An Artist’s Perspective

Recently a photo-walk was organized by ‘Infocus‘- the photography club of IITH. Driven by my interest, I desperately wanted to attend that but due to my lab class, I couldn’t. The following excerpt features my intuitive feeling of how an artist would have perceived the whole scene. Enjoy ‘An Artist’s Perspective’ 🙂 –

Lively morning, Vivid ambiance

Pretty faces, Glowing dresses

Excited Souls, Morning trolls

New acquaintances, Supportive mentors

Roaring bus, Valley roads

Hot gossips & Silent gazes

Observing, Absorbing, Assimilating, Learning


Awaiting destination, Welcoming entrance

Amazed spectators, Perplexed performers

Flashing lights, Capturing cuts

One, two, three & cheese

Here & there, This & that

Places, stages, props & roses

High light, low light, Shadow & gleams

Focussed, blurred, Broad & zoomed

Posed & candid, Move or stay

Unfurling facets of artistic play


Rising noon & Scorching heat

Comforting shadows & cushioning grasses

Thirsty lips & Quenching water

Relaxing talks & smiling tiredness


Delicious cuisines, Spicy they seemed

Polite servers, served them steamed

Hungry fellows, hastily they devoured

Icing of desert , spirit restored


Clicks resumed, more acts revealed

Lo & behold, performances on artistic field

Dawning dusk, the clock ticks away

Its time to return, after a fantastic day

The back journey though being same, seemed so anew

The moment of recaps – few learnt & learning few


The vision more matured, that I possessed

With the anticipation of beautiful beginning

‘There’s many more to come’-

My heart envisaged.

While the artist inside delighted soul saw all these,

The dismayed one remarked – ‘Dude, it was just a normal photographic tour!’.






The Gift Not Given (But Its Happy Diwali Anyway!)

Browsing through my earlier blog posts, I came across one of my special posts ‘It carries me along-part I (Happy Diwali)’ which I posted on last year Diwali. Man, its complex – being the writer myself, I had a hard time comprehending it in one go. Anyway, now I think simplicity is crucial to engage your readers – reason being, no one has got that much time to dig out the referred meanings.

Well its Diwali again – One year has passed since then. And again I’m in front of my screen thinking what post would mark this day forever, literally. This time I’ve something special apart from my regular rants – a special video made for the same special person, most of my blog posts are dedicated to.

This semester we have ‘Design of Machine Elements’ course and in two of its assignments, we were told to make video about our given topic. Thanks to my Professor, I got to learn some amazing video making software. The lesson I learnt there couldn’t be confined within academics and I started to experiment with it. As I started to paint the amazing canvases with my creativity and bringing them in motion- further ideas started to flow. Then I find this amazing occasion of Diwali to greet that significant person with my new learnt skill.

Since I’m posting this when the day is almost at the end, I should write something about my experience today too. Its been amazing, simply spectacular. When you get to greet & get greeted by everyone with that gorgeous smile, unfurl your swag with bros and then lots of qtiyapas, no word does better justice than just ‘Amazing’. I would taken lots of photos, had my mobile been with me but probably I was destined to live more in the moments rather than capturing it for later.

But my title is still not justified. It would be better if I just leave it this time.

When you’ve second thought about something, its better to leave it there and start afresh.

Happy Diwali 🙂