Learning To Let Go – Is it that hard?

Note – I started writing this blog post in October, 2015 but didn’t post it then as there were many things which still has to aptly fit themselves in the written context – so some of the referred timing may pertain to then, nonetheless it discusses our apprehension to certain things in general which we find hard to let go.

Timing couldn’t have been apt when it goes online as we’re letting go year 2015 with plethora of memories and tons of experience. Its said- “Letting go is hard but holding on is harder”, may be learning it the hard way is the surest one of its actual realization.

Today I deleted one of my first Github repositories which was truly dear to my heart. Reason? It was a special gift for someone & in hurry of giving it, I released it publicly instead of private.

So, what?- making gift is a good thing right?

Yes it is but when it has served its purpose & now mere a vulnerability to the invasion on your private life – well you have to let it go. I have the files nevertheless but not the stamped account to remember it in future.

How much did it take for me to delete it?- One minute with a prompt ‘You know the consequence of your deletion’.

How much courage did it take to pass that prompt affirmatively?- probably I could never fathom that. I’m moved. Moved so much that I want to introspect this saudade through my words. Its an experience which I’m taking with a pinch of salt.

Many a time in life you come across such situation where letting go is for the best. It might not be the solution you expected, it may not be optimal at all but you’re reluctant to do that.

Chances are likely that when you’re reading this post, you’re bidding adieu to this year, leaving behind precious moments which would thrive in memories, leaving behind old acquaintances in search of new ones. This worldly stage of entrance and existences is all about breaking & formation of bonds.

Few days ago, I had a get together with my friends. A drop of one day is this oceanic reserve of months. A day to revive those old days whose soul is now captured in the photographic frame of time. A day to recall the fascination of undone deeds once again, whose unrealized outcome we still ponder upon. Smile widens when you see those familiar faces gradually getting together boosting the inconspicuous joy storming inside you. You shiver, you giggle, you wobble, you roll on the fictitious carpet which has to painted with moments ahead. After the action-packed hours when the time to say goodbye lurks with each second passed, a part of you keeps shrinking like the systolic contraction that will last, not for those heartily milliseconds but for the next time.

Letting go because it has to, it ought to and you have to. The reason is we get too attached to things sometimes. Once I asked a friend of mine – ‘So what’s you plan? What’s next?’ – nothing more & surely not less to which he said = ‘Just go with the flow!’. How casual does this answer seem yet carries the solution for the untold questions. A simple realization, yet hard to accept, to characterize, to conquer. Five words summarizing the dynamical nature of events.

As I was about to leave home after vacation ended, I dreaded for a moment. I dreaded because I was pushed out of my heavenly abode. A heavenly abode which I have to leave to be its worthy dweller. There are numerously unresolved moments I demand my answer from. I’m little wiser, little more knowledgeable than I was every past moment, yet I think it would take some more experience to embrace this letting go because it has to, it ought to and you have to…move forward.


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