Hold Me Honey, I’m Drifting Away…

Caught in the tide of time,

Floating in the meander of memories,

I’m drifting away, carried along

Pushed by the thrust of reverie;

Like the luminescence of twilight

And the moving carriage, not boarded;

You fading out of the sight of mine

And me dissolving in remembrance of yours;


What cumulonimbus did to the sun rays,

Ignorance gradually taking over my realm,

Overshadowing the intensity of my care,

Washing away the pigments of my love

Like drizzle that took away the earthen heat;


Like flickering flame of melting candle

That still stands burning, stuck & firm

Due to its own parts, burnt & fused

Who have served their purpose

Now lie at the base, strengthening it;

My hope clings on all those deeds

That cheers you up, whenever we meet;


Now it needs your warm palms around

To save it being taken away by gusty wind,

To breathe in the life, now almost faded

And watch it wash the prevailing darkness

Lightening up every corner of lively dimension;


Give your warmth to fuel the fireplace

And shoo away discomforting chill;

Hold me honey & pull me on shore

Let’s resume our adventurous journey

Which we both are longing for…

Author’s Note –  If time is the best healer, it is the best spoiler too. Sadly people don’t realize the later until its too late. No matter how hard you had broken the ice, it would form as complete & strong as before if you let it to.



3 thoughts on “Hold Me Honey, I’m Drifting Away…

    • True indeed!

      But it hurts when the moments you were clinging to, start fading away with it. If only we could hold on to something which remain unspoiled till eternity.

      Thanks a lot for reading! Keep visiting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Perhaps
        This can’t be true cause time is like water
        It moves and moved and takes with it everything but leaves behind memories to cherish
        It’s true that sometimes we want a certain thing which is lost , which fades
        But if it will not be lost
        How will it be found

        Liked by 1 person

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