book in this series was George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

  1. The category called ‘humor‘ – I enjoy reading humor but I struggle writing them myself. This is something that I’ll definitely work on next year. The books in this categories are –

What’s It All About Charlie Brown – Clearly the winner in humor category. It’s shown to be the least popular in my Goodreads list because very few people have read it. But I would definitely recommend to give it a read.

There’s A Boy In The Girl’s Bathroom – I still remember the look the lady librarian gave me when I was checking out of the library 😛 You should read it to find out what’s behind the title.

Wayside School Is Falling Down – Another fun-filled book by Louis Sachar but higher in peculiarity coefficient than the previous one.

  1. Other fictionsTo Kill A Mockingbird,  The Home and the World, The Last Detective, The Hobbit

  2. MotivationalScrew It, Let’s Do It.

  3. Carry on books (reviews to follow) – There were few books that I started reading but didn’t complete for some reasons. They are –

The fellowship of the Ring (The lord of the Rings #1)

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (I haven’t seen the movie either)

The Lean Startup 

I have linked my reviews above. Just click on the titles. Also if you want to know what books I have recently read, look for the Goodreads widget on the right side of my blog (only visible on desktop). Or you can follow me on Goodreads here – Chandan Sinha Goodreads.

I hope to read a lot more exciting books next year. Till then take care & keep reading. Ciao from Divine_Lifez 2016. See you in 2017. Have a great new year 🙂




The One On The Christmas Eve

Listening to the accordion tune,

Gazing at those festive lights,

Winter chill and feeble cheering

Here I was sitting inside;

But then something happened

And took this ambience by storm;

Clad in red and white attire, hohoing…

Suddenly there was Santa in my dorm;


None was the plan

Except to read and sleep,

After eating the boring mess food,

I would’ve watched the old Christmas clip;

But then he came & cheered me up

And brought with him a lot of gifts –

Small, big, square and every other form

Hey o listen! there’s Santa in my dorm;


Like an ordinary day

I would’ve randomly searched the web,

Smiling at this or laughing at that

Or I would’ve written a poem,

In the reminiscence of no one

But now I don’t have to do any of that

There are songs to sing & glasses to raise,

Festive feast, decorations and others to prep;

The night is set to dance like crazy,

As if not to follow any norm

Because that’s right people,

There’s Santa in my dorm…🎅

Differences Aligned

“I didn’t even say that. Where did you get that from?”

“Well that’s where you were going. Isn’t it?”

“No. Not at all.”

And that’s the common scenario whenever I have a discussion with my friend. But it’s just half of the story. After few moments of vocabulary laden, multiple clauses sentences –

“I think we both are right. It’s just that our domains of consideration are different. I was being careful with my words, you know.”

A methodical debate is mentally simulating. It’s a platform where you get to showcase your knowledge but with a twist of logic. This excitement of putting forth my ideas to people who would challenge my notion, led me to join the debate club.

It was in 5th semester. By that time I had explored almost all the other clubs or atleast was aware of their functioning. I had made up my mind not to join the ones which fall in later category. The sessions kicked off and we met quite a few times. But it couldn’t be held regularly owning to multiple reasons. I didn’t really get to participate in any competition outside the college. Anyways I still attend sessions whenever my schedule allows.


This post is entirely entitled to my friend whom I regularly have my arguments with. I love those intellectual discussions. It’s quite hard to find people who would disagree with you and tell it on your face. This honesty of his ensures the transparency of our bonding. As the human nature would be, we both start defending our sides and it would go on for hours.

As you would know, most of the discussions we have among friends are futile. There isn’t any conclusion and it just doesn’t make sense. Even then it goes on because these conversation are rarely held in sanity. But there are few which exercises your grey cells. They make your reconsider your notions and beliefs. The make you look into your flaws.


Still from my early morning shoot

Having a completely rational thought is almost impossible but these are the times when you tend to minimize your deviation. Just the other day, we were talking about music. Point to note here is that we both sits at opposite ends of spectrum regarding our taste. I have never heard of the bands or songs that he listens to and vice versa. As you would know in later paragraphs that this mutual exclusiveness of ours goes for other things too.

Now he makes me listen to a song, sung in a language that neither of us understand. And then he says it’s the best song that he has ever heard. Well I do understand that music transcends the comprehension barrier but the intensity of your liking will certainly shoot up if you can understand the piece as well. I couldn’t take it. So I blurted out my opinion. The argument commenced and went on for about an hour.

We both grow little impatient sometimes. We get so blinded defending our own beliefs that we refuse to hear what the other side has to say. Fact might be that we both were right in our respective places and weren’t crossing each other’s paths in any way.

