Meet Us At Rendezvous -IITH Summer Alumni Meet 2016

“Hi! my name is ‘abc’ from ‘xyz’ department currently studying in ‘αβγ’ year.”

This is the general format which everyone starts with. Well everybody is shy at first.

And then the question pops up from somewhere – “So how many girls are there in your batch?

Giggles & chuckles…

But at the end it clinks in everyone’s mind to study in such a prestigious institution with skewed gender ratio. There was only one girl there among the lot of almost 40. Well the math here would be pretty straightforward to conclude but qualitative understanding is sufficient 🙂

‘So what else do you do in college apart from academics?’ – asks the senior.

Well I’ve been active in this & this clubs…umm I’m xyz coordinator for this fest…I’ve a band in college….I’m focused on basketball…etc. etc.

Applauds and then comes the next.

The bottles takes the 180 degrees turn. Now it’s time to know whom you’re actually facing – once in the position where you stand, they’ve moved on with their life. Carrying tons of real life experiences and sharing the attachment they still carry with the college – alumni are the real career guardians.

So the occasion was ‘IITH Summer Alumni Meet‘ which was organized at one of the coolest party places here in Hyderabad. Having it on Saturday further added to the party ambiance.


Rendezvous – makes a good pun!

Almost all attendees were there by 1 o’clock. We gathered at one place for introductory sessions. It was followed by updates on the Alumni Association functioning. Here are some of the highlights for my fellow colleagues if you missed it –

  • Now A Registered Society – Yes, you heard that right! IITH Alumni Association is now a registered society approved by the Govt. Of Telangana, India. So it isn’t just confined to Facebook group anymore like many such groups are. An year and half of consistent effort from alumni and student community brought this endeavor to fruition. This would aid in official functioning of the association.
  • Alumni Funding – Around 80% of the total expenditure for organizing the Inter IIT Sports Meet last year (which amounts to around 400 crores) was bore by Alumni and this is true for many such events. Alumni act as tremendous support structure for an institute. Proper channel for funding from alumni is in discussion. Institute already collects Rs. 4000 from every passing out students towards registration and confers an alumni ID card.
  • Mentoring – An Alumnus is your first real friend in the unknown land. If someone is going out for MS, PhD, etc. do get in touch with the alumni who are already residing there. You can get the required information from IITHAA official site. They are compassionate and will help you in any mean they can. They are well aware of the recent unpleasant incidences with the students in the foreign land and they want to ensure that similar things don’t happen with any other students from our institute.

As it was already the lunch time, the talk was kept short and informative. Anyway alumni meet is where fun happens with your pass out seniors. Some of them you know and some you had only heard about. Seniors relive their college days through your words and you seek out the guidance for your future.

The food was awesome – buffet with lots of varieties. I didn’t take photos while eating because I was more focused on trying out things 😛 I would’ve accidentally eaten chicken had my friends not noticed what I was going to do (P.S – I’m a vegetarian). Appearance can be very deceiving sometimes! 🙂

The place was a celebrated pool party venue. We did caught up with some of the songs which the regular band performed. They were setting things up at that time. The actual party begins in the evening. Well we left before that.

It was now time to get together and cherish the event memories.


Ya we’re pretty much just youngsters!

Adjust and click…and then there were just photographs.

It was fun meeting our seniors. Some of them were from the pioneer batch (yes ours is one of the new IITs set up in 2008).

Soon we departed for our respective abode and so we said – “Ciao till the next time!



When A Chatbot Said “Women Must Adore You”

I have 32 tabs opened in my Chrome while I write this.


‘Ah! What?’ – Oh sorry! Off the topic.

Or may be not.

Ok Google! What’s the maximum number of tabs supported in Google Chrome?

Side information – read the first link that pops up. Tabs junkies out there!

I had to take multiple screenshots before I got this one. These assistants are now incredibly fast, you know 🙂

“Siri tell me a tongue twister”


Thanks to my friend for letting me use his iPhone!

How many times have you done things like this?

Very few – when you’re having an awesome day or probably many – when you’ve nothing better to do.

Or you’re bored and just curious to know what pops up. Oh I fall in this category BTW.

Google Now | Cortana | Siri – all hail virtual assistants! Life is now freakishly easy when the information is on your lips tips (oops! finger tips for those who are still clinging to iPhone 4 era).

