Words That Emanated Flawlessly

Situational Poetry –

Heartfelt emotions when overcome the obstacle of careful choices, words emanate flawlessly. There’s no thinking twice because then the heart sings and the mind dances on the tune. Feelings glide smoothly as if ideally obeying the Newton’s First Law in this realistic world. Retracing your path to mend your way seems unnecessary. What your subconscious mind chose seems indeed the right choice.

This is situational poetry for me. The moment you’re swept away with the intensity of feeling. Being high on the emotional quotient, I come across these moments quite oftenly. And then I think and I speak. I speak and then I write.

So here are the two instances that I encountered recently and thought of sharing with my readers. I had these poems written in my notes at the moment when I was facing something pertaining to these words. Enjoy 🙂

The Pandora Of Mundanity –

Lost in the reverie of lights & dance,

Probing my heartfelt desire to seek;

For each work vested, another moment gone

Why should I wait till the end of a week?


Plea To My Companion –

Up in the air

Reminiscing the thoughts,

Seconds seems hour

Drifting a far,

Diminishing in size

Then I realize

The value of yours

And stupidity of mine,

Missing your smileys

Wishing everything’s fine;

Pondering the same,

I’m one to blame,

So whatever you wish

To do to thee,

There’s one plea

Just return to me;

Without you, my words

massively hit off shore,

Even the ongoing rhyme

Doesn’t seem to fit anymore.


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