An Intentional Ignorance

I recently came across this phrase ‘intentional ignorance‘ while reading a Quora answer. There was another phrase as well, something like ‘known stranger‘ if I correctly remember. It immediately caught my attention because of the conflicting nature of constituting words. Pondering over them, I came to realize there is something similar pertaining to whatever I’m doing these days.

I’ve been quite an active user of Quora for the past few years. Sometimes I used to spend considerable amount of time (read 5 to 6 hours) just reading the answers. Starting from the news feed, I used to go upto 5th-6th strata of users. This platform is amazing and I absolutely love it. I can still spend hours on it but now I don’t get much time given my work load.

Also I’ve decided to devote my time on the important (sometimes urgent too) stuffs rather than surfing internet for random topics. I think I’ve cut down this non-objective activity to a good extent but still I deviate a bit sometimes.

Even now when I open Quora, though its at 2-3 days interval, I subconsciously read my entire news feed upto the point where I left off previously. That accounts to about 25 to 30 questions with varying answers’ length. It amazing, isn’t it? The time just fly by and I don’t even take a notice. I attribute this habit to two strong reasons –

  1. Sometimes I force myself to read the entire thing. It’s because reading is important. I might be missing some important stuffs embedded in between or if I don’t push myself, I would be loosing out on patience to sit through something that requires perseverance.
  2. The answers are really interesting. They’re thoughtful, carefully crafted and does answer the question beautifully- sometimes in an astonishingly unexpected way. Each people interpret the situation differently and this difference is apparent in the replies.

But Quora is not only about question & their answers, does it? There are lot more things to explore – topic, people, profession, interest, curiosity, passion, infatuation, conversation – just to name a few. A possibility of meeting someone just like you. A rendezvous that ended up celebrating the mutual compatibility – who knows you might hit off quite nicely.


Have an exploration strategy before getting into this knowledge web!

Its also a convenient platform to express your opinions. Opinions which can be expressed freely regardless of topic or person concerned. There are many wise people who would understand you first before keeping their opinions forward. They would rather analyze the circumstances which might have compelled you to write it than to be judgmentally dominant just to prove you wrong. It isn’t called ‘a platform for intellectuals’ just like that.

Not to forget the celebrities. They’re now an essential part of Quora and the Quorans. Quora’s recent activity of hosting the Quora sessions further boosted it. It’s where you get first hand answers from the personalities you wish your questions could’ve have answered by.

Who could tell you inside out story of what’s happening in the US politics better than the US president itself?

Who could entertain your space-trivia better than the smartest of astronauts?

There are so many features that I myself not be knowing. I know there are mysteries still waiting to be unveiled by me. Who knows there might be Easter eggs? Who knows a new opportunity waits for you – you just have to be at the right place at right time. It has literally changed the lives of many and I’m sure it would continue to do so. This is a collaborative effort of authentic knowledge transfer.

Knowledge is infinite but sometimes you have to be domain specific while acquiring it. If started something new and it interests you, then hang in there for sometime. Have patience. Quora is beautiful, its just that I would’ve to get prepared to contribute to it as much as I gain from it and that requires me to intentionally ignore it for a moment.

Note – This blog might seem to be vague (as it seems to me sometimes). That’s because it doesn’t really justify the phrase for which it is generally used. It was written in the moment when something suddenly struck me of this sort. I think it’s a nice glimpse of my Quora connection over the time & a sufficient introduction to someone who is still unaware of this platform. Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


To Make You My Own…Once Again!

Sitting on the bus

Thinking about us,

Thought about myself

And thought about you,

Thought about our bonding

And the things that we do;


That silliness of a child

But the wisdom like sages,

Missed your cuteness

And missed you for ages,

Turning beloved pages

Apprehended as in cages,

Read the letter that you wrote

Slowly brimming up my throat,

Contained my growing pain

Decided not to miss you again;


How innocent is this logical mind,

Never knew that love is blind.

