Once Again, For The Thousandth Time

Once again I squinted to right,

Stared at screen,

Brought phone in sight;

Once again I took it in palm

With a storming mind,

Maintaining it calm;

Once again I powered it on,

Glared the matte screen

With an illuminating tone;

Once again I swiped to unlock

Gulped my breath

As the apps flocked;

Once again I fumbled

For that green call icon,

Holding my adrenaline flow

As I tapped on ‘phone’ ✆;

Once again I searched your name

At umpteenth time

It felt so lame,

For your number was inscribed

Even in my subconscious memory.

Yet typing the letters of your name

Was a wonderfully unique game,

A game of rising anticipation

Amidst the war of probabilities,

Derived from our past encounters,

Hosting a rendezvous of flashbacks

And an attempt to deduce meaning

To define the singleton side;

Instead it lingers, prolonged,

Exhibiting confusion of thousand thoughts

Laden with uncertainties,

Helplessness it brought;

Surrendering to its might

I let my instinct act,

Tapped on your name

Gazed, watched and waited in fact;

Twitching my dried lips,

Acknowledging my pumping heart

Delved into the momentarily silence

That prevails before the ring start;

Yes, no, please, ok, maybe or maybe not

Pick up, ah, no please don’t, umm…

Did every word I just forgot?

All I heard was that thumping tone

Before you gracefully picked up the phone,

Then in your sweet voice, you said

“Hello”, I thought

All of those thousand times

Sums up to this,

And this poem doesn’t further exist…

‘Hi! ummm…how are you?’


Author’s note – Breaking the hiatus, I delved into poetry this time trying to capture the nuances of a fight within.

Why does it seem so hard to go ahead and initiate the talk? How does someone come to hold so much importance? How does that special person becomes an integral part of your irrepressible thoughts? How do those numerous thoughts spring up when ideally there isn’t anything to think about?

Recently I read a beautiful answer on Quora about what does it mean if you think about someone everyday? It was subsequently complimented by a wonderful poem ‘Talk To Me!’ by Meenakshi Sethi. I liked that poem so much that I even wrote it down on a page for physical record.


It somewhere resonated with my present situation and I thought of penning down my perspective on what happens next, in response to the aforementioned poem. Well you need inspiration to write good poetry, so this verse has been written with someone special in mind.

P.S – I have been really busy lately and couldn’t give proper time to my blog. But don’t worry! Lots of wonderful posts are lined up next and I promise to publish them as soon as I can.

Also don’t forget to check out my techblog if you’re interested to know what’s happening in my tech life. There are some new stuffs I experimented and experienced. Till the next post, keep reading, keep writing and enjoy. Peace ✌






4 thoughts on “Once Again, For The Thousandth Time

  1. Thank you so much for appreciating my writing and writing it down on paper is like a big honour to me!
    Yes it takes inspiration to write such things but unfortunately that someone soecial has abondoned me and left me without giving any reason. And at such time when we were having best time enjoying that great fair friendship! When friends leave you without any reason it hurts…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your poem really touched me and I could feel each and every word of it. That’s the beauty of your poetry.

      I feel myself void of words to write anything about the later part of your comment.It’s just that life goes on. It’s all part of a perpetual experience.

      Hope you liked my poem. I wrote it in continuation to yours 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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