TheAugustFest – Snooping into the Entrepreneurial window

Energized Entrepreneurs – Its a buzzing word these days!

You might have come across this word if you take interests in startup events or more importantly if you’re a TVF fan like me. TVF Pitchers FTW. The two must coexist (that’s why “word” – if you’re a grammar nazi & scratching your head over it). If you ever have any experience of attending such meetup or if you’re an entrepreneur yourself or you’re a wannaprenuer, then you would be knowing why I emphasized on this part. Nonetheless, its exaggerated with the length of my sentence & too many ‘ifs’ which had nothing to do with explaining this term for ones who’re not familiar.


This post is my tribute to this awesome web series by TVF.

Anyway, so the occasion was ‘TheAugustFest’, regarded as the largest startup conference in India. The story, if stated in the chronological order, should start from me getting the discounted ticket to the event (all because of one of my friends) but I would skip the parts in between. Lets take you straight to the event assuming I reached the JRC Convention hall (“the venue”) somehow.

All such events are common in one sense regardless of what they actually host – having a registration counter with some guys in custom T-Shirts checking out your passes and entering some sort of codes into their computer, handing out some sort of weird band that you’ve to wear throughout (adorning your wrist with that band is completely your choice though). No one gives a damn afterwards.


Stage of startups – Pounce for the glory

The magic starts unfolding when you non-chaotically passes the registration counter. It’s important to mention because my very start references to TVF Pitchers – you know what happens in pre-finale episode when they’re denied the entry. A big hall with startup stalls, each validating their user base, explaining their target customers, luring the angel investors or simply stand out among the crowd with their ultra-innovative ideas.

The scene speaks for itself. You’re put into a dreadful dilemma as soon as you enter that maverick hall because there are so many things going around simultaneously. You might be tempted with that inspiring talk happening in your hall while the CEO of the company you admire has just started giving his fundas in the other, panel discussion is going on the other floor – which one would you catch? For a moment, you’re found questioning yourself about abandoning all this and instead go for the event which involves you as contestant – after all it all converges to theory and practice. The startup exhibition features some really cool startups, some are mere repetitions but let those ideas take more concrete shape – I won’t name them at this point. Moreover, these events offers one of the best places to launch your company too – you may find the ones with ‘we’re launching today’ startups.


You need not to be a spell bee champion to be an Entrepreneur

Well the food is the ultimate showstopper here too. Your whole over-the-top conference could be ruined to ground in the opinions. The opinions of those who, no matter how great the event is, come with the sole motive of having a change for their taste. There are two kind of people in this world (left to your imagination – I don’t make personal comment). Organizers don’t care for such trivial issues. Post lunch if you’re going for the talks, take my best wishes for a nice sound sleep – my friend actually had a great nap sitting beside me. The lullaby of addressed words is so mighty that your nomophobia takes a back seat (In normal language – he didn’t even care about his dropped mobile phone once attaining that deep sleep).

Entrepreneurial meetups, conferences or summits are fun to attend if you let your energy mix up with the aurora of enthusiasm around lest you should just be wasting time. Its a celebration of innovation, aspiration and dream. Every entrepreneur, regardless of his experience or background lives with just one principal – to follow his/her passion. You need not know bootstrapping, idea validation, MVP, venture capitalist, etc. to be one, just follow on what problem you’re solving with your idea. Things fall into the right place along the way. My own journey with such events started in the first semester itself. Now I’ve covered a half way through my college journey, lets see what the other half holds.

Its hard to cover everything from the event so I tried to sum up the essence. I leave you with more snapshots from the event. Enjoy 🙂


Paper art – With ‘P’ for passion 


Get excited – after all customer satisfaction matters


Perspective – there is no single way – look different, think different!