My Thoughts At The Sea Shore

It’s funny how your mind goes blank in an instant while it was laden with thoughts just a while ago. In response to a magnificent amalgamation of humane facets & nature’s blessings, your mind refuse to devour whatever your eyes see but the heart makes space to embrace it.

Your senses brighten up to grasp whatever they could. And you gradually slips into total awareness of your surrounding like you do when carefully counting the tiniest of stars while gazing into the silent starry nights.

Even a fainting sound reverberate in mind. Each one carrying their own uniqueness of melody. When those distinct sounds combine, they make a rhythm. A rhythm of dissonance, on the song of which this world dances.

It’s seems worth to ponder – was I always so occupied to never have pondered over it before? Thoughts that I possess now could have resolutely been triggered somewhere else as well? So is it this extensive stretch of water that stands out or there is something else it holds in disguise?

In the general world of commotion, things are playfully dynamic. We do witness medium size well-shaped trees like the ones planted here. We do come across these colorful walls of mansions & we even take a glance over the rock statues that stands as the silent spectator of this dynamism but we don’t make sense out of them. Probably being trapped in this generality kept us from having a broader perspective.

While I sat in reverie at the sea shore artificially adorned with benches, artistically constructed rock chairs, plain roads and lots of people around. I saw things. I observed them. With my awaken senses, I tried to make sense out of them.

I saw a little girl clad in rugged attire selling bubble-blower with fan on top that occasionally whirled with sea breeze. It spun slow and fast intimidating children around who desired to buy it while she tried to make a sale. Those who blew the bubble were successful in making that 20 rupees deal. It added a fairy aura to the whole scene.

I saw a sadhu having conversation with a middle-aged man from a distant land. He seems quite young though, certainly not of age when one would think of getting over the worldly relations and turn into a monk. May be he had an epiphany of exploring ‘into the wild‘. They seem to enjoy it as apparent from their occasional laughs.

I saw a girl, blonde haired, probably in her late twenties scribbling something on a parchment laid on her thigh after she looked towards the sea and thought something. She is sitting alone in her own company bearing a beautiful smile. The face glitters with the lights of setting sun.

I saw another middle-aged guy having his evening jog. Perspiration drips through his body as he repetitively takes round of the finitely stretch road on the shore. A long hair tied behind and a french-cut beard wearing a light inner-ware & track shorts, he seems more of a regular sprinter. I chuckle watching him panting haphazardly.


I saw the kids playing beach-football. Only that their football is more like a toy and there is certainly not much people to make a professional team. Its just siblings playing, later joined in by their friends. I join in too. I let myself be a child while I happen to be with one. Here playing involved repetitive hitting the ball and making sure it reaches them overcoming the friction imposed by sands. They would do the same for their turn. I never liked regressive sport anyway.

I saw several groups of friends gathered at places like separate entities exemplifying the same bond that holds them together – friendship. Their giggling, their excitement, their occasional taunting on their mates while others gang up and usual scolding in reward, their planning for the rest, attempted to bring out the best, forgetting about their upcoming test (true story!), its how they chill out.

I saw a family at the roadside as they break the monotonocity of being in a leisurely closet called ‘home’ to get some fresh air. And I saw numerous such families aligned. The women got along with the gossips while the men had their own ‘mandli‘. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, its time for the colonial celebrations. Older members of the family have their own gang.

I saw the couples dipping into their conjugated love. They were sitting slightly away from the crowd in some lonely corners so as to steal their moment of privacy. One’s hand were kept in other’s when one’s shoulder moves to support other’s head. What marks them is the twinkling in their eyes not because of the sea but when one’s pair catches the glimpse of other’s. I can only speculate about it as I didn’t have anyone besides me to experience it myself. Its one of those hard times you realize you’re still single 😛 I somehow fan off my feelings move to my next observation.

There is a market on the other side. Food delicacies, crockery, clothes, hand-made ornamental items – I heard the voice of vendors making attempt to lure the visitors. I saw poverty-ridden children pleading for buying them chaat or chhole being sold at the tiny stalls. They pleaded to everyone passing by. They didn’t ask for money though or probably I was too moved to notice by this circus of hunger-atrocity. My heart melts and I drench in the shower of humanity. The shattered pieces are consolidated by the smile that prevails after an act of kindness.

I saw the huge lines of parked vehicles few feet away. Each seem to be waiting for their turn to get driven by, again. But its moment of peace for them too. I wonder if they had a soul, it might have a re-union party for them.

I saw the policemen patrolling to justify their work. However serene does everything seem, they should maintain a decorum. I thought of writing about how it is relatively easier for them to dodge the mundanity of life (in fact I wrote and erased it later), the bottom-line is the same job could be much cooler at some places than somewhere else.

Untitled design

Glinting tints

I saw my friends feeling an unbounded joy. I feel myself as if broken a chain that kept me tied me so far. I felt everyone and everything around getting free from constraints.

I did see gigantic stretch of water, I did see the lights dancing on the wave,  which gradually shifted from sun’s to moon’s (though its always of sun’s actually – lets not mix up science & philosophy!).

I did see tides rising up, making their way to the shore and hitting the massive rocks, only to get retracted, loosing their energy and ultimately dying out. The sound of consistent collision filled the environment. They roared to tell the new comers about the thrill that lies ahead.

I saw the small ships , sailing not far away from the shore, coming back from a fisherman’s voyage. As the noisy engine drives the propeller, it tears the water and moved the boat fearlessly forward to wrap up a victorious journey.

I also saw some big ships in the distant water looking like tiny lumps of wood floating. The parallax of observance renders the scene like a rendezvous of pirates.

I saw tiny fishes making their jump as if telling there lies the life beneath as well.

I saw the entire commotion making a peace with silence to spare this space where people make an escape.

I saw the entire universe walking my steps as I marched towards a silent destination to pen down my thoughts.

P.S – It was an ocean actually but ‘sea shore’ rhymes 🙂



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