IIT Bombay cultural fest ‘Mood Indigo’ concluded recently on 28th Dec, 2014. 3 days of unforgettable enjoyment, so many friends on the way, cut throat competitions, prize and glory, Rock & Jazz and many magic moments were there which any college student would relate this fest with.

As a part of fest, an online cryptic treasure hunt ‘Segreta’ was organized which I took part in. It ran 3 days continuously but left behind a life long memory to embrace. This is my tribute to that event describing the phases as it conquered our mind.

———-Pre-contest scenario————

Silent breeze, warmth of quilt,
azure sky, morning air driving filth;
Sleepers at work, unhealed dripping tap,
whispering leaves, faintly clattering fan cap;
Sneaking van, early morning jog
Relaxing body and holiday sigh
such was the scenario before it began to be high.

As the sun shines bright, the clock tic tocs
Daily chores resumes & larry bird flip flops;
Facemash sparkles while news trended on webfeed,
here’s the event with lucrative prize worth of shiny bead;
Fasten the seat belts and prepare your cart
Bullseye is ready waiting for your dart.

————-The contest begins————

The dark dusky sky extended its roof over
Setting aside the pigeon peace,
hopefully bringing four leaves clover;
An usual day concoct to get marked.

Here starts the battle of brains and minds,
the race of being the first not of being kind;
The determined soul try finding out,
from secrets of saga to jensen sprout;
‘Think bro think!!!’- “what could it be?”
 swinging thought fathoming depth of deep sea;
The silent breeze is now a blaze,
head scratching brainstorm and the ripping gaze;
As the forum page get flooded with hint requests,
the mission takes off for justifying its quest;
‘YES!’- a big voice yelled out when the answer turned right,
bursting sneak peek, a glimpse of continuous fight;
Moment of self appreciation accolades the effort
carrying on the war with more vigour and loosing comfort;
Cart leaves for the next stoppage towards its destination.

Enthusiasm approaches its zenith with subsequent rounds
pounding hearts & anticipation profound;
Mind-boggling questions and enthralling phase,
ecstatic leading & magnificent chase;
Witnessing the fight and crouch and growl,
wrestling hands against keyboard while the net crawl;
Encroaching heat raises inside the dorms,
surpassing extents and battling against norms;
Numerous ‘Search BRO Search!’ yellings as the Bro-Code followed,
levels upgraded and the prize money hollowed;
Marking a journey of friendship,support, betrayal & retaliation.

Such was the memorable journey
having blazing days and nighouts;
As the vorfreude mind glides in the post event dream
These cherished moments flashes up,
which Segreta couldn’t have lived without.