A Well Lit Corridor & A Place Undiscovered – Happy Diwali

Some moments are ephemeral and some moments are eternal. But there are few moments which you aren’t sure about. It feels like you’re lingering somewhere in between while it feels essential to just hang in there.

Similar is the current situation of mine. When I began writing this post, I thought I would rant about tons of stuffs occupying my mind. They have been quite effective in keeping me away from blogging. Me writing them would have been a part of the strategy of me dealing with them.

But then I convince myself to pass through that metaphorical corridor of silence. Instead of utter blabbering, I thought the fight within can be resolved if confined within.

Owning to this decision, I sat at an isolated place in the hostel corridor. This is also at the time when you are less susceptible to encountering people. Away from the chaos, when the silence hit, the transferred momentum of void started to sort things out.


Distant white circle!

I calmed as my mind relaxed. I kept watching that tiny distant white circle on it’s journey of encircling the rotating earth as the night passed. I looked around and found a person sitting at distance. A person, well clad in uniform. A person who is mostly ignored in this usual chaos of ours and taken for granted – security guard.

I thought- does this view feel as soothing to him as it is to me? How many times he must
have felt this power of silence? But then I also think – does him being reluctantly on the job sabotage his realization? I sighed! Pulled my feet up and sat properly, just gazing at front. And then it struck.

It’s an interesting idea to capture such tiny moments. But it’s equally difficult to convey
the weight it carries. There are numerous instances which everyone goes through but their impact is somehow lost in the influence of the end result. I would really like to share the result of my experimentation but in my next blog post 🙂

Wading through this confusing passage of time, I encountered ‘the festival of lights‘. It was the fourth time in the last four years that I was in hostel on this occasion. I did miss being at home on festivals but consoled myself as it was probably the last time in this college. Anyway the day started pretty normally and the aura of it being a festive occasion was nowhere to be felt. I did see some people busy in wall-art from my window.

But as the evening proceeded to zenith, so did our mood. Here’s an attempt of mine to capture them –

Here’s my Google Photos snapshots – https://goo.gl/photos/Q5sBNqNTos25ojJC7

I dressed in my new attire and called home. It’s always an emotional moment to talk to parents on such moments when you’re missing home badly. Anyway skipping the big masti part, this could’ve been like previous Diwali (except we were celebrating it in new campus this time) if we hadn’t done something different. Me with my three other friends roamed around the hostel and institute area and wished every security guard, who were still on duty. It felt quite nice to play our part in making this as special to them as it were for us. Not to forget the awesome dance-on-tune we had afterwards. A perfect end of a wonderful day.

P.S – It’s about being at the right place at the right time enliving the right moment.

Author’s Note – It took me more time than expected to bring myself in mood to do justice with this post. Nonetheless I tried to make the transition graceful. Since I kept my readers hanging, here is a nice music peace I found that I would like you to hear.

Catch up few more fun videos I got from my friend here –




Once Again, For The Thousandth Time

Once again I squinted to right,

Stared at screen,

Brought phone in sight;

Once again I took it in palm

With a storming mind,

Maintaining it calm;

Once again I powered it on,

Glared the matte screen

With an illuminating tone;

Once again I swiped to unlock

Gulped my breath

As the apps flocked;

Once again I fumbled

For that green call icon,

Holding my adrenaline flow

As I tapped on ‘phone’ ✆;

Once again I searched your name

At umpteenth time

It felt so lame,

For your number was inscribed

Even in my subconscious memory.

Yet typing the letters of your name

Was a wonderfully unique game,

A game of rising anticipation

Amidst the war of probabilities,

Derived from our past encounters,

Hosting a rendezvous of flashbacks

And an attempt to deduce meaning

To define the singleton side;

Instead it lingers, prolonged,

Exhibiting confusion of thousand thoughts

Laden with uncertainties,

Helplessness it brought;

Surrendering to its might

I let my instinct act,

Tapped on your name

Gazed, watched and waited in fact;

Twitching my dried lips,

Acknowledging my pumping heart

Delved into the momentarily silence

That prevails before the ring start;

Yes, no, please, ok, maybe or maybe not

Pick up, ah, no please don’t, umm…

Did every word I just forgot?

All I heard was that thumping tone

Before you gracefully picked up the phone,

Then in your sweet voice, you said

“Hello”, I thought

All of those thousand times

Sums up to this,

And this poem doesn’t further exist…

‘Hi! ummm…how are you?’


Author’s note – Breaking the hiatus, I delved into poetry this time trying to capture the nuances of a fight within.

Why does it seem so hard to go ahead and initiate the talk? How does someone come to hold so much importance? How does that special person becomes an integral part of your irrepressible thoughts? How do those numerous thoughts spring up when ideally there isn’t anything to think about?

Recently I read a beautiful answer on Quora about what does it mean if you think about someone everyday? It was subsequently complimented by a wonderful poem ‘Talk To Me!’ by Meenakshi Sethi. I liked that poem so much that I even wrote it down on a page for physical record.


It somewhere resonated with my present situation and I thought of penning down my perspective on what happens next, in response to the aforementioned poem. Well you need inspiration to write good poetry, so this verse has been written with someone special in mind.

P.S – I have been really busy lately and couldn’t give proper time to my blog. But don’t worry! Lots of wonderful posts are lined up next and I promise to publish them as soon as I can.

