Meet Us At Rendezvous -IITH Summer Alumni Meet 2016

“Hi! my name is ‘abc’ from ‘xyz’ department currently studying in ‘αβγ’ year.”

This is the general format which everyone starts with. Well everybody is shy at first.

And then the question pops up from somewhere – “So how many girls are there in your batch?

Giggles & chuckles…

But at the end it clinks in everyone’s mind to study in such a prestigious institution with skewed gender ratio. There was only one girl there among the lot of almost 40. Well the math here would be pretty straightforward to conclude but qualitative understanding is sufficient 🙂

‘So what else do you do in college apart from academics?’ – asks the senior.

Well I’ve been active in this & this clubs…umm I’m xyz coordinator for this fest…I’ve a band in college….I’m focused on basketball…etc. etc.

Applauds and then comes the next.

The bottles takes the 180 degrees turn. Now it’s time to know whom you’re actually facing – once in the position where you stand, they’ve moved on with their life. Carrying tons of real life experiences and sharing the attachment they still carry with the college – alumni are the real career guardians.

So the occasion was ‘IITH Summer Alumni Meet‘ which was organized at one of the coolest party places here in Hyderabad. Having it on Saturday further added to the party ambiance.


Rendezvous – makes a good pun!

Almost all attendees were there by 1 o’clock. We gathered at one place for introductory sessions. It was followed by updates on the Alumni Association functioning. Here are some of the highlights for my fellow colleagues if you missed it –

  • Now A Registered Society – Yes, you heard that right! IITH Alumni Association is now a registered society approved by the Govt. Of Telangana, India. So it isn’t just confined to Facebook group anymore like many such groups are. An year and half of consistent effort from alumni and student community brought this endeavor to fruition. This would aid in official functioning of the association.
  • Alumni Funding – Around 80% of the total expenditure for organizing the Inter IIT Sports Meet last year (which amounts to around 400 crores) was bore by Alumni and this is true for many such events. Alumni act as tremendous support structure for an institute. Proper channel for funding from alumni is in discussion. Institute already collects Rs. 4000 from every passing out students towards registration and confers an alumni ID card.
  • Mentoring – An Alumnus is your first real friend in the unknown land. If someone is going out for MS, PhD, etc. do get in touch with the alumni who are already residing there. You can get the required information from IITHAA official site. They are compassionate and will help you in any mean they can. They are well aware of the recent unpleasant incidences with the students in the foreign land and they want to ensure that similar things don’t happen with any other students from our institute.

As it was already the lunch time, the talk was kept short and informative. Anyway alumni meet is where fun happens with your pass out seniors. Some of them you know and some you had only heard about. Seniors relive their college days through your words and you seek out the guidance for your future.

The food was awesome – buffet with lots of varieties. I didn’t take photos while eating because I was more focused on trying out things 😛 I would’ve accidentally eaten chicken had my friends not noticed what I was going to do (P.S – I’m a vegetarian). Appearance can be very deceiving sometimes! 🙂

The place was a celebrated pool party venue. We did caught up with some of the songs which the regular band performed. They were setting things up at that time. The actual party begins in the evening. Well we left before that.

It was now time to get together and cherish the event memories.


Ya we’re pretty much just youngsters!

Adjust and click…and then there were just photographs.

It was fun meeting our seniors. Some of them were from the pioneer batch (yes ours is one of the new IITs set up in 2008).

Soon we departed for our respective abode and so we said – “Ciao till the next time!



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