The Boat That Rocked

If the title of this post seems quite familiar to you, then take no more time to confirm that it’s indeed a movie name.

For those who is still staring while their daemon searches through the memory – well kill the process. ‘The Boat That Rocked‘ is a wonderful movie among many by the screenplay writer Richard Curtis.

So it’s a movie post, right?

Umm…partially yes but there’s much more. Also I do need references to derive my conclusions, right?

For the heck of it

It was our fresher’s registration day today. NSS volunteers were present¬†at every corner to help with the queries of over-concerned parents and seemingly lost candidates. I was one of them – no not the candidates but the volunteers ūüėõ Well we do it for NSS hours which is compulsory to complete.

Now there’s this junior¬†who is not in NSS yet he turns up for volunteering. When asked by one of his acquaintances as to what triggered this generosity of his, he replied – “just for the heck of it.

Haven’t you done anything just for the sake of enjoying it rather than the incentives?

For the

That’s our hostels in the back – makes a nice backdrop!

I’ve done. And I’ve done it many times. Be it turning up for volunteering at uncalled events or to help in charitable activities undertaken in college. Be it helping my friends in moving their luggage during shifting process or giving an unexpected treat to the service worker in my hostel or surprising someone with a lovely gift on what could have been an usual day otherwise.¬†That’s why I’m a gift-maker after all.

But meeting someone who shares the same thought as yours is exciting.

The Boat That Rocked pretty much runs on the similar theme. And it is made clear in the first few minutes of the movie itself.

The Govt. has banned all the rock and pop radio station in the country -the nation which gave the world these genres. A group of rogue DJs start operating their own radio stations ‘Radio Rock‘ on a pirate ship.

So why were they doing this? – because they loved music and listeners loved them. What they got in return was a sense of satisfaction for themselves. Not to forget the listener’s endless support that ultimately saves them. They thrive against the suppressing govt. and go on to becomes one of the biggest radio stations afterwards.

I’ve earned some peculiar expressions from people through this habit of mine. They get startled from a simple nice gestures.

If one of your colleagues, during a group chit-chat, jokingly says you to fetch water in his bottle then just do it. Say – ‘Yeah Ok!‘ and watch how does his expression turn out to be. It feels good when you get more than your expectations. Doesn’t it?

Richard Curtis – Hugh Grant – Bill Nighy Movies Spree –

When you like something, you like to know more about it (if you’re curious of-course!). I’ve this habit and my friends find it quite amusing.

Suppose I got to know a new literary term. First I would read more about it, then it’s usage and correlate with the instances I’ve come across. Then I would find out where it was first used. I would also find more about the book and its author and then I would go about reading his other works.

I’ve done it in numerous cases. It’s hard to satiate my hunger once I get interested in something, until I know sufficiently about it. And when it came to movies, I couldn’t control it either.

Moreover if the two of the best movies in your list (About Time & The Boat That Rocked) belongs to the same screenplay writer, my interestedness was obvious. I’ve rambled a lot about Wes Anderson movies in my earlier blog post¬†when I was caught in the fascination of his style of storytelling.

Thing that got my heart recently! Find out more.

After watching 4-5¬†Richard Curtis’ movies, I found out that in most of his previous pictures¬†(made in 90s and early 2000), Hugh Grant starred as the lead actor. Watching his astounding performance in Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral, I also got tempted to check out Bridget Jone’s Diary.

Also there was one actor common to both the above stated movies РBill Nighy! I instantly had a huge liking for him after watching his stunning portrayal of father in About Time. Then the other movie was equally good. So the next spree shifted to РThe Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

I’ve a special liking for British movies. I think at they’re at much par level compared to US-made Hollywood movies in terms of execution and story. I love the sense of emotion contained in all the British movies I’ve seen so far (Finding Neverland is the next in the series).

How I got busy?

So where have I been lately? – No post in last 10 days!

Well I share a lot of event stories, rendezvous experiences, art, photographs and much more in my blog. But to share things substantially, I must get involved in those activities hardheartedly. Moreover as the vacation approaches the end, past few days have been relatively busy for me Рwrapping up my internship works so far to begin the next phase.

Also¬†I think in the last 10 days, I met more number of people than 2 months of my summer vacation combined ūüėõ

Meeting new people is exciting and fun. Moment earlier you were complete strangers and the next moment you’re acquaintances. Anyway networking is an integral part of entrepreneurship.

I think I’ve rambled down sufficiently. For this blog post I leave you with two of my recent clicks around the new campus –

Taken with my Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime

Processed using inbuilt image editor – MIUI7

Hope you liked them. Future photography posts awaits! ūüôā



Somethings Anew

Change is the law of nature. It is indeed.

I write this post today to document some prominent changes that’s been happening recently in my life. Changes that embark the beginning of my humble journey ahead.

I’m in my senior year of college now. Well technically I would be a senior once the classes commence on 1st August. But anyway let me take just one chance to say it out loud. Also with senior year, comes my final opportunity to assimilate whatever this pilgrimage of technology has to offer.

