Beyond The Horizon : Challenging Myself For The Unknown

‘Horizon’ is what your eyes can see upto. You can never be sure of things that lie beyond, let alone the thought of reaching or achieving them. Its only when you’re standing at the verge of the horizon, you take a glance of the vast unknown space expanding spectacularly before you. That’s where your plans unfold to assimilate what was not even known before. Its with the sheer determination for accomplishment, you delve into that vastness.

This is probably my first blog of ‘Challenging myself‘ series that is coming out from my drafts into the published section. Long story short, its almost morning & I just watched Christopher Nolan’s odyssey – a journey through the magnificence of his awestrucking films. I would definitely recommend watching this video before you continue with rest of this post –

Challenges were there right from the moment we held our consciousness. Challenges that test us, our patience, our skills, our commitment. They’re meant to be broken, its just that their ‘level of brittleness’ varies. Springing over several YouTube videos, I ultimately landed here. You never know when you’re going to wrap up for today – that’s procrastinators play.

Lets do a simple ‘imagination exercise’ (There must be a better term for substituting here!). Just for a moment think of a vast blank space around you. A white canvas of limitless possibilities extends infinitely, constrained only by your visualization potential. What would you do with it? What creation would turned out to be shaded by your imagination?

“Decision for execution never follows the immediate contemplation.”

Your thought flows without considering the possibility of its happening or even existence. When made to think freely, your mind wanders regardless of your ability to do it. Then why we’re pulled back when we start capitalizing over that thought? Why do we repeatedly cry out of helplessness when the truth is, we haven’t tried hard enough? Its because
we’re constrained – we’re constrained by the external pressures, dreadful deadlines – we’re constrained by this tantalizing time.

Words might seem to be hyper-philosophical, in some opinions even random rants that lack implications. Sometimes even irrelevant too. Over the time, I’ve seen numerous marvelous ideas forming out of mental boredom. In the documentary I was watching, the narrator even emphasized that Nolan came up with some of his brilliant ideas when he was bored.

There are two things here to specifically look for- boredom was actually the state of
mental freedom, not limited by the urgency of time. Secondly, ideas must thrive when you attain the consciousness after that phase of boredom has passed. The fire within should be alive until you see that idea live before you. He might have dropped those brilliant ideas but then we would not have been fortunate enough to witness the possibilities he brings on-screen. Reaching upto the attainable extent is your effort, realizing ‘yes I could also do it, I just didn’t know myself properly’ after you’ve achieved that, is the consequence.

I write these for myself. I’ve no specific intention of throwing un-asked words of motivation over the readers. But if even a single individual truly understands what I’m talking about & why is my digital pen engraving these words, then my aim behind this post would be fulfilled. This series is in pertinence to my earlier written post ‘Zeroth cheat code- part I‘ that I would be publishing soon and my ηvision web development story- “My Approach To Design: delving into the developer’s dilemma‘. The latter is actually in making and for the sneak peek, I must say its teaching me a lot. Its teaching me how to explore the vast space of possibilities which I didn’t know I would be exploring. Its like coming up with a totally different perception in order to enliven my visualization.

Its me leaving behind the limitations of mine. 

(Image Courtsey) Endurance – Interstellar