Mysterious Memory

Note – The following excerpt was written in one go because I forgot what I was thinking to write of.  Enjoy! 🙂


Numerous things goes in my mind every second

Thoughts never cease to wander in vastness of possibilities;

Unperturbed from any distraction, realization, revelation,

It creates new delusion of its own;

Comforting, concerning, insatiably curious –

Thoughts which are indestructible,

Because those are intangible;

They are my own, dwelling inside my mind

A creation of my own imagination

some consciously, some subconsciously built;

Yet there they are, because I wanted them to

Tickling my senses, stimulating my observation,

Because I let them do.


But when I get out of my thoughts,

I ponder upon things I was thinking a while ago

Something interesting was there

A fresh perspective was peeking in

I was perceiving the things differently

I tried to play with this organized system

I was creating something new

I was building something never built before

I swapped the arrangements here & there

I was convincing the world about my creation

I was making them believe – it’s better than before.


But it’s all vague in there now.

Those thoughts are pushed aside the memory lane,

It’s all clear – the path, yet hazy to probe

Why can’t I remember what I just thought?

I should have written them down

But I was busy in thinking those thoughts

Visualizing them perfectly

Making each and every segments clear as crystal

So that I would remember them as they are…


How mysterious is this subconscious mind!

It forgets its own creations

Magnificent, marvelous, amazingly built,

Because it is busy in making a new one

One after the other, it keeps its momentum

It forgets because it doesn’t have to remember

No resume, no CV – it has to write it on;

It is set free on its own

Because its subconsciousness resides in ourselves

The very thing that would’ve controlled it

That could’ve restricted it from building those thoughts

The freedom kept it being stronger

Roaring louder, letting its sound prevailing farther.


The triumphant sound of victory,

A victory of innovation,

An innovation of thoughts,

Thoughts of something abstract,

An abstraction about changing this world,

A world which me and my subconscious mind are part of,

A part of my thought that I forgot to write down,

Because I was busy in thinking that,

Now its just in the corner of my memory where I can’t reach.

There are lots of things going in our mind every second…



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