Ok. So the first thing first.

 A new dorm!

This would be the one thing on my list which I was seriously longing for. A new hostel dorm finally! Individual room – I’m on my own here completely. Also a bigger & silent space than my previously shared dorm, I could engage in my work in much better way.


Home 2.0 and my workspace!

I moved here on July 1st.

Yeah I should have written about it earlier but wouldn’t it have been a mere proclamation of my unshared excitement? Anyway I had more things to tell you, so I was accumulating content¬†to write about at once.

Outside view from my room at 2nd floor

If you see my blog-post frequency this July, then it’s my 3rd post here. 3 posts-15 days : 1 post per 5 days. Well that’s a reasonable frequency considering my other engagements. Internship work is also on peak. But I should have proper justification for where I’ve been investing my time these days, if not for the readers than for myself.

Wall Art¬† –¬†

As soon I set my things up in the new dorm, I had few ideas to customize it. To breath life in the long-abandoned space that resonates with my living style. And what could have been a better way than art to showcase that.

So I started making few paper arts because I love it. I wanted to choose something that was easy to make and looks good while it goes on the wall. It’s been quite a while since I drew anything. Animated characters seemed the reasonable choice.

I was a huge cartoon fan in my childhood – well who wasn’t? The first character that came in my mind was Dexter, for it well signified things that I generally deal with as a student – Science & Technology. So I drew this –


Umm..A mad scientist!

And this is how it looked on the wall –


Ok good!

I couldn’t take my eyes off from this picture the next day ūüôā¬†When I woke up and realized – hmm…I’ve a companion here. When I came back from my work and there was Dexter asking me – So how was your day today?

It was all in my head ūüėõ

But Mr. Dexter was feeling lonely and needed a companion himself. No not a human one (which he had) but someone from his own species. So I thought of keeping him entertained with funky Johnny Bravo –


Were you asking for me?

And then he went on the wall too, alongside Dexter –


It’s Long Distance Entertainment (LDE)!

I was careful not to keep Johnny too near to Dexter.¬†I don’t want him distracted from his scientific endeavor.¬†And there I had one more companion to stare at after waking up the next morning.

Few days later I sent in Mario to investigate how these two were doing –


Hey guys! What’s up? Mario here.

Now these three adorn my workstation like this –


Better, isn’t it?

I really liked making these paper-arts and I was satisfied the way they came up (sometimes I pat myself to boost up). I kept on adding characters for next few days in my list once they started springing up in my mind. Now I have much more things to make. Hopefully I would complete them soon as well.

New Techblog

In the beginning of 2016, I started my techblog ‘HogwartsTech‘ here on Divine_Lifez as a¬†separate category. Creative writing is for leisure times, Science is what I deal with and I wanted to document my learning, my experiences and my experimentations. I published few blog posts since then and here is how they’ve performed –

Post Title Published On Total Views Total Likes
When A Chatbot Said “Women Must Adore You” 28th June 10 6
Thready ‚Äď Threat Detection Using¬†Drones 21st April 8 7
ClearType ‚Äď A Font Technology I Didn‚Äôt Know¬†About 16th January 41 17

WordPress is a great medium to showcase your work but it’s better if your work deals with a particular domain to reach target audience. It’s an important thing that I learnt through my blogging experience so far. Not only the posts were unable to reach wider audience, they were¬†also less likely to be read by my current readers as compared to other posts.

Well there are some prominent reasons for it too –

  • Techblogs are extensive. Most of my posts are usually long but the ones in this category were massively long, usually >1200 words.
  • They require certain prerequisites to understand, otherwise it’s all moo – unless you know something about microelectronics, you can’t understand what ESP2866 wi-fi module is.
  • Most of the people on this blogosphere are creative writers and they’re awesome. I don’t want to bore them with technical stuffs.

Considering all these reasons, I finally decided to have a separate destination for my technical ramblings. Also I didn’t want to have it on just another WYSIWYG platform like WordPress but rather to be handcrafted, personalized and made through code.

If you’re doing something good, do it in a better way.

Here is what I designed for generating some anticipation before the launch and put it as my WhatsApp DP.


Few people did ask what this OTTID is?

After hours of reading documentation, churning several blog posts, code modifications, configuration changes, making a separate GitHub account and creating a new repository and writing my first blog post, repetitively generating static files through command line, editing phases and running my localhost tens of times to check everything’s perfect before it goes online, finally my Techblog is now¬†live and running –



Desktop View


Mobile View

Do check out my new techblog if it interests you at

Also if you want to know how to set up your own Pelican site, then do read my Hello World-101 entry there.

Setting up a separate site would provide me more creative freedom in tech domain as well as posting some behind-the-scenes learning through shorter blog posts which I generally avoid here. Also it would a gateway for a sneak peek into my everyday chores.

Renovating Divine_Lifez

If you’re a design enthusiast and if carefully introspect the visual appearance of things you come across, then you might have noticed some layout changes in my blog.

