To All My Amazing Night Outs

Numerous nights spent in solitude,

Spanning over a significant portion of my college life;

Reading amazing stuffs and thinking

How much is there to be known?

Watching the stories so beautifully woven,

A celebration of creativity, art & imagination

That’s all there is, wide and far;

Realizing how vast is this world and how tiny I am,

Thinking about all those inspiring people out there

Whom I should look forward too;

Assimilating the fact that

if you’re the smartest in the room, you’re in the wrong room;

Feeling how wonderful can minuscule moments be,

Facing the power of story telling

And getting blown by it.

Pushing myself further & further

On a quest to quench my insatiable appetite

For reading, for knowledge & to have power of thinking;

Listening to soothing music

That teleported me to a calm relaxed world,

Hearing sounds that mesmerized

And touched my conscience with its melody;

Generating wonderful ideas for my upcoming creations,

Introspecting the divine self, that tiny lifeline we call ‘soul

Observing things our mysterious mind sense in solitude,

Rejuvenating my receptory senses to devour

The beauty that lies in simplest of things;

Watching & gazing outside the window,

The vast unknown that lays unexplored;

From the warmth of night,

till the morning chill

Thinking of recent happenings –

Something that stuck,

Somewhere I went wrong,

Someone to benefit from my rectification;

Me being better than my previous self,

Every second, every minute, every passing moment

That render me more knowledgeable,

More informed, more mature

To decipher the complexity

Of this artificially complex world;

To reveal the beauty hidden in plain sight,

To revive the dormant instinct of being natural,

Free of pretense, free of burdensome worries

For a smile appear at the beginning of dawn

My new self, a new me

Ready to face the day with contentment.

Author’s Note –  Given the kind of night owl I’m, I have always preferred working alone at night. Right from my childhood, I use to stay up the whole night. For that’s the time I feel myself to be the most productive – more focused and less distracted. Most of my creative works are the product of that silence when I could emphasize my imagination.

Recently I have been doing frequent nightouts whose results I’ve partially published on this blog. Once I delve deep into my work, I go on for long hours without break. It helps me in maintaining a creative flow. This poem tries to capture the nuances of numerous such moments that enlivened my inner-self.

This is just a teeny-tiny tid-bit I wrote yesterday. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post series (read my announcement in previous post) & of course for more creative contents. Peace ✌


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