An Intentional Ignorance

I recently came across this phrase ‘intentional ignorance‘ while reading a Quora answer. There was another phrase as well, something like ‘known stranger‘ if I correctly remember. It immediately caught my attention because of the conflicting nature of constituting words. Pondering over them, I came to realize there is something similar pertaining to whatever I’m doing these days.

I’ve been quite an active user of Quora for the past few years. Sometimes I used to spend considerable amount of time (read 5 to 6 hours) just reading the answers. Starting from the news feed, I used to go upto 5th-6th strata of users. This platform is amazing and I absolutely love it. I can still spend hours on it but now I don’t get much time given my work load.

Also I’ve decided to devote my time on the important (sometimes urgent too) stuffs rather than surfing internet for random topics. I think I’ve cut down this non-objective activity to a good extent but still I deviate a bit sometimes.

Even now when I open Quora, though its at 2-3 days interval, I subconsciously read my entire news feed upto the point where I left off previously. That accounts to about 25 to 30 questions with varying answers’ length. It amazing, isn’t it? The time just fly by and I don’t even take a notice. I attribute this habit to two strong reasons –

  1. Sometimes I force myself to read the entire thing. It’s because reading is important. I might be missing some important stuffs embedded in between or if I don’t push myself, I would be loosing out on patience to sit through something that requires perseverance.
  2. The answers are really interesting. They’re thoughtful, carefully crafted and does answer the question beautifully- sometimes in an astonishingly unexpected way. Each people interpret the situation differently and this difference is apparent in the replies.

But Quora is not only about question & their answers, does it? There are lot more things to explore – topic, people, profession, interest, curiosity, passion, infatuation, conversation – just to name a few. A possibility of meeting someone just like you. A rendezvous that ended up celebrating the mutual compatibility – who knows you might hit off quite nicely.


Have an exploration strategy before getting into this knowledge web!

Its also a convenient platform to express your opinions. Opinions which can be expressed freely regardless of topic or person concerned. There are many wise people who would understand you first before keeping their opinions forward. They would rather analyze the circumstances which might have compelled you to write it than to be judgmentally dominant just to prove you wrong. It isn’t called ‘a platform for intellectuals’ just like that.

Not to forget the celebrities. They’re now an essential part of Quora and the Quorans. Quora’s recent activity of hosting the Quora sessions further boosted it. It’s where you get first hand answers from the personalities you wish your questions could’ve have answered by.

Who could tell you inside out story of what’s happening in the US politics better than the US president itself?

Who could entertain your space-trivia better than the smartest of astronauts?

There are so many features that I myself not be knowing. I know there are mysteries still waiting to be unveiled by me. Who knows there might be Easter eggs? Who knows a new opportunity waits for you – you just have to be at the right place at right time. It has literally changed the lives of many and I’m sure it would continue to do so. This is a collaborative effort of authentic knowledge transfer.

Knowledge is infinite but sometimes you have to be domain specific while acquiring it. If started something new and it interests you, then hang in there for sometime. Have patience. Quora is beautiful, its just that I would’ve to get prepared to contribute to it as much as I gain from it and that requires me to intentionally ignore it for a moment.

Note – This blog might seem to be vague (as it seems to me sometimes). That’s because it doesn’t really justify the phrase for which it is generally used. It was written in the moment when something suddenly struck me of this sort. I think it’s a nice glimpse of my Quora connection over the time & a sufficient introduction to someone who is still unaware of this platform. Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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