Games, Gold & The Aftermath

Disclaimer – This blog is a tribute to the recently concluded Rio Olympics. It was originally scheduled to be posted on 26th August but I went to participate in ‘The Startup Weekend‘ so I couldn’t finalize it then. The aftermath is mostly be relevant to the Indian context.

A astounding conglomeration of life-long dream and a mammoth stage to showcase why you’re the best among the bests. An emblem of aspirations and support – from the entire nation – where the whole country wins when you win. And when you step on the podium, you’re an epitome of excellence. This is what Olympics is. And this is what we saw this time as well.

If you missed out on the whole spectrum of action, watch this amazing show-reel ‘Rio Revisited’ right from the official Olympic YouTube channel –

Before I go further with this post, a huge shout out to Google and Hotstar for building such an amazing platforms to make our Olympic experience flawless.


Wonderful work by Google engineering team. A learning for UX enthusiasts.

Everyday during this 17 days extravaganza, we would wake up with a new hope. An optimistic self who wishes to find change in the medal counts. Amidst our own engagements, our anticipating heart would refresh the medal tally frequently.

Excitement would reach its zenith when watching the sport – in some cases we were watching it for the first time – but it didn’t matter. We actually started taking interest in them. And then one fine morning, we heard the news which we longed for.

Image result for sakshi malik rio

Sakshi Malik – Bronze in women’s freestyle 58kg wrestling 

A special thing about Olympics is that it brings a new talent into limelight. An athlete who perform to the best of their potential and leave the entire world startled by their stories of perseverance. They’re noticed by the widest mass.

This was the case with ‘Dipa Karmakar’ – an artistic gymnast from Tripura who made it to the finals and finished at 4th. Though she missed the medal, what we witnessed was a revolution setting in for Indian gymnastics.

I watched the final match on Hotstar and I must say she was amazing. Graceful and confident, she showed us how far can hard work take you. I got reminded of this movie dialogue from ‘A Man Who Knew Infinity‘ – The greatest talents often comes from humblest of backgrounds. 

When the pious festival of Rakshabandhan was celebrated in India, one of our sisters in Rio gave us another gift. The entire nation rejoiced for her silver medal win in Badminton singles which wrote a new chapter for Indian sporting history.

Image result for p v sindhu rio

P. V. Sindhu

I wish I could’ve taken a photo of our hostel mess where we used to watch her nail-biting matches – quarter-final, semi-final and then the finale. But I was also lost like everyone else who used to shout on each of her shots. A normal 30 min. dinner time was stretched to one or one and half hour sometimes 😛

She was amazing in all the matches. Her difficult training and sacrifices was being brought to fruition. I equally admire (maybe a little bit more) her opponent in the final match – World No. 1 Carolina Marin – for her sportsmanship and aggressiveness she showed while still bearing a beautiful smile during the entire match.

Image result for carolina marin rio smile

After the match I was just checking out P.V.Sindhu’s Wikipedia page. While scrolling down suddenly my eyes noticed this and I was like ‘Woah!!!‘. This is the reward she is getting (official announced) for her silver medal win –


I sincerely hope such rewards motivates other aspirants to excel in sports

Everyone has their own way of paying tribute – like me through this blog post. Not that everyone does but whoever does, s(he) shows respect with his/her creation. And when a renowned artist pay tribute, you expect something marvelous. Here’s how an Internationally acclaimed sand-artist Sudarshan Patnaik showed it –



The learning –

I could go on ranting about India’s performance in comparison to other countries, ignorance, politics, media, sports facilities, sporting talent, nurturing talent, preparing better contingent for the next events and much more but I think these points will give you a proper idea of what it would be about.

Anyway there are thousands of media articles floating around the Internet who would be ripping apart the whole performance spectrum to find the buzz word. So lets not talk about this.