He is a hardcore atheist. Often he tries to pull me on the non-believer side by giving all sorts of explanation. Once he messaged me a video that discusses humanity and god at 3 o’clock in the morning, asking my opinion on it. I was awake at that hour. I watched the video and texted him back –

The atheist was very logical in his explanation throughout. The theists started out correctly but turned against each other as their differences kicked in. Being a theist, the I think of god as a concept which I attach my hopes with. Every human needs a mental strength to overcome obstacles and god, for me, is someone who holds my optimism along with my efforts. I don’t get into such matters of proclaiming why a particular deity, regarded as god in a particular religion, is better than others worshiped elsewhere. I keep my opinions to myself. Now as you’re associated to a culture, you tend to regard a humanly figure to closely resemble to the concept of god. This is triggered by folklore and practices of that culture – what we call holy scriptures. When you remind of a character or concept, you tend to bind that with a person to better realize it. The same is the case with me.

Then he goes like –

So basically what majority of the society calls god, doesn’t exist for you as well?

And I say –

I don’t say that god doesn’t exist. For me it’s a concept that I believe to be true. More like an axiom. I go on to build theorems knowing that having these axioms by my side is secure.

This goes on for several minutes but at the end we agree to disagree. After numerous such instances, my takeaway from all this is just to accept the differences. Align the differences – as I call it. But this doesn’t happen (and it shouldn’t) unless I have negotiated with the proposed logic. I accept that I am not being in the same shoe, so the perspective might vary.

Now as an artist, this is a huge lesson to learn. You can’t please everyone and it’s ok. There will always be people who differs from your viewpoint. Though I despise anyone being a cre-hater, everyone holding the same stand as yours is a rarity. Instead you should know how to acknowledge that.

Author’s Note – There are many such subtle topics I think about. I do write them usually. Ironically I don’t publish those contents because of having less contents. I like to thoroughly think and research about the topic before I start putting the pieces together.

Many a times, I have kept myself hanging even though I had the topic in mind long ago. Somehow I come across materials at weird places that fits in, either because of my subconscious observations or continuous thinking.

I do encourage my readers to participate in healthy discussions. Sometimes it would unleash your shortcomings and you would learn to accept the right. While at others, it would consolidate your stand. Either way you would learn how to align the differences with the channel of self-improvement.

Hope you enjoyed this topic. Let me know in the comments if you would like to read more of such remnants. Have a happy holiday season! Peace ✌️

Something That Pinched Me Hard

I don’t generally share private stories on my blog unless it’s about my personal learning. But this one I want to. Yesterday I had a placement interview for one of the PSUs – HPCL.

The company had two rounds for selection – Group Task and Personal Interview. Prior to that the students were shortlisted based on CGPA and category – Go ahead India! Well done on the reservation policy here as well. Fortunately I had made it to their extended list. Anyway I qualified GT and was among final 6 students selected in General category for the interview.

In the interview they asked me trivial HR questions – what are my strengths and weaknesses? who’s your idol? etc. But as the interview proceeded, they got more & more interested in my answers.

I read a lot. And this habit of mine had showered me with knowledge which others are devoid of. It was quite evident in my answers. I was able to cite examples and conclusions from the things I have read. Furthermore, reading had taught me the life values which one ought to respect.

They asked – what do I value the most in my life?

My answer was ‘empathy‘. I told them no matter how talented you’re, how hard you work and how much talent you possess, if you don’t have empathy you won’t be successful. When you put your emotion into work, the result of your effort transcends expectations.

Then they asked- what have I learnt from my mother?

I have told them earlier that I value my parents a lot. It’s their unconditional support that makes me the person I’m today.

As I write here – my mother is one of the strongest person I’ve ever known. Sometimes my father looses temper and finds himself battling with dire circumstances. I come from a humble lower middle class family. Like many others, I have seen struggles quite closely. I had a tough childhood and that has taught me to value every little thing in life. But more than that I’ve seen my mother fighting with scarcities, taking prudent decisions, maintaining herself calm during difficulties to strengthen the entire family.

Also I have been taught to learn things from heart. My mother can recite poems from her first grade even after forty years. Why? Call it a good memory but I think it’s because whatever she learnt, she enjoyed it. A simple village girl who was bestowed with family responsibilities quite early in her life, getting education was a priviledge and she respected that. She also took interest in our text books and recalls stories better than us.

I told about all this to them. Then they moved onto technical things starting from what softwares do I use for editing my movies and what languages have I used in web development. Then about the camera equipments I am building and other product designing projects. All my explanations, my projects, my past works gave a clear indication of being a creator. Also I had told them that creativity is my biggest strength and I like to work on innovation things. Things that involves my original thinking & effort.

