The Versatile Blogger Award

“Act well your part, there all the honor lies” – Alexander Pope

A zeal to build from the fury of my creativity.

Build what? – a virtual castle of amazement. This is what ‘Divine_Lifez‘ stands for.

Here’s another lovely recognition to this ambitious destination of mine – The Versatile Blogger Award! This one’s for the vast range of dimensions this blog has acquired over time. It’s my second award nomination. The first one was ‘One Lovely Blog Award‘ – you can catch up the blog post I wrote right here.

First of all, thanks a lot Sucheta ( for this wonderful nomination. This nawabi Lucknow girl has a special niche of her own on this blogosphere. I’ve been following her blog since last month or so. Do check her blog for her poems, photography and thoughtful posts would certainly make you contemplate.

Small appreciations fuels my endeavor. It’s the reason I bring to you guys a little window to glance over happenings that are worth sharing. An adventurous exploration of this little world of mine full of surprises as I discover its treasure trove.

Before I go on to perform the rituals needed for this award, let me show you some of the areas which this blog has consistently delivered upon –

  • Events – Catch up over the numerous workshops, seminars, talks, competitions & celebrations from my college life.
  • Poems – Words that tickle your emotions. Sometime less speaks more. Experience the rhythm of my thoughts.
  • Photography – Seek the vibrancy in what generally perceived as mundane. Photos from my trips and travels, around the campus and the moments where I couldn’t resist taking out my camera and capturing it for later.

My recent shots – Around the campus photography

  • Art & Design –  Sketch a cartoon to put on wall or draw a caricature to make someone laugh. Lighten your mood with soothing design – from graphics to products.
  • Cinematography – Take a look from my perspective. A cinematic eye with a phone as its companion, watch out moments strung together for the best of ‘feel-good’ experience. If a picture says a thousand words, then a video probably says a million.

Most recent video based on various happenings in 24 hours of my life

  • Entrepreneurship – Revolutionary idea in head and don’t know where to go next? Probably my experience can help. Follow the learning and suggestions of this simple college student on the path of becoming a tech-entrepreneur.

And much more awaits. So here are the rules for this award –

  1. Show the award on your blog – Hope the picture suffice 😛
  2. Thank the person/people who nominated you – Thanks again Sucheta!
  3. Share 7 things about yourself – Hmm…a bit tricky
  4. Nominate 10 blogs – To be updated soon

I might write few subtle points but its difficult to convey yourself in few words. I thing my works are my main identity and ideally that’s how it should be. Also I don’t want to repeat over the stuffs I already wrote – more mysterious you’re, more intrigued the audience will be.

Anyway here are few things about me which you should know outright –

  • I’m crazy about design – ‘Industrial Designing’ to be specific. I’ve a soft corner for simple, elegant but effective design and I try to acquire that skill myself. Almost all the posters and images you see on this blog are my own.

A snapshot from my design class – Problem identification & formulating solution. My team mates are wonderful artists!

  • If you’re truly passionate about something, you’ve found yourself an acquaintance. My ever-learning self seeks inspiration from the people who do.
  • I’m an introvert you wouldn’t notice. That’s because I would still have things to tell without speaking much about myself. That’s the general complaint from the people I talk to 😛
  • I’m good listener. So if you’ve got something worthy to talk about, feel free to ping. If I get friendly then be prepared for a load of humor and sarcasm.
  • I’ve been really busy lately and that’s the reason behind my irregularity (last post was on 15th August) [Not exactly a point related to me, I know]. My engagements didn’t even allow me to sit silently for a minute in my dorm, let alone writing blog posts. I would tell you about them soon.
  • I love indie (short for independent) works – indie music, indie movies, indie art, etc. Sometimes they’re one-man inspiration or an ambitious project of small group who left no stone unturned. It just resonates with my own aspiration.

Did I reach 7? Good gracious! I think that’s enough rant for today 😛

While I go back to create more awesome stuffs for you guys, do enjoy your stay here & embrace the versatility of my creations 🙂

Author’s Note – I’m on look out for the blogs to extend the nominations. It would take sometime. Moreover I would be updating this post to accommodate the deserving ones.


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