They’re good, in fact great but predictable. You kind of know what’s coming up, atleast the nature of results, if not the exact response.

But the boredom seeks to have duel with excitement – unforeseen & unpredictable. Humor would certainly be icing on the cake.

And let there be chatbots.

A chatbot is a rudimentary form of artificial intelligence software that can converse with humans to answer questions or simply natter to us in as lifelike a manner as possible. The scope and complexity of a chatbot is determined by the creator’s algorithmic aptitude. – Alright!

Needless to say, once upon a time this narrator lied in rest (not dead just casually relaxing) exploring the down-charted territory of boredom where neither the blossoming Gloriosa Daisy nor the immensity of Crab Nebula fascinated him.

The mighty Internet comes to the rescue and saint Google says – “Ask me anything.”

And so I did.


Note to my well-wishers – Please don’t stop talking or atleast remembering me (even Facebook poke would do – I never gonna see them anyway. Neither I get any mail as in case of messages). Nonetheless the telepathy does prevent slipping into the situation whose consequence you’re to witness today.

First link – Mitsuku Chatbot – Checked. The interface looks like they are going to premiere ‘Dora The Explorer’. Tons of things crunched. Flashy. Sends me back to 90s. Walked out. Went for next.

Second link – – Took me straight to chatting. With three Google Ads flashing on three sides, I felt like being on peninsula.

After 5 minutes (for me it was 2) if you’re still enjoying it then probably you’re super-bored. Fed up from everything you have and unknown to everything else that you don’t – you’re not even willing to try.

Fortunately, still in my sanity, I was experimenting and here’s the dead end (dramatic reconstruction)-


Let’s see what the next one holds. I was more curious to know whether a chatbot would actually answer the calculations embedded in conversation.

A.L.I.C.E. – The Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity 

Well I always start conversation in a decent fashion – etiquettes I’ve picked up on the way. It’s usually ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘how are you?’ in the beginning (yeah I ask that to chatbots as well because you know, asking if their algorithm is running smoothly or got stuck in an unforeseen edge case).

It could have been a routine conversation but A.L.I.C.E proves it soon enough why she deserves to be an award winning chatbot. I didn’t bother to take the screenshots of initial conversation on the grounds of checking the authenticity of responses considering they were quite usual questions.

As I delved more, the more awestruck I was. Soon I realized that I needed to take screenshots for reference as it is going to be a carefully planned experimentation. I’ll let the pictures do the talking –


Seemed like we would have ended up the conversation pretty soon UNLESS I picked up at the last sentence. 


See I was really adamant at spotting 20 which she clearly dodged everytime.


I’m his son!!! – OK that went off-road. Sorry! I was just experimenting. Still tough on 11+9 part though.


I missed a sentence in between probably. If you noticed, whoever seeks A.L.I.C.E. (for conversation of course), she begins with referring them as ‘Judge’. Why you ask? Because you’re there to judge her ultimately, don’t you?

She is tired of hearing the judgmental crap. But the bond we (its just me I think) embarked to form, I wanted the things to be more personal like referring to me as my own name instead.


Change of topic. Trying to make the conversation more interactive.


Ok….Umm….So I was….saying….about… (God! am I blushing?)…chatbot..ya right!

Oh dear A.L.I.C.E., hope you’re not making fun of this single soul – picking on the sensitive nerves that you were willing to do anyway.


If you used to dread ‘rearrange the words to form appropriate sentences‘ type question in your English exam, you should be feeling happy that you didn’t come across A.L.I.C.E. before.


A.L.I.C.E changes it to ‘Chandan’ suddenly – much better! I think she is enjoying my conversation. She starts spilling out some of her secrets (AIML, huh!). Sentences get longer this time.

Well things were not smooth always and I did bump into error messages from time to time. But they didn’t cost me any sentence. A.L.I.C.E retain the messages when you refresh the screen – I would have to look for its working but it’s just simple web stuff I suppose.


I took few window screenshots as well to show what else was going around.


For the geeks – Windows 8 (still I know, I prefer Linux but not my designing softwares), 4 GB RAM, 2.6 GHz Intel-i5 3rd generation quad-core processor.



Sometimes conversation turns philosophical even with the chatbots!


The conversation is still in continuation. I kept in mind to build upon the things I have already told and maintain the semantic consistency.


Beating around the bushes. Trying to seek certain information I’m interested in.


