Flying With The Free Bird

A Tweety witty bird clucking one day,

Dodging and munching, delightful and gay;

Saw a flattering bird different of all,

Colorful feathers – unwithered of summer & fall;

Dancing and fluttering and chirping melodies,

Swinging, rolling, whirling & twirling,

Taking flights from trees to trees,

Seemingly unconcerned of all worries;

‘Why aren’t others like her?’ – wondered Tweety

Lively, spirited and wonderfully pretty;

An epitome of everyone’s aspiration,

For Tweety, a reason of joyous elation;

Then he understood the virtual cage

Trapping everyone, regardless of age;

Cage that they had put around themselves

Only to be strengthened over time and felt;

Apprehensive of leaving their comfort zone,

Breaking the consistency of monotonous tone;

Avoided rejoicing the fun of wild imagination,

Stepping out of shell, seeking one’s passion;

Beholding the beauty floating around,

Free of rules or any imaginative bound;


While the free bird did it all,

Caged ones merely shrugged & laughed

On her unencountered craziness;

Rendered opinions of vast majority

Oblivious of opinions, rolling on top

She didn’t care, neither did she stop;

Whatever she did, she did it the best

Unfurling a new dimension of enthralling zest;

‘What’s missing in my life?’ – Once Tweety had thought.

There the answered lied, beautifully she brought.


…Now he wish to fly with the free bird

In her enchanted world of merry craziness.


Author’s Note:  Based on a true story, in fact just a part of my story.

This poem is dedicated to a person who taught me the meaning of ‘being free‘. How it feels to do whatever your heart says. Things that people may find ridiculous at first but later contemplate on why didn’t they think of it. It stands for all those refreshing moments. Amidst all those craziness when I reluctantly thought ‘this was what missing in my life‘.


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