For A Little While…And Then Forever

This is my 50th blog post and I dedicate it to the wonderful relation of friendship I’ve fostered on my exuberant journey of exploration.


Another milestone – Thanks WordPress!

It all happened so fast that I hardly had any time to retrospect. While appreciating the charisma of serendipity, I forgot that it wasn’t my usual realm. This was new & this was exciting. Led by our destiny there we were, brought together, ready to add another element to our fate. A bond sparked by circumstances, fueled by humanly emotion.

Of course there is usual friendship – people whom you’ve spent considerable time with, to ensure your compatibility. They make your life beautiful and you adorn them. They are the ones whom you attribute major part of your personality to. But this post about a new kind of friendship – ones which are instantaneous.


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How improbable does it seem to bump into a stranger only to find out that person to be the answer to your perpetual search for a companion? A person, totally unknown, seemingly lost in the labyrinth of life same as you are. But we remain oblivious – may be because of our proclaimed trait of introvertism or maybe we’re apprehensive of xenophobic consequences.

So how do you find out? How do you probe into the world of theirs? How do you relieve them of their perpetual weight of stories?

You have two options – either to put aside the pseudo-awkwardness and talk or to live with the guilt of ‘what if I had‘.

If chosen the former, you’ve a story lying ahead to be written. Believe me it’s gonna be wonderful. You’re the protagonist and its your portrayal in a yet-to-be written story. What’s unusual is that it just clicks. Without any planning, without second thought, everything would fall in place – sometimes remarkably beyond your expectation.



Similar was the case of mine. I was always bounded by overthinking. How could I? What would he/she think? What would I talk about? How should I initiate the conversation? There are hundreds of questions that occupy our mind just because we let them to. Instead channelize your inquisitive potential in classes or any other event where you need to speak up. Don’t let the possibility of good discussion die within yourself 😛

Over the years I’ve spent countless moments contemplating over the things that could have been. It was all futile. ‘In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take‘ – it couldn’t have been more true. Gradually I realized that I was missing on so many opportunities. There’s no point in being in your comfort zone and later repent than to take a leap of faith – just greet. Or may be ask a question. Or may be just smile at the helplessness of the situation and get a beautiful smile back in return.

Many a times we’re brought together by circumstances. Be it that hackathon which you were about to miss or the college fest which you never planned to attend, be it a community project undertaken by an organization you’re volunteering for or be it just being there at the right time at the right moment. Yet the aforementioned holds true. Just make the first move – that’s all it takes. Everyone has a story to tell, you just need to listen. Be a good listener.

Need a start? Or do you seek motivation about how it could transform your entire perception? These TEDxers talks about exactly that –

Many of us might have come across stories about talking to strangers or striking off unexpected conversation only to have one of the most wonderful moments of their lives. It’s time that we write our own chapter. There are many such amazing possibilities lying around, we just need to break the inertia, come out of our shell and make those possibilities real. Who knows it might be the most memorable thing you live with.

Signing off with an imperative quote from one of my favorite short films ‘We’ll Think About It‘ –

They say, you just need to go with the flow sometimes. Our problem is, that we hesitate. Our problem is, that we pull ourselves back everytime. And never get to know how things could’ve been. Our problem is that we think too much. And feed to our insecurities. Our problem is, that we fool ourselves with our silly pretense.

What we need to realize is that there’s nothing really to think about. It’s like taking a guess, when the only answer is yes.

Author’s Note – My vocabulary isn’t succinct to justify the emotion I wanted to convey. It’s when you’re moved beyond your usual domain, you realize its intensity. True friendship is something that we all seek but it’s hard to find as well. Sometimes it’s OK to be vulnerable. May what people search for their entire lifetime unexpectedly knocks at your door. So go ahead and open it 🙂


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    • Thanks Ariel! Reaching the half-century mark is just a milestone that consolidate my contribution to this blogosphere.

      Thanks for stopping by! Keep visiting. There are many more blog posts to come 🙂


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