Also don’t forget to check out my techblog if you’re interested to know what’s happening in my tech life. There are some new stuffs I experimented and experienced. Till the next post, keep reading, keep writing and enjoy. Peace ✌





The Liebster Award

When you step outside your usual community and enter into a different one, you oftenly suffers from ‘identity crisis’. You need assurance of your acceptance. Inspite of all that, if you continue doing what you’re supposed to, you would be held dearest.

Similar is this moment for me as another award nomination comes as a milestone in my blogging journey. This time its’s The Liebster Award! Thanks a lot Meenakshi Sethi for this nomination. You’ve been a great motivator for me through your comments. I appreciate your kindness and you regularly putting out your words on my posts.

If you haven’t see her blog, then I would seriously advise you to delve into the poetic world of ‘Wings of Poetry‘ before you continue with rest of this post. She is a regular writer whose poetry (in Hindi as well as English) would certainly leave you with a moment of awe.

This award is generally for the new bloggers to provide them a platform to consolidate their identity and hold them dear to this blogosphere. I’m certainly not new here. Anyway the rule says that I must thank the person who nominated me and answer few questions asked. In turn I have to nominate 11 other bloggers to encourage them, asking a few questions so that they can define themselves better.

Here are my answers –

Ques. – What or who encouraged you to start writing?

Ans. – My writing is usually driven by emotion, being a person with higher EQ than IQ 😛 I’ve already talked about my start a lot of times here. It was a tribute letter for my teacher. Interestingly my first blog post is also the longest blog post I have written here. When something is heart-felt, it’s influence is hard to constrain.

Ques. – Do you believe in soul mate?

Ans. – Of course I do! My whole life so far has been a perpetual search for that one person. In fact most of my blog posts (mostly poems) have been dedicated to that personality and I usually write that explicitly at the end. I believe that your love someone could be the greatest motivational factor behind your work.

Ques. – What are three basic values of life you believe in?

Ans. – Perseverance, Discipline and Honesty.

I believe in hard work. Everyone faces problems, everyone struggles but what produces the outliers is the virtue of perseverance they possess.

I was going through a Quora answer once and there I read something that’s still stuck to my conscience. We keep on fighting for motivation the whole time and give excuses about it fading away. And that is the reality. Motivation is not constant.

One day you might wake up, see an inspirational movie and decide to do something revolutionary yourselves. But once you start encountering problems, you usually tend to loose your momentum. You don’t have the motivation you started with. What works in this situation is your discipline in being true to your effort. Everyone knows that nothing comes easily yet only few tread the bridge to success because the former lacks discipline.

F**k motivation, stay disciplined.

And honesty – if you’re not true to your yourself and your work, your entire effort is futile. Oh of course it’s a highly philosophical sentence and you’ll end with materialistic gain. Come back to this when you’ve achieved the inner peace without being loyal. Enough said.

Ques. – Where do you want to see yourself in five years from now?

Ans. – That’s a crucial one and the question I’m being asked frequently these days being it the final year of college. After lots of refining (though the aim remains same) I came up with two portmanteau that summarizes my response –

I see myself as an inventopreneur doing imagineering.

Ques. – Who are five most important people in your life whom you want to stay connected till last day of your life.

Ans. – I would really like to say pass on this question if I have the option. Things change, people change, situation changes and so do the circumstances. The bonding we foster over the years are precious and we should cherish them but by clinging onto it, you would probably refrain yourself from wonderful experiences that lies ahead. Getting too much attached to something is also problem. So embrace the change, if it happens. Pain is temporary, change is the only constant.

Ques. – What are you doing in present to keep these people happy?

Ans. – I have written about it previously as well – I make gifts for people and here’s the thing that gave me the start.

Well who doesn’t like pleasant surprises and if my gifts adds up to the happiness, then what could be the better deal. Not to rant much, here’s the most recent one – a video I made for my friend as a joke. I took the shots when he was seriously indulged in some work. He’s the director of the movie we’re making (well almost :P)

Sometimes I spend 2 hours and then other times I’ve spent days to make it perfect. It need not to be something big always. Consistency matters.

Ques. – Do you think taking a few steps, (which you have not taken till date) can improve your life?

Ans. – Definitely! I wish sometimes I could keep aside my emotion and take decision rationally. Also I should be confident enough to take bold decisions without thinking too much of trivial things. I’ve realized it’s important over the time in my entrepreneurial journey.

Ques. – Which of the above questions helped you in some way?

Ans. – Almost all the questions were so thoughtful and it shows that you’ve given time over crafting them. They helped me to introspect myself even deeper. Thanks a lot for such wonderful questions. I had a fun time answering them.

I keep my nominations open as of now as I don’t have much time to go through new blogs (seriously too many meetings and deadlines to take care of) but I would get back.

Here are some of my questions –

Ques. – What are you passionate about? What makes you forget everything and seriously indulge into it?

Ques. – I believe everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? Either a personal conversation or writing it out in public would work. Just write something from your life that you always wanted to write about.

Ques. – What unusual talent you possess? Write about something that people around you find amusing.

Ques. – What do you consider your best work so far?

Ques. – What are the things that had major impact on your personality? (Any incident, person, realization, etc.)

Ques. –  What do you think about unrequited love?

Hope you liked my ‘Liebster Award’ extravaganza. Do leave your comments if you want your thoughts to reach upto me – which I’m sure it would. Just wish it 🙂