The learning I personally take from Olympics is ‘hard work‘. It indeed beats talent. Though I’m not much associated with the sports field, I could connect with the amazing stories of several athletes about fighting against the odds. They have reached there because they persevered inspite of all difficulties. One makes a lot of sacrifices to reach the stage where those sacrifices are recognized. You keep on building a pile without any expectation in between for it is noticed at once and forever.

Investment – 

I could’ve gotten away with this crucial point in the previous topic but I think it needs a separate mention. According to report, Team GB which finished second in the medal tally this Olympics invested around £4.1m  (4.1 million pounds) for each medal. This is huge!!!

In India, investment in sports doesn’t even come near to it. It’s way less until you talk about the royal game ‘Cricket’. Everyone realizes this. Every authority is aware of the facts. It is to be seen how much things change after this event. It’s often said – kill politics from sports and you’ll champion in every street – now is the time to see how Indian govt. stands for this testament.

Tokyo Awaits –

I didn’t watch the closing ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016. I wish I could have but something or the other kept me busy. These opening-closing ceremonies are magnificent for their grandeur celebration.

Every such event-host has their own fascinating way to showcase what their country stands for and it is always fantastic to see. The next Olympics would take place in Tokyo in 2020.

Things would be totally different from what it is now. I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing. The timeline may seem huge but one thing that would remain constant is the excitement such games bring with them. Be it dancing on the crazy after-match music or taking pride when the national anthem tune is played in the stadium – the emotion remains the same.

For those who aspire to be on the podium – Tokyo awaits. It’s just a matter of few eventful year when you would be standing on the grounds of your aspiration to fulfill your lifelong dream.

Image result for tokyo 2020

Author’s Note – This is just a minuscule portion of the entire buzz that I could cover. My intention behind this post was to document my own learning & interpretations. Also a few things about my take on the whole event, opinions and analysis of what happens next. Hope you had a fun reading! 🙂


The Versatile Blogger Award

“Act well your part, there all the honor lies” – Alexander Pope

A zeal to build from the fury of my creativity.

Build what? – a virtual castle of amazement. This is what ‘Divine_Lifez‘ stands for.

Here’s another lovely recognition to this ambitious destination of mine – The Versatile Blogger Award! This one’s for the vast range of dimensions this blog has acquired over time. It’s my second award nomination. The first one was ‘One Lovely Blog Award‘ – you can catch up the blog post I wrote right here.

First of all, thanks a lot Sucheta ( for this wonderful nomination. This nawabi Lucknow girl has a special niche of her own on this blogosphere. I’ve been following her blog since last month or so. Do check her blog for her poems, photography and thoughtful posts would certainly make you contemplate.

Small appreciations fuels my endeavor. It’s the reason I bring to you guys a little window to glance over happenings that are worth sharing. An adventurous exploration of this little world of mine full of surprises as I discover its treasure trove.

Before I go on to perform the rituals needed for this award, let me show you some of the areas which this blog has consistently delivered upon –

  • Events – Catch up over the numerous workshops, seminars, talks, competitions & celebrations from my college life.
  • Poems – Words that tickle your emotions. Sometime less speaks more. Experience the rhythm of my thoughts.
  • Photography – Seek the vibrancy in what generally perceived as mundane. Photos from my trips and travels, around the campus and the moments where I couldn’t resist taking out my camera and capturing it for later.

My recent shots – Around the campus photography

  • Art & Design –  Sketch a cartoon to put on wall or draw a caricature to make someone laugh. Lighten your mood with soothing design – from graphics to products.
  • Cinematography – Take a look from my perspective. A cinematic eye with a phone as its companion, watch out moments strung together for the best of ‘feel-good’ experience. If a picture says a thousand words, then a video probably says a million.

Most recent video based on various happenings in 24 hours of my life

  • Entrepreneurship – Revolutionary idea in head and don’t know where to go next? Probably my experience can help. Follow the learning and suggestions of this simple college student on the path of becoming a tech-entrepreneur.

