Monsoon, Power cut And A Hungry Poet

…Sitting on his favorite chair. Well that doesn’t usually happen but it is not very unusual to happen as well. Recently we’ve been having power cuts during night, few hours though, due to supply interruption. Hopefully by the time I publish this post, it will be back.

Anyway on one such night with everything dark around and the prevalent silence, my senses arose to observe whatever it could catch the glimpse of. The following poem shows the manifestation of my musings.

A wet black night

And posing darkness around,

Drizzling, raining & the gusty wind

Blowing with pluvial sound;


A dry silent room,

There ravenous me sat

Observing, thinking, feeling & writing

Scratching dully on a scratch pad;


Distant flickering lights,

glittering on slender poles;

Standing unmoved in rain

Unperturbed like breathless souls;


I wonder if they enjoy the rain

Or feel a bit of pelting pain

Do they try to seek the shelter?

Does this cats & dogs make them falter?


Cricket creaking in the night

All around darkness & nothing in sight

Faint music hummed from the next dorm

Soothing & chilling, it took its form


With my tech gadgets discharged

I regained my senses, wide and far

Giant hostel buildings standing grandeur

Drenched like others – why it’s that gigantic for?


Insect flutters outside the window

Colliding & crashing, toiling hard to get in

Bottles, keys, coins & books lying still

How lifeless are these lively being


I try to think but nothing strikes

So I write what I observed instead

Here & there voices settle down

And so my running pen speed.


Author’s Note – Bothered about my lower frequency of posting these days?

Wish to see behind the scenes?

Interested in happenings of my techie life?

Then head over to my Techblog – Of The Things I do.

Be it IITH Events coverage or the new things that I created – you would find it all.

It’s updated continuously. Lot of interesting posts coming up next. Stay tuned 🙂


13 thoughts on “Monsoon, Power cut And A Hungry Poet

    • Thanks a lot Sucheta! Glad that you found diversity in my blog posts. Over the years Divine_Lifez has spanned a wide range of domains and it would continue to do so.

      I’m really grateful for this nomination. Thanks again!:)

      P.S – I had already read your aforementioned blog post 😛


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