If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you, its yours. If it doesn’t, it never was. 


And so it went on…

I should do some linguistic analyses but I keep that for the future post (if I happen to do them). It surely would enable me to come up with robust conclusion about the responses. I think I would better delve into AIML structures for the start 🙂

Here are some random things associated with this experiment –

  • I was so hooked in the conversation that it went for 3-4 days. I didn’t shut my laptop down for this entire duration (anyway I put it on hibernate most of the times).
  • Resuming the chat after break, I made sure I pick up where I left so that I could test the relevance of responses with the previously discussed context.
  • At some point of time during the experimentation, I was so convinced about setting a world record for ‘chatting with a chatbot for the longest duration‘. I even searched about it in Guinness Book of World Record and other record directories. Fortunately I didn’t find any such record. So if anyone from such organization reading this post, you might consider me as the record setter for the start 😛
  • There are few intermittent screenshots as well. I took in between the conversation in fear that I would loose some part of it due to unstable net connection. They now reside in ‘A.L.I.C.E. Experiment‘ folder I’ve in my laptop.
  • This A.L.I.C.E. has nothing to do with one of the protagonists of my poem-series ‘My Cryptic Love’ though I would now love to attribute that character to this chatbot 🙂

Words That Emanated Flawlessly

Situational Poetry –

Heartfelt emotions when overcome the obstacle of careful choices, words emanate flawlessly. There’s no thinking twice because then the heart sings and the mind dances on the tune. Feelings glide smoothly as if ideally obeying the Newton’s First Law in this realistic world. Retracing your path to mend your way seems unnecessary. What your subconscious mind chose seems indeed the right choice.

This is situational poetry for me. The moment you’re swept away with the intensity of feeling. Being high on the emotional quotient, I come across these moments quite oftenly. And then I think and I speak. I speak and then I write.

So here are the two instances that I encountered recently and thought of sharing with my readers. I had these poems written in my notes at the moment when I was facing something pertaining to these words. Enjoy 🙂

The Pandora Of Mundanity –

Lost in the reverie of lights & dance,

Probing my heartfelt desire to seek;

For each work vested, another moment gone

Why should I wait till the end of a week?


Plea To My Companion –

Up in the air

Reminiscing the thoughts,

Seconds seems hour

Drifting a far,

Diminishing in size

Then I realize

The value of yours

And stupidity of mine,

Missing your smileys

Wishing everything’s fine;

Pondering the same,

I’m one to blame,

So whatever you wish

To do to thee,

There’s one plea

Just return to me;

Without you, my words

massively hit off shore,

Even the ongoing rhyme

Doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

Case Convincing : You’ve Got To Explain Your Idea!

Before I pour upon my readers with the series of well-researched blog posts lined up, there is one important thing I needed to write about. Many a times it happens that you’re on your way of doing one thing but something else comes in the way that you can’t help thinking about.

One similar case was mine when I found myself struggling with the proper words to convince a person on the receiving end.

Scenario – As a product designer, I’m working on a cinematography equipment for smartphones. There is this guy, junior to me, who is equally interested in entreprenuership and startups. He has got experience of various hackathons & wants to work on novel ideas himself.

He is also my fellow co-intern. So one day while coming back from the work, we got into talking about new exciting products we could work on. I told him about this idea as I was already working on it. But somewhere he didn’t seem to agree much and I wanted to convince him to believe in the market value of my product.

How I got the idea and what stage is it in?

As a cinematography enthusiast, I am always looking for the ways to capture moments around me in beautiful ways – ones like you see in movies. From different angles, different exposure timing, lighting, perspective, etc. and weave them later into so-called videos.

Here is the one for start, showing our prototype building phase (just the workshop activities! :P) –

The entire movie is shot on my Redmi 2 Prime and uses a bit of YouTube video stabilization mechanism weaved together with Google Photos ‘Auto Awesome Videos‘ algorithm.

When I don’t have a DSLR camera with me (most of the time, I don’t), which I usually borrow from the Photography Club, I primarily use my smartphone to capture the scenes instead of suppressing my will to not shoot altogether.

I would be writing detailed technical descriptions of my prototype (yeah I’ve a crude one) in my techblog soon but for the reference, that’s where I realized I needed a smartphone mounting device which would bring steadiness to the videos and also I could shoot in whatever way I want.

