The Uprising Guidance

Though every morning has its own alluring aurora and rejuvenating ambiance, winter morning comes with its unique chilling freshness. Shivering and chattering, if we dare to come out of our warming blanket, the nature bestow upon us its pleasing surprises. As the tinge of warmth touch upon the shrunken horizon, still lives resumes its unresolved quest for its meaning & existence.

Fewer has been the chances of mine or rather rare to reckon this beauty, me being a typical night oil burner hitherto (reforming my habits is still in process) but when I do, I make sure my pen does justice with its scribbling on papers as those surprises have their impact on my awaken mind. Enjoy my take on mornings, particular winter’s, as it brings with it a new hope, new beginning with packed wisdom which unfolds to give the further direction to our resumed quest.

Stepping into the morning silence,

I behold the uprising dawn

Bearer of a new hope,

A knight among the frontier pawns.

Feet met the chilling dew,

Shining & rejoicing like dancing crew;

Like the earthly aurora, earthly sky they adorn,

Joined together by the glittering stones.

Tapping shoes across the breathing dorms,

Walking along, the numerous life forms,

Crawling centipede and the dog that followed,

And there flew high the cuckoo bird;

Though it all were just a routine

But why didn’t it earlier occurred?

Then it struck my awaken mind,

This pristine beauty is one of its kind;

While we fueled our materialistic chase,

Enticing eternal beauty has been throughout this phase;

Yet I cherish this freshness for the umpteenth time,

The perpetual guide buckles to shine at zenith of its prime;

Soothing warmth descended from that distant knight,

Momentarily untangling stuck life from an endless fight;

Will I caress, I protect, I adore in lieu of its favor,

A thing of beauty is a joy forever…


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