It’s subtle because I didn’t change the overall theme so it might not be apparent. Anyway here’s what changed –

  • Flatter design – Flat design is in trend and I love material design. While I was customizing the appearance, I wanted the elements on webpage to be flat. No standing-out z-indexes and no flashy tilting.

And there all lie, flat.

  • Color scheme –¬†If you’ve any experience in web designing, you must reckon the importance of color scheme for rendering a seamless eye-pleasing webpage. It felt right to change the color pattern for smooth integration with the changed design.

New and the old.

  • Subtitle –¬†People don’t stick to things, they strive for¬†doing something bigger and better. When I started this blog, the old subtitle seemed to be fit.

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade and write the taste

But as the time progressed, I started incorporating newer domains into my writing. The posts were no longer confined to my rants about feelings and emotion but I started writing about various events, my adventures, entrepreneurship and much more.

Thus there needed a change. A change that stands for the conglomeration of all these aspects. A change that signifies my everyday learning in a better way. So there came the new subtitle –

Searching for substantiality in the vicinity of void

Hope it conveys a much deeper and wider meaning to my reader as I intend it to.

100+ Followers

Your and my beloved blog Divine_Lifez has crossed the cent mark of its followers.

Thanks thanks thanks a lot to all my followers for showing your interest in my naive writing. Your faith is the reason behind the existence of this blog. Your belief justifies my countless hours I’ve spent in creating, organizing and writing the contents.


It’s 110 now!

Also thanks to all the readers to stumble upon my niche on this huge blogosphere. Keep visiting this space to read more from me. I assure you would never get bored ūüôā

Creating original content has always been my foremost priority. All my posts are carefully researched for the authenticity of information and they go through numerous editing before getting published.

Also the images I post on my blog are either photographed & edited or designed (for graphics) by myself. I don’t have any problem with anyone using them but do credit or atleast inform me before using them on any other platform – I spend a lot of time (sometimes hours) in deciding the layout, elements and composition.

So¬†Divine_Lifez would stay true to this philosophy of originality. It’s just a beginning.

Hold Me Honey, I’m Drifting Away…

Caught in the tide of time,

Floating in the meander of memories,

I’m drifting away, carried along

Pushed by the thrust of reverie;

Like the luminescence of twilight

And the moving carriage, not boarded;

You fading out of the sight of mine

And me dissolving in remembrance of yours;


What cumulonimbus did to the sun rays,

Ignorance gradually taking over my realm,

Overshadowing the intensity of my care,

Washing away the pigments of my love

Like drizzle that took away the earthen heat;


Like flickering flame of melting candle

That still stands burning, stuck & firm

Due to its own parts, burnt & fused

Who have served their purpose

Now lie at the base, strengthening it;

My hope clings on all those deeds

That cheers you up, whenever we meet;


Now it needs your warm palms around

To save it being taken away by gusty wind,

To breathe in the life, now almost faded

And watch it wash the prevailing darkness

Lightening up every corner of lively dimension;


Give your warmth to fuel the fireplace

And shoo away discomforting chill;

Hold me honey & pull me on shore

Let’s resume our adventurous journey

Which we both are longing for…

Author’s Note –  If time is the best healer, it is the best spoiler too. Sadly people don’t realize the later until its too late. No matter how hard you had broken the ice, it would form as complete & strong as before if you let it to.


Flying With The Free Bird

A Tweety witty bird clucking one day,

Dodging and munching, delightful and gay;

Saw a flattering bird different of all,

Colorful feathers – unwithered of summer & fall;

Dancing and fluttering and chirping melodies,

Swinging, rolling, whirling & twirling,

Taking flights from trees to trees,

Seemingly unconcerned of all worries;

‘Why aren’t others like her?’ – wondered Tweety

Lively, spirited and wonderfully pretty;

An epitome of everyone’s aspiration,

For Tweety, a reason of joyous elation;

Then he understood the virtual cage

Trapping everyone, regardless of age;

Cage that they had put around themselves

Only to be strengthened over time and felt;

Apprehensive of leaving their comfort zone,

Breaking the consistency of monotonous tone;

Avoided rejoicing the fun of wild imagination,

Stepping out of shell, seeking one’s passion;

Beholding the beauty floating around,

Free of rules or any imaginative bound;


While the free bird did it all,

Caged ones merely shrugged & laughed

On her unencountered craziness;

Rendered opinions of vast majority

Oblivious of opinions, rolling on top

She didn’t care, neither did she stop;

Whatever she did, she did it the best

Unfurling a new dimension of enthralling zest;

‘What’s missing in my life?’ – Once Tweety had thought.

There the answered lied, beautifully she brought.


…Now he wish to fly with the free bird

In her enchanted world of merry craziness.


Author’s Note: ¬†Based on a true story, in fact just a part of my story.

This poem is dedicated to a person¬†who taught me the meaning of ‘being free‘. How¬†it feels to do whatever your heart says. Things that people may find ridiculous at first but later contemplate on why didn’t they think of it.¬†It stands for all those refreshing moments. Amidst all those craziness when I reluctantly thought ‘this was what missing in my life‘.