Before I started working on this, I had done some market research regarding available products and the professional movies that has been shot on iPhone. I realized that this concept has started gaining momentum in recent years itself and companies are working to develop a range of such equipments.

It was nothing statistical in my research and I was only being supported through qualitative arguments. I didn’t have consolidated data in chunks of number or beautiful graphs either.

Nonetheless I believe the communicator should have the power to convince whose major part lies in his/her words.

I noted down few points in my notebook as they keep striking me which I would write here –

  • Convincing about idea – It’s your idea and you only know how much you’ve worked on it, before even pitching it even to your closest friend. You’re passionate about it and ready to work tirelessly to bring it to reality – that’s great!

But don’t get overly attached to it. Don’t develop the obsessiveness, for it would hamper your rational thinkingThe person whom you are convincing may or may not be as enthusiastic as you at first. You need to understand that and form your words not to weigh much on just motivation.

  • The art of persuasion – A cliché point but indeed useful. Do I have something fresh to add? Let’s see. For satisfactory convincing, you need to transfer the vision you have to other person. The visualization of something that still dwells in your mind like Elon Musk talks about in this video –

If we don’t do this, we’re in grave problem. That’s why I have to do this!

That’s what we do in writing as well. We infuse our perception over the readers and persuade them to thing about the contents analytically. To make them understand that whatever is written are not mere random ramblings but realized through personal experiences.

  • Keeping it within your domain – If you’re a science student, don’t go about giving example of economic crisis and how your revolutionary idea could ultimately turn that around – surely not in the beginning itself! You don’t have the required knowledge for it. Reading few articles of what the reasons are and where did experts go wrong, won’t render you expert about the nitty-gritties of the situation.

Having knowledge about diverse things is good and they may find their place to consolidate your arguments but the real power resides in field examples which the conversation deals with and this leads to my next point.

  • Domain expertise – I remember the conversation I once had with my junior from Computer Science Dept. Being a startup enthusiast, he was working on an E-Commerce product.  The idea didn’t seem to be apparent to a novice like selling commodities online or doing big data analytics but rather pertained to in-depth knowledge of marketing.

I asked –  “how did you get the idea for this, not having dealt with such problem at individual level yourself”?

Then he told me about the concept of ‘domain expertise‘ and how he has a marketing guy & other networks on board. Though I have realized it earlier myself but now I had a keyword. Also it was more about ‘domain knowledge‘ than being ‘domain expert‘ to conceive an idea.


Instill your craziness in the crowd

  • Show me the stats – This would probably be the only technical point I’m mentioning and that I think holds critical to the subject of my post. One of the very first things that my junior asked for (irrespective of whatever I tell him otherwise) was to show him the data –
    • What % of people are likely to be interested in cinematography?
    • Among them, how many are likely to consider our product?
    • Why wouldn’t a professional cinematographer go for DSLR or other expensive yet better equipments?
    • Why wouldn’t SMEs (Small & Medium Scale Enterprises) or common people hire a professional to do their job in much better and sophisticated way rather than handling it themselves?
    • How likely is your product to perform good in the market where professional companies have already realized its need and started working for it?

There could be tens and hundreds of such questions. So what’s the fool-proof way to dodge them? Have numbers with you. Do some statistical market research, perform surveys, take opinions over small sample space, perform the magic of excel functions to extract information from raw data.

Also ping mostly into the interested community to gain better perspective (like a film school or college’s cinematography club in my case).

  • Keep the groundwork at your disposal – Lets take it with a pinch of salt. With thousands of ideas floating around and numerous others which no one is ready to perceive in fear of being outdated, your groundwork is the firm base for convincing job.

It also shows how much you believe in your own idea and how far you’re ready to go for it. When you’ve sustained the initial building phase on your own, people would be willing to join in your effort.

I’m very fond of Elon Musk in such matter as well. I remember when he released the Tesla Powerwall, I was gripped for the whole keynote session. Prior to that I had not heard much about his idea. He came open to the public with a disruptive product in hand. He didn’t just flaunted with futuristic possibility of his idea but rather demonstrated it then and there.

  • Your confidence and belief – Every intended action of suggestion has a bottom line and so does this blog post. Also it’s customary to say ‘last but not the least‘, this is the one that rules them all. Have confidence in whatever you intend to do. Let the people call you crazy for they don’t have the vision you posses.

