Recounting The Classes That’s Still Intact – Part II

Today I woke at 10:30 in the morning. I had slept at 6:00 AM and I had a class at 11:30. For a moment I thought, I should get away from this laziness of mine, shrug off all the subconscious mental calculation about my attendance and get up to face the morning chill. Next moment, a sound in my head proclaimed ‘not today!‘, so I got into my cozy quilt again.

There are two things here – first I lacked certain motivation to attend this particular class and second, I didn’t have enough sleep and I could afford to bunk just one class. We can easily strike out the later. It wouldn’t have happened if the class had generated sufficient interest, even a bit for that matter.

I have attended classes without sleeping – though the frequency was more during my awesome JEE days. Moreover I have been quite regular in few courses in my previous semesters because the persons attending those classes have been subjects of interest. I can recall two such instances, on top of my head 😛

Enough of the buildup. Now imagine, the first day you walk into a class, relax yourself by adjusting to the ambiance and when the teacher comes up, he pops up an assignment. Without even teaching ANYTHING. But wait for the mighty task. He says – go around this academic building and find out the “thing” that resembles you the most, take a snap of it and come back within 20 minutes.

Now there are few things that you feel in such situations – one being it odd because it breaks the traditional norm and second, an exorbitant excitement because of the very same reason. For the next 20 minutes that follow, I ran around the corridors, from floor to floor, classrooms and corners, offices to toilets in order to find out my morphology in something else.

What are my attributes? Umm… physically I’m thin & sleek (something narrow would do like the ladder against the wall), above average height (something taller than the objects around) and what else… In hurry I take random snaps, each time trying to fit in the curve on the expected trend even if it exhibit large deviation (numerical methods anyone?).

Few of my recent snaps

I could’ve stayed within the veranda outside my classroom, clicked few rocks which were put there for artistic purpose, used some props to bring the spectrum a bit nearer and justified why that particular rock is the closest thing I could find in the entire building that resembles me. Well I convinced myself that better sits at far, beyond the obvious. Indeed it does. I can write more about the final presentation but let put it for future story.

In the subsequent classes, they go on to teach “mind mapping” (where you identify various things related to you like who you’re, what are the things you do, how various phases of your live interconnect and how they’ve shaped your present self), “association” (where you’re given one minute to build up on your teammate’s story with a sketch) and much more fun stuffs.

This was ‘Design Innovation Thinking‘ course I took for CHE – amazing class! In the next few days, we went on field trips for need finding, observations, etc. I have already written minuscule part of this experience in some previous blog post. Rest I think would be more suitable for my tech-blog.

Because design matters

Understanding Cinema – 5 days at movies

(In reality, it was just 3 :P)

Well who doesn’t like watching movies? It’s one of our favorite time pass. But imagine taking a class (in engineering college, mind you!) where all you’ve to do is to sit and watch movies, that too with your friends. Sound fun right? It’s even funnier when you put aside the ephemeral discussion that follows each movie. Here you would be just staring at few ultra-enthusiastic students (2 or 3) who do all the necessary talking (in the class of 80).

I was in the later category.

I was high on its experience in entirety. It was an opportunity to talk about subtle things you noticed and the grand picture (pun [un]intended!) you visualized. This was another of our Creative Arts (CA) courses (remember in the last post I told – best classes are short lived). My voluntary involvement in this course and the flabbergasting ability of the instructor to connect with students pushed me to write another tribute letter to a teacher (a renowned Indian film critique – Shubhra Gupta). It’s on Medium and it’s still unpublished.

Arts of IITH

The best learning happens when it ensures your self-engagement. It seeks out your inner curiosity and in turn you seek out the learning it was intended for.

IITH has a policy where you’re free to attend any class that you want. You can audit the course if you can’t accommodate it in regular credited courses. Nobody gives a damn unless you complete your required credits at the end. If you’re an autodidact, it would be an aid in your endeavor. Not to forget the regular sessions & seminars which offer a break from mainstream classroom teaching.

Few days ago I had a slightly heated discussion with a colleague of mine. She thinks, as I would quote verbatim, that if you want to be a UX (User Experience) designer, then there is no point in doing paper arts or physical drawing or any such usual academic BS that you’re forced to do. 

I found it quite hard to digest. I think when it comes to learning, specially creative things like art, then nothing is of utter waste. It will somehow stimulate your brain to think in the wider domain. Moreover it’ll enrich your subconscious memory whose result might not be apparent but it sits at the root of your actions.

I further tried to consolidate my point, giving various instances of my own experience. Though we couldn’t get much time to reach the conclusion. So that’s that.

I think I’ve evolved from everything I’ve learnt in due course of life. The journey, however boring it constituting parts may be, shapes my personality.

That concludes my reminiscing post about some of the fun-filled classes. My next post would feature another wonderful series of a creative journey I embarked on. This tweet of mine would give a fair idea of what it would be about.

I leave you with a recent YouTube content I created. Don’t forget to read the description and do consider subscribing if you liked it (just kidding :P) Enjoy!  ✌



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