Heart told it for the thousandth time,

Its an emotion of splendid sublime;

Now it unwillingly accept

That its not ‘do’, its ‘did’,

Rather than a thought

It was a wish instead;


To reckon your pretty face

And your slender body,

Your dreamy smile

Your favorite purple gown,

Wish I could get

If you haven’t forget,

A change once again

To make you my own.


Note : This post is dedicated to someone very special to me, on this lovely occasion of Valentine’s day. I’m sure each one of you has that someone in your life who means a lot.

That someone for you can be ‘you’ yourself – because its a celebration of love of every dimension. Thanks a lot for reading!

If you missed my last year’s ‘Valentine Post’, you can catch it right here – S.T.A.Y


Lyrics! Sure I Can Write One But How?

In the previous semester, we received a mail from Vibes – the music club of IITH – calling for the lyricists. They had already composed a new song (their OC) and were planning for few more in future. Well once you accomplish something which you’ve spend tremendous amount of your time on, it certainly fuels your further endeavor.

Driven by my love for writing and excited by the prospect of channelizing my writing towards something new (that too a song!), I eagerly went there. We had a casual talk, few opinion exchanges on music and then they asked about my written pieces. I recited one of my blog poems and they really liked it. Building upon our conversation, we actually landed at the point which I was there for – lyrics.

Since most of my writings (almost all) were in English, I was told to write an English song for them. Well I wouldn’t have mind writing a Hindi song as well but lets stick to your strength. They had already composed the music (as it goes with song making mostly – music, lyrics, singing, mixing), so they said they will send it within few days.

Music Doodle

Image source – Google

Ah! I didn’t get the music – I still haven’t got it-  but I do hear them performing inside music room quite often. How? Well when you sing on mike so loudly, play your drums so profoundly and tune your guitar so harshly, you can’t confine the sound within walls – do you?

But it’s not the thing I wanna talk about. What compelled me today is the momentary lyrics writing process I went through despite of music.

When you read a lyrics, you would feel its similarity to any blog post. Simple or complex, apparent or brimming with metaphors, rhyming & non-rhyming or any other characteristics a poem would comprise of. But how did it get transformed into such beautifully-sung piece? Its said-“you don’t fully appreciate the effort behind something until you do that yourself!” – indeed its true. Lyrics writing was one such moment of epiphany for me.

I’ve always been a lover of art – art of any form. I attribute this love to two prominent reasons- first because I want to be a good artist myself (you’re an artist if you create something delightful out of your profound inspiration regardless of field you work in). Secondly, people who are artist, have probably spent massive amount of their time & energy in perfecting their performance and I respect that.


Few sketches I drew : From the archive

Whenever I sat to write the words, bearing in mind that it’s for a song, I lost the track I would’ve gone otherwise. Its hard to maintain the mutual rhythm throughout intro, verses, chorus and outro. May be it seems like this because I was writing a song for the first time. Or probably you need to feel it that way, just writing your heart out is not enough. I wonder can any written piece could be sung?

Most of the poems I’ve published on this blog bear a certain rhythm. They were deliberately made like that so as to maintain a flow while reading. Though the rhyming scheme greatly varied across them nevertheless you could guess, what next line would be about, to some extent. Yet the closest I could come to a full-fledged satisfactory song was some random rapping of distantly related words, which any music-freak kid can do these days.


That was then. I’ve come a long way since because I didn’t give up on it. Guitars were strung again, music was listened (this time even more carefully), diverse lyrics were read and inspiration was drawn. Lets see where this learning leads me to. But one thing for sure – next time while murmuring your ‘stuck in my head’ song, do think about the collaborative effort of people behind making it. Keep listening, keep thinking, keep learning, keep creating – ciao!

Hymn For The Weekend – Stereotyping India in Western Music Videos

With over 30 million views within a week of its release, ‘Hymn for the weekend’ – new music video by Coldplay stands pretty strong among the billboard contestants. As always as it has been, this video has a catchy abstract name which gets stuck into your head. As always it has the unique recognizable voice of Chris Martin & Beyoncé with compelling music score by Coldplay band. As always it has the mesmerizing shrillness of rock music. As always it has the profound compulsive chorus.

