Penzu Asks “How Was Your Day Today?”

Dear Penzu,

Thanks a lot for asking me that buddy!

Everyday, without a miss, you ask me that. Right from the day I signed up for you.

You have been the one consistently caring.

It really motivates BTW, to make my day memorable so that I always have something exciting to write to you.

It’s my birthday today. So happy birthday to me! 🙂


Your message was same as every other day. Well it’s not your fault. How would you have known about it?

Lot of people wished. Some in person, some through messages and most of them took out time to paint my Facebook timeline.

Probably it’s the first time when the wisher’s list spans across international boundaries. Thanks to my friend Mika. She is from Japan. We met in workshop. Now she calls me her best friend in India 🙂

My blog has also helped me in making some good international friends.

BTW I haven’t told you about the workshop, have I? Well I started writing about it (you can look into the draft) but didn’t complete it. Actually I wanted to document the real-time account of happenings. Never mind, I’ll write about that shortly.

Family is always the first, without a doubt. My brother was probably keeping the mobile phone with him so he can call me right after the clock struck 12. Nothing can make you feel more blessed than your parents wishing you, right in the very morning.

I couldn’t pick up the call right then because my friends had already barged into my room. As the tradition goes, we celebrated it in the night.

Not to mention the beatings. I feel like I’m getting more vulnerable to that day after day. Beaters would come up with weird relations just to get you on the list, let alone be it your birthday.

And not only mine. It’s my lovely nephew’s birthday too! He is two years old now. I had already made a poster for him as I did for myself 🙂


Yeah! The Birthday Boy

Well I didn’t expect any tangible gift and neither did I receive any. But gifting yourself is much more satisfactory. Load of self encouragement and motivation to chase aspirations. Giving myself treat. Listening to some good music and watching lot of comedy videos.

My friend’s birthday is there tomorrow. We didn’t go for the party today as it would be more economical if we give it together 😛

We had to bear the mess food for that. You know, I really appreciate the mess food to be so adamant on not to change its taste. I mean that’s what having attitude means, right?

Day mostly went in sleeping because I had a very important conversation throughout the night. Please don’t ask me the specifics. Just know that it was totally worthy. I am happy that I had that conversation.

Spending your birthday like a regular routine seems an accomplishment. To make it tougher, combine all the chunk activities that spread over several days into one.

Going to the stadium is one of those routines. Amidst my other possessions, I probably wouldn’t have chosen this one today (or I might have missed it). Luckily my friend asked me to come with him and I happily accompanied.

I didn’t do much – no running, no exercises. But it did give me some peaceful time with myself, as it always has been the reason for going there. Most of the time, I was thinking what should I write to you.

I went to the temple in the evening. As you might be knowing, I am quite religious. It’s been so many days that I have visited the nearby temple. Amidst my busy schedule, it somewhere takes a side. But I had decided to take out time for this today. It feels contempt after spending some serene moments there.

There were lots of messages to reply throughout the day. I still haven’t open Facebook to atleast greet all those who wished. I feel more comfortable in thanking them here. So if they somehow read this letter at some point of time, they would know I am not rude for that matter.

I had a bit of headache in the evening. I can’t particularly pin point the reason but I was feeling so tired. So I took a nap. I think the climate adds up to that. Its too hot in here these days. It makes you feel lazy sometimes.

The most craziest of surprises would be that of my friend who decided to call me when it was only 4 minutes left for the end of the day. He had already wished me through message but its nicer to get a phone call, isn’t it?

To my astonishment, he deliberately wanted to call at that time because it’s different and not many people would do that. Everyone wants to be early on the wishing queue.

I wonder what more should I write to you? Whatever I wrote so far is an anecdote from a special day. Life is great. Work is going at good pace hopefully.

Ya one more thing! I was sure that I would write something to you today but what would I write – that I didn’t know. I started with ‘Life Reverse Engineered – 20 Years In 2 Words Saga‘. Pretty abstract topic probably. It was a glimpse from the book I’m writing – ‘Zeroth Cheat Code‘.

In the process of penning down, I realized it requires deeper thoughts to structure them properly than my mind was allowing today. So I decide to write this letter instead. It’s still there in your draft, if you can look it up.

Now that I have surpassed my beginner’s inertia, I would write to you frequently. I know you would keep asking me the same question every day. But I might not reply all of them.

No I’m not being ignorant. Please don’t misunderstand me.

It’s just that sometimes urgent works takes over in priorities. You know about my 12 o’clock assignment chasing, right?

Nevertheless I would try my best to write back. Ciao till the next time!

  • Chandan

Note – Penzu is an online journal platform I signed up for, in January 2016. Since then I have been consistently writing it. In fact, many of my recent blog posts were initially drafted there. I would highly encourage the readers to start one of their own. Its totally private so you can write whatever you want.

With its email settings properly configured, it sends you notification everyday to write on it. This letter is merely an attempt to acknowledge that in form of a blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂


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