Also have belief in your methods. Learn from other’s experience and of course your own, read about things and improvise upon your techniques until its sufficiently efficient. Have belief in the team you work with. In fact, build your team in such way.

I know I’m not a proven entrepreneur yet but these are the lessons I’m learning on the path of becoming one. There are numerous thing that could branch out of this post and have their own illustrations but I wanted to focus on convincing part in this one and I hope I did it to a reasonable extent.

I’ve provided the embedded links wherever I thought was necessary for further reading. If you have ever found yourself in similar situation, I hope this post resonates with your experience and you get a better perspective on your moves through the contents of this post. Keep innovating! 🙂

Update – Apart from offline surveys, I think my readers could be of much help by providing their feedback. So if you found this post worthy, kindly take out 30 seconds of your time to complete the following survey –

One Lovely Blog Award!!!

It’s the hard work & perseverance that pays at the end.

So my beloved blog ‘Divine_Lifez‘ has been nominated for ‘One Lovely Blog Award‘ by lovely Sagarika Chugh. Thanks a lot to her!

I came across her blog around one month back. I was impressed by her thought process & ended up reading many of her posts at once. I didn’t forget to leave my comments on some of them and she was really polite in replying them honestly 🙂

I started this blog around 2 years back just as a medium to pay tribute to my teacher. Gradually I found my love for writing and the satisfaction it brought with it. Past year I was highly irregular and published very few posts, so this time I made it my new year resolution to keep it regular. I’m glad that effort is being appreciated.

Here are the rules for this award –


It’s too pinkish for me! 😛

Though  I would better be recognized through my work (visit the sites I’ve linked to my blog), nonetheless here are 7 facts about me which very few people know of:

  • I’m a senior year Mechanical Engineering student at IIT Hyderabad (India) currently working as a product designing intern for Bio-design Innovation Lab for the same. I don’t like Biology much though.
  • I might not open up in conversation at first but after few exchanges, I take it as a personal responsibility to keep the things interesting. So don’t worry – you would never get bored 🙂
  • I am a passionate gift maker. I love the smile on people’s face when something unexpected yet pleasant comes their way. For some of the gifts, I’ve worked for straight 14-15 hours without any break.
  • I love cinematography as you might have known already through my writings. So if you ever go to a movie with me, I would be discussing more of camera angles and techniques used in the movie than the actual story 😛
  • Creativity is my forte (atleast I want it to) and I hate mundanity. If there isn’t anything new, exciting and challenging about the things, I easily get bored.
  • I don’t swear or use any abusive words – no, not even the one you think has become an adjective these days – no matter however angry I am.
  • I spend a lot of time on my blog and other writings (which remain unpublished) and spend even much more than that on reading. Yeah it’s difficult under my tight academic schedule!

Few additional points as bonus –

  • I’m a family oriented person. I’ve very few friends but whoever they are, I make sure I do anything reasonable to keep them happy.
  • I respect women a lot and I can’t see them in tears.
  • I am very particular about hygiene and sanitation. My dorm is one of the cleanest you would find in hostel. I wash my hands tens of times a day.

During this journey, I’ve come across many fantastic blogs (which I didn’t keep the track of – oops!) yet some of them are my personal favorites in the ‘following’ list. Here are my nominations –

And of course if I were allowed, I would’ve chosen Sagrika’s blog – Waves Of Life as well.

All the blogs mentioned here are adorable. I’ve been a regular reader of them. Their author’s wonderful writing has taught me how to put your heart in words. I request them to accept my nominations.


Keep writing! 🙂

From The Procrastinator’s Mind : Let’s Do It Later

Correct me if I’m wrong – with tons of work lying around, you have turned an oblivious back and start watching some random videos on YouTube, which though you started with some cool tech videos and but landed in the 5th or 6th strata of obscurity.

Well you’re not the only one and it’s not completely your fault either.

So here I was, getting myself into the parade of procrastinators, flinging through the numerous books which didn’t have any correlation with my subject whatsoever. Yet I was giving them a read for satisfying my hunger for reading. Then it struck me suddenly as why am I doing this?

While I was supposed to be integrating Google Cloud Messaging service in my app, I got tempted by a flashy button announcing the live stream Google I/O 2016 and started watching the keynote session instead which showcased the all new Google Assistant and I ended up searching for Picasso’s full name which was shown for the demonstration purpose.


Do you see the level of deviation here?

