‘You’re stupid. You don’t understand any feelings!’
‘Yes, I doooo…’
‘Have you been watching Joey much lately?’
‘What does it have anything to do here?’
‘I don’t know- you just sounded like that’
‘Mango!’ ‘Do you have anything else to say now?’
‘Hmmm, I guess no.’
‘Ok then dumbo, I’m hanging up -bye!’
‘A O A Listen…shit’- Beeeepp!

Picturing her face I uttered my unheard words that resides in my thought.

To say or not to say my dear,
Has always been a dilemma;
They say- ‘If you love someone, set them free’
‘If they come back, they’re yours’
If they don’t, they never was’

But what if we didn’t meet really
Then there wasn’t any question of setting free,
What if I didn’t express,
If expressed, what if they didn’t understand,
What if there wasn’t any realization,
May be from both the sides,
Then there wasn’t any attachment to break free from;

Express early, convey it soon,
But how to convey was never explained!
You know why?
Because there isn’t a single way!
Different people, different circumstances, different situations, different ways
Each time it was in its own sweetest way;

Days, hours, minutes, seconds,
There wasn’t any instant it didn’t touch upon,
My thought never escaped thinking of you
If permitted I could have sought aloud;

‘Its difficult to understand girls’
Indeed it was tough for me to understand you;
You were different each time we talked,
Unveiling yourself a bit everytime,
Yet hiding the truest you;

Tip of an iceberg it was, what I could figure out
Sweet & charming – you were throughout;
Give me a chance to figure out more,
To quench my curiosity, to explore your store,
To realize my worth, to celebrate that divine
The love that sacred, the pureness of a shrine
That feeling of excitement which sends chill down my spine;

Yes I’m
Stupid but


5 thoughts on “S.T.A.Y

    • Actually it was the telephonic conversation in the beginning that features the last few excerpts of it. After she hangs up the phone, the boy tells out his feelings (but she is unknown to it). Its a valentine’s day post 🙂


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