And much more awaits. So here are the rules for this award –

  1. Show the award on your blog – Hope the picture suffice 😛
  2. Thank the person/people who nominated you – Thanks again Sucheta!
  3. Share 7 things about yourself – Hmm…a bit tricky
  4. Nominate 10 blogs – To be updated soon

I might write few subtle points but its difficult to convey yourself in few words. I thing my works are my main identity and ideally that’s how it should be. Also I don’t want to repeat over the stuffs I already wrote – more mysterious you’re, more intrigued the audience will be.

Anyway here are few things about me which you should know outright –

  • I’m crazy about design – ‘Industrial Designing’ to be specific. I’ve a soft corner for simple, elegant but effective design and I try to acquire that skill myself. Almost all the posters and images you see on this blog are my own.

A snapshot from my design class – Problem identification & formulating solution. My team mates are wonderful artists!

  • If you’re truly passionate about something, you’ve found yourself an acquaintance. My ever-learning self seeks inspiration from the people who do.
  • I’m an introvert you wouldn’t notice. That’s because I would still have things to tell without speaking much about myself. That’s the general complaint from the people I talk to 😛
  • I’m good listener. So if you’ve got something worthy to talk about, feel free to ping. If I get friendly then be prepared for a load of humor and sarcasm.
  • I’ve been really busy lately and that’s the reason behind my irregularity (last post was on 15th August) [Not exactly a point related to me, I know]. My engagements didn’t even allow me to sit silently for a minute in my dorm, let alone writing blog posts. I would tell you about them soon.
  • I love indie (short for independent) works – indie music, indie movies, indie art, etc. Sometimes they’re one-man inspiration or an ambitious project of small group who left no stone unturned. It just resonates with my own aspiration.

Did I reach 7? Good gracious! I think that’s enough rant for today 😛

While I go back to create more awesome stuffs for you guys, do enjoy your stay here & embrace the versatility of my creations 🙂

Author’s Note – I’m on look out for the blogs to extend the nominations. It would take sometime. Moreover I would be updating this post to accommodate the deserving ones.

The (Un)Independent : Day That Changed

An ordinary day

Marked in history

By Tryst with Destiny

By dreams & sacrifice

By valor of martyrs

By undying resilience

A battle against evil

Fueled by hope

Of being free

Perseverance against odds

Rebellion unsuppressed

For the dignity

Of this pious motherland

Incumbent patriotism

Of the crowd

That sung in unison

A song which bound all

United, integrated

They witnessed miracle

A transformation of centenary

Now commemorated yearly

As just another ordinary day

On which something extraordinary happened.

Monsoon, Power cut And A Hungry Poet

…Sitting on his favorite chair. Well that doesn’t usually happen but it is not very unusual to happen as well. Recently we’ve been having power cuts during night, few hours though, due to supply interruption. Hopefully by the time I publish this post, it will be back.

Anyway on one such night with everything dark around and the prevalent silence, my senses arose to observe whatever it could catch the glimpse of. The following poem shows the manifestation of my musings.

A wet black night

And posing darkness around,

Drizzling, raining & the gusty wind

Blowing with pluvial sound;


A dry silent room,

There ravenous me sat

Observing, thinking, feeling & writing

Scratching dully on a scratch pad;


Distant flickering lights,

glittering on slender poles;

Standing unmoved in rain

Unperturbed like breathless souls;


I wonder if they enjoy the rain

Or feel a bit of pelting pain

Do they try to seek the shelter?

Does this cats & dogs make them falter?


Cricket creaking in the night

All around darkness & nothing in sight

Faint music hummed from the next dorm

Soothing & chilling, it took its form


With my tech gadgets discharged

I regained my senses, wide and far

Giant hostel buildings standing grandeur

Drenched like others – why it’s that gigantic for?


Insect flutters outside the window

Colliding & crashing, toiling hard to get in

Bottles, keys, coins & books lying still

How lifeless are these lively being


I try to think but nothing strikes

So I write what I observed instead

Here & there voices settle down

And so my running pen speed.


Author’s Note – Bothered about my lower frequency of posting these days?

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