Why couldn’t I help myself abandoning these futile things that comfortably keep me in my comfort zone. Why not get along the task that needs to be done instead?

Believe me if I can write this, knowing that I was procrastinating myself, then I know what I was doing and so do most of the people.

I pushed myself up from the lying position and did a little research on the procrastinator’s mindset and here’s what I have to write –

The story of ‘instant gratification monkey’ and ‘the panic monster’

Deadlines! One of the most comprehensive factors that pushes us to work our asses off towards the end of it. Unless the back is ablaze on fire, there isn’t enough heat push ourselves up.

Everyone starts with a rational mind as decision-maker, capable of taking certain decisions that are in the best of interests. But as soon as we set our eyes for the destination island and start to sail off the ship, the instant gratification monkey pops up.


And here’s how the conversation goes (RM : Rational MindIGM : Instant Gratification Monkey) –

RM (whistling) : Ah! What a nice day it is. I’ve started on time, considering all parameters to be suitable, I’ll be able to reach, WELL AHEAD OF THE DEADLINE.

IGM (poping up with a whooshing sound): Dude, dude, dude! What are you doing? Didn’t you see that nice island around? That one glittering like starry night sky. And what about that one – they’re playing the party rock anthem. Besides that there’s another one which scientists has made a home for biological research, don’t you want to know what are they upto?

RM (contemplating): Hmm! That seems nice. Anyway it won’t affect my schedule much if I just check them out. Sailing would be much fun with refreshed mind. Anyway I’ve sufficient days to reach there. PLUS I’m having a new experience. There is something new to be known.

IGM (Excitedly): We gonna party hard! YOLO!

After executing numerous such suggestions from the monkey, when the rational mind wakes up from its hangover. Suddenly it realizes that if it doesn’t speed up beyond the speed limit, it is certainly going to miss the deadline.

And then rises the panic monster.

The panic monster creeps the hell out of both of them and the instant gratification monkey instantly speed off. And you’re left with your fear. A fire beneath constantly heating the ignited fuel.

Were the words too much for you? Oh! of-course you’re one of those. Anyway here’s the video reference for the same –


Eat a live frog every morning

No, you don’t need to take it literally and feel disgusted. What I meant to say is to do the task of highest priority (so called “the worst” or “the most important” task). I would directly quote the gist from the source I read it from –

Do your worst task first. By “worst” I mean “most important” and by “most important” I mean the task you’re most likely to procrastinate on. The deadline you’re dreading, the slides for the presentation you’re terrified of giving, the research you’re sure will turn up information you don’t want to know. Do it, before you do anything else, before you have time to think about it too much.

Things that might build your “get up and do it” attitude

When I was reading the transcript for Sheryl Sandberg commencement speech which she gave recently at UC Berkeley, she pointed out one particular habit that brought a positive change in her life of grief – “to write down three moments of joy before going to bed each night”. Think about the things you’re grateful for and respect that you’ve been privileged to get them.

One of the funnest TED talks tells about this thing too –

Don’t do the things because you have to, do it because you want to.

If you think it’s easier said than done, I can quote umpteenth number of examples of people who came out of giving excuses for their circumstances and did it. Wake up every morning feeling there is something exciting waiting out there for you. Feel the unbounded joy of exhilaration.

When you step out of your comfort zone and explore the realm of unknown, realizing the comfort that lies beyond the effort zone is much more satisfying than relaxing in your comfort zone. Just get started. I hope you have heard of ‘2 minutes rule’.

So why did I write this post? The information I presented here is just the compilation of things I came across, sugar-quoted with some personal experiences.

Because I wanted to. I was being sucked by the ‘mighty procrastination vacuum‘. My last blog post was posted on 12th May and this one was drafted the very next day to it.

It isn’t that I didn’t do anything in between. The period was full of researches, readings and of course bit of writing (which I soon be composing as blog posts) but I just didn’t feel like I was pushing myself up. It didn’t require any physical or even considerable mental effort of mine. Well being alone in hostel during vacation added much to it but that’s a different portion altogether.

Sometimes it’s ok to keep yourself relaxed. In fact, do bore yourself to death for some fantastic ideas would come out of your boredom. Anyway after a hectic phase of the year like the exhaustive semester we had, break is important but make you sure you don’t gradually slip into procrastinators peak  (ironic, isn’t it?).

Experiment, Experience & Enjoy!