What’s That 2014 Brought

We never know what does the next moment hold for us. One may ride straight to the finish or may be back to square one. And when these moments sum up, you sit at the end of the year to manipulate the account of your activities – Which resolutions did you accomplish and what will be rewritten in the new year’s list.  

‘Leave the bad part, it was all good’- that’s how I look at it and you should too. Those wrecked part needs some rennovation, well we will build them up. Moments are many to remember and those constitute memories to cherish. Be it your reel to real life motivation or ‘2-minute productivity rule’, it all converges to a start- a reference start for further journey. Here’s the start that 2014 provided me with-

Blogging- A gateway to divine journey -Sometimes we all encounter something that moves us so much that we end up doing things on a completely new level. Every beginning has a story and every story has a beginning. My blogging story begins with a tribute. A tribute to my real life hero who helped to achieve whatever I have, my teacher. Boarding on WordPress train got me started on such a memorable journey of blogging world which  I would always be grateful for. I discovered my love for writing. Pen down whatever you feel, may be somewhere someone might connect to it.

Quora- Cogito Ergo Sum- From ‘what is it?’ to ‘how things happen?’, from ‘have you tried?’ to ‘how did you feel when you tried?’, from science to theism, from logic to emotion- it has it all. I got introduced to Quora by a senior of mine. The craziness that started with curiosity of finding what is it, never took a halt afterwards. Infusing inquisitiveness of next step, its like rendezvous to meet people who urge to learn and have something to teach. writing your first answer or getting the first upvote, getting the first follower to writing your first sensational post- you just let it play with your mind and it would seduce you beyond any seduction limit.

Programming- Intuition to logic  – Engineering so far taught me that your high school topic grows to a chapter and that chapter into a subject. But somewhere you still feel connected with the content. What if it brings you a completely new insight? A method to look at world in  a different perspective – do hard coding to feed into a computer which would breakdown the complexity to accomplish the harder task – its the virtual abstraction.

I explored, I learnt and that’s how I found my new passion. Its just the tip above, the nine-tenth of iceberg lies beneath. The need is of scorching heat around to make me jump into that icy water to chill myself up. I’m the one who discretizes the continuity to analyze it better and make things happen. I’m the one who brings smile on that face with little gifts of technology. I’m the coder. I’m that  ‘Student for life’.

TheVindicatedAxiom – Prove the unproven – Its not mere a platform, its fire– leave it and it will burn down all your outer stiffness to bring up your inner self.  Life gave you hard times or some ecstatic moments with your loved ones, why not tell people about the taste of lemonade or mango juice you extracted out of them. Give them untouched sensation and cheer them up, its all inside you. Share the ideas, sum up your thoughts or fight over opinions – its all about sharing and gathering people who would stand by your side. Silly baseless conversation or you-never-thought-of-it logic who knows one day you might end up with your soulmate to celebrate a transformed life.

C’est La Vie – The Utopian Voyage –Try interesting apps or find innovative websites, meet the noble strangers on ‘7cups of Tea’ or write a letter to future me, a distant trip to manali or simple birthday party in nearby restaurant- do something that keep the excitement alive. The uncertainty of random events keeps the suspense of secret treasure. Rolling up with cumulated experiences and understanding to take better decisions, I continue my voyage on the route not taken.

These things and many more awaits me in 2015. Tell me what awaits for you? But before I resume my search for substantiality in the vicinity of void I take a moment to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!


It Carries Me Along- Part II (A familiar anonymity)

Demand, foreign exchange, loanable fund ‘- these were some words that were frequently striking my ear while Economics class was going on. Attending an Economics class in an engineering college was itself strange but that’s didn’t compel me to write this blog. Well for the information, its under my Liberal Arts course. The words were quite distinctive in the domain of the whole illustration for two basic reasons in (no particular order).

Firstly, these were the terminologies that we needed to remember as a part of our continual effort of pretending to be students of the subject whose vast labyrinth we were still exploring in just to find the slight possibility of our trace of interest lying there.

The pretension perpetually existed so that we could happen to be writing those exams which will not be even worthy of dwelling in our memory as soon as they end. Furthermore, the driven force for all these act were the marks that will officially certify you a fake student whose pretension deserves the applauded appreciation on various level, adding the fuel for the further act of pretension throughout.

Secondly, I was not at all attentive in the class though I was trying to – that’s how I noticed those words. It wasn’t due to disinterestedness but rather due to whole different alexithymia of mine which I was continuously trying to figure out since the very morning.

The eerie scenario was quite apparent from the sight of nearby space where some students were dozing off while some were entertaining the our latest technological fad of mobiles. Inspite of these reasons, I was being the part of the same pool where my peers were.

Anyway, as the breeze of peculiarity made its way through the cliffs of my thought, the sound of solitude echoed in the cranial valley- a sound whose area of influence prevailed across the span of imagination, a melody of solitary reaper so mellifluous as if trying to hypnotize. My encounter with such circumstances wasn’t all of a sudden but it was gradually executed conspiracy of the whole paraphernalia which a student bound to experience quite often.

This semester our schedule was quite hectic and as the enumeration of activities apart from the official academics got incremented, it was more of a nightmare. I would describe the scenario of the night before an exam in my another blog but the consequences started imitating the same on the broader note too. But these are pretty obvious to behold yet you need something by your side to strengthen you.

As I saw my peers succumbing to the pressure, the mere act had a very profound impact on mine. They had the potential to overcome the load and in my heart I believed they would but sometime few sudden words can bother us and that’s what probably rendered my feelings. Its not just one instance, sometimes we encounter sudden halt to our flow because of such transient issues. We have the hope that’s what sustains our never ending trials. I refuse for not being optimistic as hope is one of the biggest drivers in life and giving up on it is tantamount to discounting the divine and all the promise that life holds.

The whole apprehension isn’t due a single factor but rather a multitude of them. Its not just from our side but rather from both and it may leave you in dismay if I holds up my patience to describe them here. In my effort of making an escape from this peculiarity, I try to depict the whole non-fictional scenario in a non-fictional taste in the hope of driving past this wished-to-be fiction. If the caring hand would have lovingly asked, I could have yell out these words but somehow they remained confined beneath my larynx as the former was unknown to this familiarity of anonymity-

You belong among the wildflowers

You belong in a boat out at sea

You belong with your love on your arm

You belong somewhere you feel free

– Tom Petty

Our perspective could yield the whole life to be a mere act of apprehension but as its said, that’s how we learn, gain experience and move on for the next challenge- the peculiarity never stops coming and so the does the life containing it. It just goes on – Zendagi migzara!