During the interview,  one of the officials (the one who asked me about the technical things) told humbly that your profile is quite good and well above than what this job demands. They didn’t have any product development profile per se and were just looking for someone to manage things at site. I don’t know how but my enthusiasm spoke for itself. He later added that I should go ahead and do something on my own rather than coming for this job.

I valued his points. He certainly knew that this company is not the best place where my talent would be vested in. But I told them that I am just starting out on my career and gaining experience of any type would certainly be an advantage. I was flexible to all the conditions they put forward and replied affirmatively.

After 40+ minutes of the interview, they finally put it to end and asked me if I would like to ask them anything. I asked – why is HPCL still a Navratna company and not Maharatna even after 42 years of its inception? They told me about the fluctuating oil prices and certain profit mark that you need to exceed in order to be classified as Maharatna by the Govt. of India. Also one of the officials added that they’re constantly working for it.

My next question was about the job profile because they hadn’t clarified it earlier. I just knew that it’s sort of a management job and I would be posted as ‘Officer‘ in any of their outlets. It can be aviation refueling, production pipelines, LPG, refineries, sale/marketing, etc.

My interview was probably the longest compared to all the shortlisted candidates. It was an overall pleasant experience. After the interview I knew that the only thing that can stop me from getting this job is my profile. Even though I didn’t tell about it explicitly, they could sense my zeal to do something different. It may give away the vibe that I might not stick to the company.

Govt. companies want employees that can stick around forever. Someone who would start and end their career in that company itself. This doesn’t align with my aspiration. The only reason I was sitting for such companies was my father. While in the first one I had told them on face that I wasn’t interested (apparently the 3 years bond had further fueled the courage), in this one I tried hard to match the yeses because he told me to.

Well after hours of scrutinizing and paper works, they announced the result. As expected I wasn’t shortlisted. But interestingly they put me in the wait-list. “These candidates“, as told by the HR, “would be called if the need for suitable profile arises or anything unforeseen happens along“. Clearly I’m not going to join that company in any scenario.

It obviously felt bad but I was happy within that this choice was checked off. I got reminded of a meme I had read few days back – “life is too short to get stuck in a wrong job“. Now was the time to face my parents and told them what has happened.

Image result for life is too short to get stuck in a wrong job

I have told my mother about the company few days back but I hadn’t told her the date this company was visiting for placements. My father called in the evening. I told him that I wasn’t shortlisted and what might be the probable reasons. I explained my entire interview to him. But the conversation took a turn that I hadn’t expected ever.

He blamed me instead, for all this fiasco. He told, I must have screwed up. He thought, I must have come out over-confident about my abilities. And he also suspected that I must be ineligible for the position. I was annoyed to brim but I maintained myself calm. It was because of him that I sat for the interview. It was because of him that I put aside all my aspirations and said yes to their conditions on posting – division, location, salary – everything. But now I was being blamed. I was being scolded for being better for a Govt. job.

My father accused me of doing things that any child would aspire for. I asked him – “so all my efforts, all my hard work and everything that I have done since my childhood boils down to getting a placement and that too in a company that doesn’t even value my talent?“. He said yes. He thinks getting a govt. job is the highest form of my worth.

So that was it. When I needed his support the most, my father turned his face. He has dreamed of his son getting settled in a Govt. job after graduating from IIT. He has envisioned me to the best rat participating in this rat race. I told him “sorry papa! I couldn’t be the son you expected“. That was the sentence I have never even dreamed of saying. Now it was there, in front of me.

I talked to my mother later and explained everything to her. She took it calmly and said nothing more than just okay and study for the next company.

The conversation was ended. I sat on my bed and a stream of tears ran down my eyes. I was shattered to the core. I have fought with my parents before but those were more of childhood rebellion. Now as a grown up who knows the importance of humility, who feels the power of knowledge and who envision to pursue his dream, this broke me. I couldn’t control the turbulence of emotion rising within. I vented out.

So what’s now?

It’s the time that I prove my worth. Now that I have experienced the worst, it’s a chance to work with refueled vigor. I hold my parents of highest regard and my family would always be my first priority. But now I don’t have any insecurities of mine. I’m not answerable to certain things that were holding me back.

I am more excited to work towards my dreams and my enthusiasm is quadrupled.

I have one ultimate goal – change the hardware startup scenario in India and I would work for it, no matter what.

I would keep on doing things that always interested me. I would continue to explore things as I come across them. I would continue to entertain my fascination for learning. On the path of changing this world for better, this was a minor obstacle I had to overcome.

