Lyrics! Sure I Can Write One But How?

In the previous semester, we received a mail from Vibes – the music club of IITH – calling for the lyricists. They had already composed a new song (their OC) and were planning for few more in future. Well once you accomplish something which you’ve spend tremendous amount of your time on, it certainly fuels your further endeavor.

Driven by my love for writing and excited by the prospect of channelizing my writing towards something new (that too a song!), I eagerly went there. We had a casual talk, few opinion exchanges on music and then they asked about my written pieces. I recited one of my blog poems and they really liked it. Building upon our conversation, we actually landed at the point which I was there for – lyrics.

Since most of my writings (almost all) were in English, I was told to write an English song for them. Well I wouldn’t have mind writing a Hindi song as well but lets stick to your strength. They had already composed the music (as it goes with song making mostly – music, lyrics, singing, mixing), so they said they will send it within few days.

Music Doodle

Image source – Google

Ah! I didn’t get the music – I still haven’t got it-  but I do hear them performing inside music room quite often. How? Well when you sing on mike so loudly, play your drums so profoundly and tune your guitar so harshly, you can’t confine the sound within walls – do you?

But it’s not the thing I wanna talk about. What compelled me today is the momentary lyrics writing process I went through despite of music.

When you read a lyrics, you would feel its similarity to any blog post. Simple or complex, apparent or brimming with metaphors, rhyming & non-rhyming or any other characteristics a poem would comprise of. But how did it get transformed into such beautifully-sung piece? Its said-“you don’t fully appreciate the effort behind something until you do that yourself!” – indeed its true. Lyrics writing was one such moment of epiphany for me.

I’ve always been a lover of art – art of any form. I attribute this love to two prominent reasons- first because I want to be a good artist myself (you’re an artist if you create something delightful out of your profound inspiration regardless of field you work in). Secondly, people who are artist, have probably spent massive amount of their time & energy in perfecting their performance and I respect that.


Few sketches I drew : From the archive

Whenever I sat to write the words, bearing in mind that it’s for a song, I lost the track I would’ve gone otherwise. Its hard to maintain the mutual rhythm throughout intro, verses, chorus and outro. May be it seems like this because I was writing a song for the first time. Or probably you need to feel it that way, just writing your heart out is not enough. I wonder can any written piece could be sung?

Most of the poems I’ve published on this blog bear a certain rhythm. They were deliberately made like that so as to maintain a flow while reading. Though the rhyming scheme greatly varied across them nevertheless you could guess, what next line would be about, to some extent. Yet the closest I could come to a full-fledged satisfactory song was some random rapping of distantly related words, which any music-freak kid can do these days.


That was then. I’ve come a long way since because I didn’t give up on it. Guitars were strung again, music was listened (this time even more carefully), diverse lyrics were read and inspiration was drawn. Lets see where this learning leads me to. But one thing for sure – next time while murmuring your ‘stuck in my head’ song, do think about the collaborative effort of people behind making it. Keep listening, keep thinking, keep learning, keep creating – ciao!


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