The Anniversary Post

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Its been one year since I started this blog. And so is this anniversary post.

One year that marks my debut to this blogging world, one year that marks recognition of that surreal attribute of mine, one year that marks my expedition of finding myself. It was my first post ‘Tribute to my Teacher’ which I wrote as a letter but later realized as a disguised opportunity to start my blog. So much happened on the way that it was better to write that down in order to assimilate. Awesome People are always the catch but more than that what matters is the learning experience you gained during your journey.

Before I go on writing voyage, let me remind myself – What an awesome time it is to write this anniversary post. While I’m just back from my spectacular journey to global E-summit, earlier I got to see a Guinness record holder singer in one our EMLs and now I’m attending an Indo-Japan Education summit in my college itself while I prepare this draft.

What should I dedicate this post to- I ponder? I remember once reading very moving novel that happens to be my first one too – ‘The Last Lecture’ by Randy Pausch being in the similar dilemma, may be more fierce than mine because it was literally his last lecture. Well, he chose his childhood dreams to talk at last and I choose ‘my fellow bloggers’.

Its always nice to see your thoughts taking the form of words. Its the only medium of communication through which I connect to you bloggers. You’re those anonymous faces lost in the worldly crowd whom I won’t recognize by face but they would get recognized by my words. Words are mighty, mightier than the sword because swords only causes harm to your body but words reach the soul. The maverick mind knows no confinement and its impulse even pierces the impeccable. You’re my stamp of recognition, a momentum, a motivation. The sensation that the anticipation injects surpasses every tickling effect. The anticipation of getting yours opinions over my recent published post, the excitement of reading your sensual comments, the melody your sweet appreciation – thanks a lot for being the dwellers of my Utopian virtual world.

A special thanks to my followers who kept my motivation high. I wish I could know you more & embrace you all as an integral part of my life. Extend your blessing and pour your well wishes because that’s what drive my consistency. Everyday I thrive to reach your level- enabling myself to reside in the niche you all have carved collaboratively. Count me in and show the miracles that happens in your world. The charisma that you only know of, the esoteric knowledge you’ve felt beside possession.

And my love, what more could I say about you besides you’re a part of my identity. My gratitude towards you could only be contained in the path of contentment. You’re the love of my life, the inspiration behind every single world of mine. The significant contribution that you made knowingly or unknowingly makes me what I’m today. You’re special beyond any defined specialty. You made me aware of real unconditionality. You are the fuel to my imaginative afflatus.

Before I bid ciao to you all,

I promise my company in your spring & your fall;

The summer that’s approaching, the rain which awaits,

Count all the weather, forget all the frets,

promise me the same,

to accompany me in every states.

The bond we developed, the moments we cherished,

like the melody of a song, lets carry it upto infinity and beyond.



‘You’re stupid. You don’t understand any feelings!’
‘Yes, I doooo…’
‘Have you been watching Joey much lately?’
‘What does it have anything to do here?’
‘I don’t know- you just sounded like that’
‘Mango!’ ‘Do you have anything else to say now?’
‘Hmmm, I guess no.’
‘Ok then dumbo, I’m hanging up -bye!’
‘A O A Listen…shit’- Beeeepp!

Picturing her face I uttered my unheard words that resides in my thought.

To say or not to say my dear,
Has always been a dilemma;
They say- ‘If you love someone, set them free’
‘If they come back, they’re yours’
If they don’t, they never was’

But what if we didn’t meet really
Then there wasn’t any question of setting free,
What if I didn’t express,
If expressed, what if they didn’t understand,
What if there wasn’t any realization,
May be from both the sides,
Then there wasn’t any attachment to break free from;

Express early, convey it soon,
But how to convey was never explained!
You know why?
Because there isn’t a single way!
Different people, different circumstances, different situations, different ways
Each time it was in its own sweetest way;

Days, hours, minutes, seconds,
There wasn’t any instant it didn’t touch upon,
My thought never escaped thinking of you
If permitted I could have sought aloud;

‘Its difficult to understand girls’
Indeed it was tough for me to understand you;
You were different each time we talked,
Unveiling yourself a bit everytime,
Yet hiding the truest you;

Tip of an iceberg it was, what I could figure out
Sweet & charming – you were throughout;
Give me a chance to figure out more,
To quench my curiosity, to explore your store,
To realize my worth, to celebrate that divine
The love that sacred, the pureness of a shrine
That feeling of excitement which sends chill down my spine;

Yes I’m
Stupid but