[Cinephile’s Diary] In Awe With Storytelling

A little more than a fortnight ago, I released my first short-film ‘Refaire‘ on YouTube. It’s quite special to me as it marks my debut in storytelling. It was received quite positively during the in-house film festival we had. This post is first in the series Cinephile’s Diary to encapsulate my experience of making this movie. If you missed the announcement in the previous posts, you can watch it here –

I would soon be releasing ‘The Making of‘ featuring some behind the scenes and raw footage. Reminiscing the chronicle, it took us around a month to transform our idea into reality. Timeline breakdown would seem something like –


In one of my previous blog posts I had written –

It’s an interesting idea to capture such tiny moments. But it’s equally difficult to convey the weight it carries. There are numerous instances which everyone goes through but their impact is somehow lost in the influence of the end result. I would really like to share the result of my experimentation.

So here it is. Today I will write about my own experience that made me realize how movies are a compelling medium of visual storytelling.

There’s an old saying – “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes“. This was my attempt to fit in.

Ever since I had realized the headiness in movies and effort that goes to bring out that subtlety, I was fascinated. I was eager to paint my own hands with hues of creativity.

The above block-quoted lines were written in context of seeing beyond the obvious. To interrogate and analyze the bigger picture. Now it may seem to be a philosophical ranting – a shell in lieu of solid. But that’s where your ability to comprehend kicks in.

Amidst the desire to cherish, there lies an opportunity to showcase. To extract out the what others couldn’t behold and embed it into your creation. A creation that reveals the beauty. That’s storytelling.

With this conjecture in mind, I dived deeper into my world unknown. A journey that started with mere fascination became a passion which drove me crazy. Now the creator had to find inspirations.

I have watched a vast number of documentaries, acclaimed movies, vlogs, skits, etc. But now I also started reading articles about the art, about the back stage stories, their inspirations, thought process, struggles, bloopers, the story before and the story after. Gradually I realized that beyond our fairly obvious scenes, there lies tremendous effort to make it as little noticeable as possible.


Now there are multiple dimensions to visual storytelling itself and each triggers our nerve in unique style. Most of my life, I have watched movies that wowed the audience. But then I also incorporated movies that challenges intellect into my list. It was all possible now that I could get access to this vast repository of information – Internet. It then expanded to documentaries that took us to the unseen corners. I can’t forget my childhood’s obsession with National Geography and Discovery.

When I beheld further, I recognized them as just another medium and there were plenty. I binge watched skits like ones from SNL (Saturday Night Live) or TVF’s Qtiyapas. But then came the web series and changed the definition of how we perceived television. This is the era of online contents and it provided a way to better consume them. With wider penetration of Internet to the masses, web series quickly gained the traction and we got shows like TVF Pitchers, Permanent Roommates (one series that triggered my inner zeal to tell good story in a humorous way) & Little Things.

It was during my intermediate that I was first introduced to an impactful storytelling medium. All thanks to ‘Yaadon Ka Idiot Box‘ on 92.7 Big FM. Radio was my biggest companion back then and I owe a major part of my positivity to this show. And then recently I come across its visual counterparts.

There exists incredibly intellectual talk shows like this –


And the fascinating travel diaries like these –

Night and day, I kept immersing into a world that seemed so different yet been existing around myself. It’s not the matter of what one could or couldn’t have experienced, it is rather about the presentation. Call it the magic of cinematic shots or the power of editing, they came out way better than what an average person could imagine. This need vision. This needs creativity.

And then I stumbled upon something that seems to be the latest fad – Vlogs. But there are few creators who have mastered this art.  I was never much fan of vlogging where a guy just keep on moving and doing stuffs with camera in one hand but Casey Neistat showed me a whole new aspect. I owe a major part of my learning experience to him. He taught me what to shoot, how to shoot, how to edit but what matters the most is ‘the story‘.

And this was just the entrance. As I kept on looking around, I got to know about wonderful people whose works were as amazing. They taught me how to produce videos that make the audience feel the experiences without them being there. I would talk about them later in the series. Till then I’m just hanging in there – watching, learning and getting better as I practice this art.

Film-making is ever evolving. With each passing time, there comes another medium that surpasses the existing trend. These trendsetters take the crowd by storm. They’re here to persist. Each of these has different style but what remains constant is the story.

Author’s Note – The purpose of this blog post was to introduce readers with various mediums of visual storytelling. It was rather to consolidate the things that inspired me to understand the mechanism better. Obviously I couldn’t accommodate everything I wanted to write about but this gives a fair introduction of what I started with.

This blog post is mere a prologue to the upcoming ones. Keep falling in love with this enticing world of film-making and stay tuned to the series! Peace ✌️