To Make You My Own…Once Again!

Sitting on the bus

Thinking about us,

Thought about myself

And thought about you,

Thought about our bonding

And the things that we do;


That silliness of a child

But the wisdom like sages,

Missed your cuteness

And missed you for ages,

Turning beloved pages

Apprehended as in cages,

Read the letter that you wrote

Slowly brimming up my throat,

Contained my growing pain

Decided not to miss you again;


How innocent is this logical mind,

Never knew that love is blind.

Heart told it for the thousandth time,

Its an emotion of splendid sublime;

Now it unwillingly accept

That its not ‘do’, its ‘did’,

Rather than a thought

It was a wish instead;


To reckon your pretty face

And your slender body,

Your dreamy smile

Your favorite purple gown,

Wish I could get

If you haven’t forget,

A change once again

To make you my own.


Note : This post is dedicated to someone very special to me, on this lovely occasion of Valentine’s day. I’m sure each one of you has that someone in your life who means a lot.

That someone for you can be ‘you’ yourself – because its a celebration of love of every dimension. Thanks a lot for reading!

If you missed my last year’s ‘Valentine Post’, you can catch it right here – S.T.A.Y



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