The Flow : Of Imagination & Creation


Let’s draw the curves of imagination

Without your gizmos or modern assistant,

Leaving behind your Google Secretary

Take a break of solitude

Where the quiet lullaby draw its octaves

Of sword & Warfield where history is written

Let the pen show its might

Let the page show its worth

As they were silent too

Waiting for their companion

Together they defy silence

Like solitary reaper & her melody

The memories made of moment divine.

Sometimes you may find it hard

To convey your thoughts

Or longed for that word

Which might have hit the bulls eye,

After all your secretary wasn’t there as such.

But that is not to stop you there

Don’t let your thought stream to stuck

Let the flow be the flow

Because that’ll be your original show

When your creativity lay its head

On the floor of that warfield

Not to lay there forever

Or ultimately die out

But to rise up

With more vigor & strength

When what your actually learnt

Throughout this corporate play

Present its gist like stone & clay

With latter taking shape of your imagination

Rendering masterpiece or yet another naïve creation

But the former is not out of picture

For its support, your creation lies on

Implicitly it binds, it assists, it holds

The skeleton of your structure drawn

It is what you retained

It is what will remain with you

It’s the knowledge, you’ll capitalize your foundation on

Now that you know the reason

Behind your everyday learning,

Go back to your earlier work

Finish the essential tasks

Lying in the middle of renaissance

Close everything your were doing previously

Put aside the distractions

Now start afresh with instantaneous thought

Draw the curves of imagination

Create the flow to eternity

And let that flow be the flow

Because that’ll be your original show.


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