But one thing that stands out this time is its videography. It has been shot in Mumbai, India. It is certainly not among the usual shooting destinations of Coldplay. But it doesn’t just end at Coldplay – recently India has been favorite place for shooting International music videos (with Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s Lean On clearly topping that chart in popularity).

Yes it’s the same Mumbai that is probably the most developed among metropolitan cities of India. Mumbai, the economic capital of India, which is clearly getting swept away with westernization. Mumbai, where fashionistas and globalization impacts are heavily felt. Mumbai, the city of dreams & the Indian New York, where skyscrapers are gradually prevailing its empire. Mumbai, with its infamous shrinking slums stands firmly as an epitome of development.


It’s Mumbai! Source – Wikimedia Commons

But among all these entities, how effectively were the video makers able to find the old customary elements, really left me amazed. I mean – how did they find the Bioscope wala wandering in this bustling crowd? How did they find the old wrecked cinema hall where people are coming to watch movies on rugged screens in the city that is home to PVRs and Multiplexes? How did they find the serene silent ruins of building amidst the shining corporate ones? How did they find the orange-clad sadhus roaming in this ultra-fashioned city (if it was entirely shot in Mumbai) smoking chillum?

The impersonators imitating Hindu Gods, children playing Holi (festival of colors) and gorgeously appareled Sonam Kapoor are some other catches of this video. Talking about her– she is certainly tracing her father’s footstep to have short roles in foreign videos. In this one, she barely makes a significant appearance where Beyoncé dominates the major part alongside the singer. But that’s not upon me to comment and I respect whatever she choose to do with her acting career.

Even if the producers were able to find these, why did they themed the entire video upon it? The whole video portrays India the same as it has been, for the umpteenth time. Why is it that the International artists focus on this just another facet of India, clearly ignoring the rest? These videos are not seen in private, they go viral within hours. They’re made by artists who have humongous International fan following. And what impression does this leave on the viewers? They already had this under-developed image of our country and watching such things, their impression is bound to stay the same.

I really liked the way this Quartz article has covered the whole thing.

I clearly don’t mind featuring this aspect of India. In fact on a positive note, I really liked the way they have portrayed a vibrant colorful India. The way they’ve shown the temples, lights & joy gives a positive aura to the video. But that couldn’t keep me off from noticing the clichéd picture. This is part of our tradition – India consists of all this but is it the only aspect to focus on? Absolutely not. Just because others did and they were a hit, will repeating the similar picture ensure your success?

There have been major rage among media regarding this video and it also somewhere moved me too. I don’t think this tiny blog post would emphasize it much further but I do want to address it.

Show the beautiful valleys & magnificent forts. Show the brimming crowd and peaceful lands. Show the impounding lakes and dancing fields. Show the delicious cuisines, mouth-watering food or show people of every mood. Show whatever you’ve shown so far but don’t restrict yourself to only that. Let the viewers experience the mysteriously treasured India. Let them feel its vibrancy and air of welcomeness sitting in some other part of the world.

On an off-topic note, I’ve something for music lovers who has read this far.

I recently came across this Ohio, US based band called ’21 Pilots’ while checking the recent billboard top 100 chart. Their song ‘Stressed out’ is currently at no. 3 behind JB’s ‘Sorry’ and ‘Love yourself’. They mostly play in alternative hip hop, electropop and Indie pop genres but people come with their own custom names like schizophrenic pop after seeing their videos.


21 Pilot’s Logo – try to guess whatever it means!

What’s special in them? Well let’s say I’ve never seen something so consistently peculiar besides Saturday Night Live (I’m huge fan of this humorous show). The crazy extents that they go upto in their music videos will leave you awestruck.

Moreover their logo is intriguingly abstract. Tyler Joseph, its lead singer, when asked about the logo, told it stands for nothing particularly unique but for the uniqueness of knowledge of something confined to oneself. It’s a encouragement for people to create.

I would totally recommend this band to the readers, as I’ve already done to my friends, to go and check their music videos atleast once. I’m sure you will be mesmerized with the ways they shot their videos if not particularly with their music genres.